[Top 5] Best FF14 Beast Tribes

FF14 Beast Tribes
A Qitari guiding a character through beast tribe quests

From Moogles to flying pigs, beast tribe quests can have some of the wildest storylines, characters, and situations. While the quests are entirely optional, many have grind-worthy rewards, especially their mounts, and with an allotted amount of daily quests, it’s important to choose a tribe wisely. Based on story, mounts, and overall popularity, here are the top five tribes most worthy of your daily quest grinding.

5) Vath

Introduced in the 3.2 patch for Heavensward, the Vath are a group of insect-like creatures all linked telepathically to the Onemind. Some Vath lose their link to the Onemind, becoming Nonmind and are left to fend for themselves. It is a small colony of these Nonmind Vath and their struggles as outcasts that are the focus of these beast tribe quests.

Why the Vath are great:

  • Surprisingly, the Vath have one of the most interesting and well-fleshed out stories of the beast tribe quests, making it a popular favorite
  • Deftarm, a Vath who recently lost his link to the Onemind and was rescued by the Nonmind community is an interesting character to follow
  • You can purchase a gear set to dress your Warrior of Light like a Vath.

Vath details:

  • To unlock the Vath beast tribe quests, you must complete the main story quest “Lord of the Hive” and the level 50 quest “The Naming of Vath,” given to you by the Vath Storyteller in the Dravanian Forelands.
  • Other rewards include Vath and Gnath minions and a Kongamato mount, which is a winged dragonfly-like creature.

See the Kongamato mount in action

4) Kobold

The Kobold are a beast tribe introduced in A Realm Reborn, and are a race of rodent-like creatures that spend hours mining for rare ores and live in deep tunnels beneath the mountain O'Ghomoro.

Why the Kobold are great:

  • The Kobold quests will gift you with the ridiculous but amazing mount Bomb Palanquin
  • The Kobold are a fun race  and make the story quests interesting with their antics

Kobold Details:

  • To unlock the Kobold Beast Tribe quests, you must complete the main story quest “In Pursuit of the Past” as well as the level 41 quest “Highway Robber” which begins in the Upper Decks of Limsa Lominsa. 
  • Other rewards available from the Kobold quests include rare dyes and a Kobold minion

See the Bomb Palanquin mount in action

3) Namazu

Introduced in Stormblood, the Namazu are a race of small, sentient catfish creatures hailing from the Azim Steppe and Yanxia regions in Othard. Unlike the last two beast tribe quests on this list, the Namazu quests are for Disciples of the Land or Hand.

Why the Namazu are great:

  • The Namazu are a fan favorite because of how cute they are – I mean, just look at those guys!
  • The Namazu quests also award you with one of the silliest but neatest mounts in the game, Mikoshi, a Doma-inspired shrine carried on the shoulders of several bouncing Namazu.

Namazu Details:

  • To unlock the Namazu beast tribe quests, you must complete the level 60 Disciple of the Hand or Land quest “Something Fishy This Way Comes” as well as complete the Kurobana quests, the Gyorin quests, and the Kurobana vs. Gyorin quest.
  • Other rewards available from the Namazu include a Namazu minion, the Yol Dance emote, the Seven Hundred Seventy-Seven Whiskers Orchestrion Roll, and a wearable Namazu head – because who doesn’t want to run around Kugane with Namazu head?

Check out the Mikoshi mount in action

2) Pixie

The Pixie beast tribe quests were introduced with the 5.1 Shadowbringers patch and are small, winged folk hailing from Norvrandt. They have a tendency to be mischievous and cruel.

Why the Pixies are great:

  • In line with their impish nature, the Pixie beast tribe quests will award you the Portly Porxie mount, a hilarious but cute winged pig.
  • The story quests are interesting as you explore the realm of dreams

Pixies Details:

  • To unlock the Pixie beast tribe quests, you must complete the quest “Manic Pixie Dream Realm.”
  • Other rewards include a Pixie minion, macaron cushion, a stuffed porxie decoration, and The Garden Gate’s Orchestrion Roll

Check out the Portly Porxie mount in action

1) Dwarves

Introduced in the Shadowbringers patch 5.3, the dwarves are a beast tribe hailing from Mt. Gulg in Kholusia. Strict in following dwarf tradition, this beast tribe excels in mining and mechanics, having created many mechanical wonders… like the tank?

Why the Dwarves are great:

  • Rolling Tankard mount – need I say anything more?
  • Really, the Dwarf quests thrive on memes, so you’ll get a laugh out of the stupidly hilarious quests titles like “How Do You Do, Fellow Dwarves” and “Tanks for the Memories.”

Dwarves Details:

  • To unlock the Dwarves beast tribe quests, you must complete the quest “It’s Dwarfin’ Time.”
  • As Craftable quests, each quest will give you the materials needed at the start 
  • Other rewards available from the Dwarves include The Lali Hop emote, Watt’s Anvil Orchestrion Roll, and a Lalinator 5.H0 minion.

Check out the Rolling Tankard mount in action

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