[Top 10] FF14 Best Emotes That Are Awesome

FF14 Best Emotes
An Au Ra girl performing the dote emote

Whether you’re role-playing, chatting with your friends, or snapping photos in g-pose, Final Fantasy 14 has the perfect emote for any situation. Compared to other MMORPG’s, FF14 has an abundance of fun, silly, and downright crazy emotes that are great for expressing yourself when you don’t feel like typing out a message. Your Warrior of Light can dance to celebrate victory or pray for your party’s upcoming battle, and there’s even a slap emote if you’re particularly peeved at a friend. Here are the ten coolest and wackiest emotes you can get in FF14.

10) Lean

Lean Emote

The Lean Emote is simple but perfect for when you’re AFK or queueing for a dungeon. Simply stand near a wall or railing and your character will lean against it. To learn the emote, you’ll need the Ballroom Etiquette: Winsome Wallflower, which can be purchased for 1,800 Skybuilders scripts from the Ishgardian Restoration project.

9) Gratuity

Gratuity Emote

The Gratuity Emote lets your character fling golden coins into the air. This emote is perfect for a moment of celebration or for showing off your wealth to other players. You can get the Gratuity Emote by completing the level 70 quest “What a Wonder-full World,” as a final beast tribe quest reward.

8) Songbird Cheers

Songbird Cheers Emotes

The Songbird Cheer emotes include Cheer Wave, Cheer On, and Cheer Jump. For all three emotes, your character will cheer and wave glow sticks in the air but in slightly different fashions. They’re a popular set of emotes, great for cheering on your party through a boss battle. Originally, they were a reward for the Little Ladies’ Day in 2018, but you can now buy one emote for two dollars or the whole set for five on Mogstation.

7) Eat Bread

Eat Bread Emote

The Eat Bread emote is one of those silly must-haves. To learn this emote, you’ll need the Ballroom Etiquette: Well Bread, which can be obtained in the Kupo of Fortune in the Ishgardian Restoration project or purchased on the marketboard.

6) Manderville Mambo

Manderville Mambo Emote

One of several fantastically hilarious emotes you can get from the Hildebrand quests, your Warrior of Light can dance and show off their biceps. If you haven’t done the Hildebrand quests yet then put them at the top of your to-do list because they are the wackiest quests you can find in the game. You can get the Manderville Mambo emote as a reward for completing the quest “Don’t Do the Dewprism.”

5) Dote

Dote Emote

A popular favorite, Dote is a cute emote that lets you blow kisses and steamy hearts in another character’s direction. Originally a 2017 Valentione’s Day reward, you can purchase it on Mogstation for two dollars.

4) Battle Stance

Battle Stance Emote

If you’re fired up and ready for battle, then use the Battle Stance emote to show your party your fervor. The Battle Stance Emote is pretty nifty since it’s actually multiple emotes in one because depending on what class you have equipped, you will get a different stance. You can get the emote from completing the main story quest “Causes and Costs.”

3) Play Dead

Play Dead Emote

Another popular emote, the play dead emote makes your character fall to the ground and pretend to be dead as if you had fallen in battle. If your Warrior of Light is of the dramatic type then this is the perfect emote for them. Unfortunately, this emote does come with a price. It’s purchasable on the Mogstation for seven dollars, but if you keep an eye out, you might be able to snag it on sale for a few dollars off.

2) Charmed

Charmed Emote

Charmed is a fun emote and also fairly easy to obtain. This emote will have your character swaying in a love-struck trance complete with steamy, pink hearts. To learn Charmed, you’ll need the Ballroom Etiquette: Salacious Sentiments, which can be purchased from the Ananta when reaching rank 5 in their beast tribe quests.

1) Bee’s Knees

Bee’s Knees Emote

A new emote from the 5.3 patch, the Bee’s Knees has taken over FF14 players like a dancing plague. It’s hard to go anywhere in the game without seeing a character dancing this catchy jig, and if you want to join in on the fun, you’ll have to trade in 80,000 MGP at the Golden Saucer for Ballroom Etiquette: The Bee’s Knees. 


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