FF14 How To Get Mounts

FF14 How To Get Mounts
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Do you want to collect every mount in FFXIV?

Are you a mount collector? Do you feel the urge to collect every mount because that’s your ninja way? Or just simply feeling you gotta get them all? Then you have come to the right place. Like people used the idioms, ”All roads lead to Rome”, which means “there are many ways to achieve something” and so does in getting mount!

A visual guide about mounts and where to get them.

How to get more mounts:

  • The easiest way to get mounts is by clearing Main Scenario Quest. There are several MSQ that will give you free mounts. Your Chocobo, however, is not one of them, it is an additional quest you can do after you join a Grand Company.
  • The second easiest but a bit grindy is the Gold Saucer. Collect those MGP and trade them for mounts.
  • The third easiest is by recruiting a friend, (unless you are an introvert like me, who needs to work on her interpersonal skills). You’ll get some Gold Chocobo Feather which can be traded for mounts. The coolest one from this is the dragon Twintania.
  • The next easiest mount is from the achievement certificate. You will get 1 achievement certificate for each 50 achievement points. Go to Jonathas in Old Gridania near Apkallu Falls to trade your points for the certificate.
  • The next easiest is by participating in PVP, there are also mounts you can trade from PVP currency ‘Wolf Marks’.
  • For crafters, there are mounts you can craft, and if you are not, you can get them from the Market Board.
  • Then you have Seasonal Event mounts. These are exclusive limited-time mounts you can get for free during certain events. If you happen to miss it, they will be available in Mogstore the next year.
  • Then we have mounts from extreme trials. They are separated for each expansion. Collecting a complete set of trial mounts from certain expansions will result in unlocking a quest to get a legendary mount.
  • All beast tribes have their unique mount, which can be get/trade if you do enough quests from that certain beast tribe. Most have one mount, Ananta, a Stromblood beast tribe, has 2 mounts to offer.
  • The next is drop from raids and dungeons. Aye, some savage raids and dungeon drop mounts, such as from Ala Mhigo Dungeon or Alexander Savage Raids.
  • Hunts and FATEs, each expansion have their own hunt marks, especially in Shadowbringer, the currency you get from the hunts can be traded for mounts.
  • Eureka and deep dungeons such as Palace of the Death and Heaven on High have some mounts to drop.
  • A lot of mounts are locked behind achievements. There are PVP achievements, Gathering/Crafting achievements, tank achievements, commendation achievements, mentor’s achievements, and many more.
  • Mogstore. A place for optional mounts or late seasonal mounts, and where you can upgrade your client. If you are on the standard client, you can upgrade it to collector edition for mounts too.

Do you have any mounts that currently pique your interest? Find out where it’s from and hurry and get those mounts! I bid you good luck and happy mount hunting!

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