​FF14 How To Put Materia In Gear

​FF14 How To Put Materia In Gear
Successfully meld those Materias!

Do you know what materia is? 

When you reach level 19 MSQ, there will be a quest given by Minfilia called "Life, Materia and Everything". On this quest, you will be explained what materia is, and why it is important. Once you finish the quest you can start melding materia. Melding materia is the official term used in FFXIV to put the materia in gears, there are ways to meld materia and I shall tell you how!

A guide for Materia.

Ways to Meld Materia:

Via NPC Melder which is available in each city.  You will need the materia and Gil to pay the fee.

  • Request Meld to other players. You can put a 'Request Melding' status to let others know too.
  • Do it yourself. If you have any crafter job, you can take the quest "Waking the Spirit" once your Disciple of the Hand has reached level 19. Finish the quest and you are good to go! To meld it yourself simply right click the equipment, select meld, choose the materia, and click meld!

Knowing how to meld materia is not complete without understanding why it is important. So here is the brief conclusion of why is it so important.

Why Materia is Important:

  • Give additional status advantage. 
  • Accelerate your Spiritbond process to get more materia.
  • Especially important in the end game dungeon where the iLevel is limited to the bare minimum, where it can determine between winning and losing.
  • If you care about achievements, there are achievements locked behind materia melding and extraction!

Above all the whys, melding materia is easy and simple, so why not?

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