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Adventurers, the name given to the player, are not held by any “single material or martial craft” in Final Fantasy XIV and can be any one of the 18 incredibly diverse jobs by equipping the weapon of that role.

Best and Most Effective Ways to Level Up Fast in Final Fantasy XIV

With the release of Shadowbringers in 2019, Square Enix’s rags to riches MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), is experiencing the most universally praised period since its disastrous launch back in 2010. Each expansion has added to FFXIV’s rich story driven narrative, its varied gameplay, and has chipped away at the technical debt inherited from its lackluster beginnings.

The class/job tedium of version 1.0 saw some of the biggest changes over the years. For the most part, complexity has been stripped away in favour of familiarity, while the signature feature to master any and all jobs on a single character is retained. This “choose your own adventure(r)” bit adds replayability to a game that often sees lulls of content between updates.

Methods of acquiring experience points (EXP) are as numerous as the selection of jobs to choose from, each with a varying degree of effectiveness. As a general rule, the best or fastest way to level up any job is dependent on whether you’re leveling for the first time, powering up additional jobs (alts), and/or what you’ve unlocked in terms of content.

Final Fantasy XIV’s community of players have taken to YouTube in order to highlight some of the most popular methods of fast leveling. Each method has its strengths/weaknesses and time/value weighting, so the more you know, the easier it will be to pick the right method for your own level grinding goal.

Final Fantasy XIV - Hunting Log

Method Name: Hunting Log
EXP Value: Low (~550,000 One Time EXP Total per Class)
Unlocked: Level 1 Class Quest (Various)

How Method Works: Enemy Scavenger Hunt
Hunting Logs are Class specific bounties to slay 10 common enemies a certain number of times,  in exchange for an EXP reward. Rank 1 to Rank 5, players receive an additional EXP reward for slaying every enemy in each bracket before unlocking the next.

Level Range Value: Level 1 - 50
The Hunting Log is an invaluable resource of quick EXP when there are few alternatives available to new players. Though EXP gains continue up to Level 50, this resource for EXP is outclassed by other methods that were added or updated in recent years.

Fun Fact: For all you completionists out there who like to check a box, and besides, completion of the log is a requirement for certain game features after Level 50 that are associated with your Grand Company or your Relic Quest.

Final Fantasy XIV - FATEs

Method Name: FATEs
EXP Value: Low - Medium (Solo Grinding vs. Party Grinding)
Unlocked: N/A or Speak to NPC

How Method Works: Timed Event Battles
Full Active Time Events (FATEs) are overworld mob fights for grinding EXP. These events randomly spawn or are triggered, and offer rewards for the completion of timed objectives. The value of these rewards is scaled according to a ranking of Bronze, Silver or Gold.  

Time/Value by Level: Various
Grinding out FATEs as quickly as possible in a party can be an excellent EXP resource, but that value deteriorates quickly when playing solo. Simply put, the time/effort to complete objectives doesn’t justify the reward, but it can be an effective way of killing time between queues.

Fun Fact: There are World FATEs littered throughout the game that have rare spawn times or precise spawn conditions. These FATEs require multiple parties to kill and/or feature iconic Final Fantasy characters/villains as part of the objective.

Final Fantasy XIV - Guildhests

Method Name: Guildhests
EXP Value: Low - Medium (~3,000 - 30,000 EXP First Time and Daily Roulette: Guildhests)
Unlocked: Level 10 Side Quest Simply the Hest

How Method Works: Instanced Tutorial Dungeons
Guildhests place a party of 4 adventurers into a short instanced dungeon that will require teamwork to complete. These introduce players to class responsibilities and team play such as crowd control as a tank, or status effect management as a healer.

Time/Value by Level: Level 10 - 50
Like the Hunting Log before it, Guildhests provide an incredible boost for new players due to their first time bonus. In addition to this, the Daily Roulette: Guildhests provides an additional bonus EXP amount for daily grinds, though this will become obsolete after Level 50.

Fun Fact: Guildhests move you to an isolated instanced area that is always a section of the overworld map. If you’ve yet to unlock that part of the map, it will seem like a whole new area.

Final Fantasy XIV - Levequests

Method Name: Levequests
EXP Value: Medium (Depending Conditions and Regular or Large Scale)
Unlocked: Level 10 Side Quest Leves of Bentbranch/Horizon/Swiftperch

How Method Works: Alloted and Repeatable Quests
The Levequest system is an ideal source of continual EXP grinding, and until level 50, they are a primary source of EXP. Players expend Levequest allowances to participate solo, or in a party, in small scale open world objectives that may be repeated as long as allowances remain.

Time/Value by Level: Level 1 - 15
At first the regeneration on allowances was tedious but adjustments were made. If players are successful in a levequest, they gain EXP from the battle and the duty completion in addition to bonuses for the swift completion time and difficulty of the battle; which can be scaled.  

Fun Fact: Certain Levequests will reward players with rare and unique items often used in high level crafting. Due to their repeatable nature, many Levequests are spammed for this reason.

Final Fantasy XIV - Dungeons and Squadrons

Method Name: Dungeons and Squadrons
EXP Value: Medium - High (Some Conditions Apply)
Unlocked: Level 15 Main Scenario Quest It’s Probably Pirates (Dungeons) and Level 47 Side Quest Squadron and Commander (Squadrons)

How Method Works: Instanced Party Battles
You will spend much of the game completing and repeating FFXIV’s massive selection of more than 70+ dungeons. Not to worry though, 90% of them are just as good on subsequent playthroughs but some conditions apply, Aurum Vale.

*Upon reaching the rank of Second Lieutenant or higher with their Grand Company, players can then unlock Squadrons. Squadrons allow players entry into instanced dungeons with computer operated AI party members that the player can customize and outfit as they wish.

Time/Value by Level: Due to the number of enemies slain in a typical dungeon, these instanced areas for a party of players are great sources of EXP on their own with new dungeons being added all the time. Their true potential is realized when combined with several other items found on this list but more specifically, the Challenge Log.

Fun Fact: Patch 2.1 started a trend of adding Hard Mode versions of existing dungeons. These dungeons often carry on the lore from their predecessor, closing out unresolved plot threads.

Final Fantasy XIV - Challenge Log

Method Name: Challenge Log
EXP Value: High (Awarded Weekly)
Unlocked: Level 15 Side Quest Rising to the Challenge

How Method Works: Weekly Rewarded Tasks (Scaled to Current Level)
The Challenge Log provides the player with weekly completion tasks, such as completing 5 dungeons, or giving a certain number of player commendations in exchange for high Gil and/or EXP rewards that scale to the player's current level.

Time/Value by Level: All Levels
Rewards in EXP are massive due to the scaling effect which increases EXP. In addition to this, the Challenge Log objectives for dungeon runs take advantage of the many benefits passively applied to the character, like EXP% buffs and EXP% gear.

Fun Fact: When combined with other entries on this list, Challenge Log becomes an invaluable tool for bonus EXP. The weekly cap and time investment prevent it from being higher on this list.

Final Fantasy XIV - Additional Quests and Tips

Method Name: Hall of the Novice, The Hunt, Beast Tribe Quests and Buffs + Gear
EXP Value: Low - Very High
Unlocked: Level 15 Main Scenario Quest It’s Probably Pirates (Hall of the Novice), Level 50 Side Quest Let the Hunt Begin (The Hunt) and Level 50 Side Quest Call of the Wild (Beast Tribe Quests)

How Method Works: EXP Boosting Gear and Additional EXP
Hall of the Novice will have players complete tutorials for the game’s various roles, such as attacking enemies from the rear v. flank to boost damage as a DPS. Beyond armour, players will acquire the Brand New Ring, an EXP boosting item, for completing all trials.

The Hunt and Beast Tribe Quests offer the character additional EXP gaining options with weekly and daily resets respectively. First introduced in Patch 2.1, these features have been continually expanded with each subsequent expansion.

Time/Value by Level: Buffs + Gear include all EXP boosting items, including but not limited to: stat boosting foods, accessories, Grand Company or Free Company buffs, Rested EXP and an Armoury Bonus. Given most of these become available in later parts of the game, these tools will be more valuable for leveling alts and not for new players.  

Fun Fact: If you are starting a brand new alt leveling journey and apply all the above options, players may find themselves with up to 263% extra EXP in most areas.

Final Fantasy XIV - Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High

Method Name: Palace of the Dead (PotD) and Heaven on High (HoH)
EXP Value: Medium - High
Unlocked: Level 17 Feature Quest The House that Death Built and Level 61 Feature Quest Knocking on Heaven's Door

How Method Works: Deep Dungeon
All enemies players encounter in the Palace of the Dead or Heaven-on-High will give a fixed amount of EXP but the actual character experience gained is based on your current PotD level when you complete a set of floors and increases with each floor set (10 floors). This experience is awarded every time the floor set is cleared making it an ideal EXP grinding solution for all players.

Time/Value by Level: Level 30+ PotD and Level 60+ HoH
After their introduction, PotD and HoH became known for their quick EXP grinding parties for the leveling of alt jobs, since so many EXP sources run dry upon finishing your first job. This places the Deep Dungeons near the top of the list because of their replayability.

Fun Fact: Not sure whether you’re going to like the moveset of your chosen job? Try Palace of the Dead when you unlock it, since it allows you to try your moves before you get them all.

Final Fantasy XIV - Daily Roulette and Duty Finder

Method Name: Daily Roulette and Duty Finder
EXP Value: High - Very High
Unlocked: Level 15 Main Scenario Quest It’s Probably Pirates

How Method Works: Daily and Weekly Roulette’s
Through the game’s Duty Finder matching, player’s gain scaled EXP through Leveling, Trial, Level 50/60/70, Level 80, Expert, Main Scenario, Guildhest, Alliance Raid, Normal Raid, and Mentor Roulettes. Players can queue alone, or in preformed groups as allowed, bonuses vary.

Time/Value by Level: Level 20+ with Weekly Bonuses
Players gain an additional bonus, doubling the EXP gained, if they are an Adventurer in Need at any given time, filling the needed role of a DPS, Healer or Tank when called on. Furthermore, the scaled EXP will be in addition to any daily or weekly bonuses for total completed dungeons.

Fun Fact: The Main Scenario Quest roulette, though not allowing you to skip cutscenes, rewards you with lots of EXP, sometimes moving you up a whole level or two late in the game.

Final Fantasy XIV - Main Scenario Quest and Other Quests

Method Name: Main Scenario Quests, Feature Quests and Class/Job/Role Quests
EXP Value: Very High
Unlocked: Level 1 - 80

How Method Works: Simple, Play the Game
Final Fantasy XIV’s is a Final Fantasy game first and an MMORPG second. It pulls on decades of lore to craft a complex and compelling narrative and rewards you for getting into it. Recent patches have significantly increased the MSQ EXP gain, to help get players through the first three expansions and into Shadowbringers. Keep up with MSQ and you’ll be fine.

Time/Value by Level: Level 1 - 80
No matter if you’re brand new, or picking your game up after level 50, 60 or 70, playing through the MSQ and the dungeons and trials it unlocks will always see you climbing to top level. It’s the ilvl endgame fun that you’ll really have to work for.

Fun Fact: The voiced Main Scenario cutscenes from A Realm Reborn to Shadowbringers, come in at a whopping 40+ hours. That isn’t counting the non voiced cutscenes. What better way to be rewarded for taking in the story of this top tier Final Fantasy game, then by getting a bunch of EXP for your time well spent. 

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