FF14 How To Get Your First Mount

FF14 How To Get Your First Mount
Train your Chocobo

Do you ask yourself I’ve done all the Main Scenario Quest, but where is my Chocobo?

Do you have the urge of collecting mounts, however you seem to miss out on your very first Chocobo? Where could you finally meet your featherly partner? Why yes, the journey of collecting every mounts surely is an arduous one, but everything starts with one, and I shall guide you to the faithful encounter with your first mount!

A visual guide to get your favourite Bird mount.

To get your first mount:

  • When you finished the Grand Company Main Scenario Quest be it: “For Coin and Country”, “Wood’s Will Be Done”, or “Till Sea Swallows All” a side quest “My Little Chocobo” on the representative city-state will appear, allowing you to have a Chocobo of your own.
  • Simply take the quest from the Commander of your Grand Company.
  • You will need a Chocobo Issuance which you can purchase for 200 Grand Company Seals from the Quartermaster.
  • Talk to the Chocobokeep in the city where your Grand Company is in.
  • You will then be asked to name your Chocobo. After naming your Chocobo, all is set!
  • You’ll receive a whistle, use it and you can summon your Chocobo!
  • Your Chocobo is unique for they can fight alongside you when trained. Or in this case, when you unlock that feature. You can also customize their feather colour IF you have a Chocobo stable in your house or FC (Free Company) house, or you own an apartment.

Before the MSQ was updated, you were required to complete “My Little Chocobo” quest to finish “A Realm Reborn” story. it is no longer an obligation nowadays, but you would not miss fighting alongside your Chocobo, right? Now, get that Chocobo!

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