FF14 How To Increase Mount Speed

FF14 How To Increase Mount Speed
To speed up or not to speed up...

Why is my mount so slow? A Chocobo from the porter is even faster?

Do you feel your mount speed is slower than the porter’s Chocobo? Do you start to wonder what’s the point of having a mount then? Well probably because you haven’t increased the mount speed! How would you know about that? Go check it in your ‘Travel’ menu and click ‘Mount Speed’. The star shows how fast you can go on each map, how many stars do you have? Zero? One or two? Well let me tell you, there are ways to increase the mount speed, and here is how you do it!

A visual guide to riding maps.

How to speed up your mounts:

  • Clearing Main Scenario Quest. By clearing certain Main Scenario Quest in A Realm Reborn to Stormblood expansion, you can get a speed boost in certain areas. However, this is no longer the case for Shadowbringer expansion.
  • You can also join the Hunt to get Allied Seals or Centurio Seals, these seals can be traded for Riding Maps in respective areas (ARR, Heavensward, and Stormblood).
  • In Shadowbringer, you have to join FATEs in the Shadowbringer area to get some gemstones. These gemstones are tradeable with Riding Maps.

When you speed up your mount you will also speed up your adventure! Although on a little note, even if you already completed all the speed enhancement, flying is still a faster option! So make sure you can fly in every area!

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