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Final Fantasy XIV has eight crafting, Duty of Hand, classes for the players to choose from. Unlike in some games, you can actually level all eight of these classes, and it would be wise to do so. With patch 5.3 right around the corner, and new items coming out, many people are pushing to get their crafters ready. So, which classes are considered the best, and why?

3. Leatherworker

Geva looks over the leatherworkers discussed that none are up to her high standards.

The Leather Worker class has tanned its spot at number three on my top three list. This class allows you to make some of the gear you wear for varying classes. A small bit of in-game lore for this guild is that the guild leader of the leather workers, Geva, is secretly the mastermind behind the famous brand Fen-Yll. This fact actually comes into play during the class quests in the base game.

Some Details About The Class:

  • Unlocked in Gridania - Old Gridania
  • Uses animal skins and hides mostly
  • A lot of items from this class come in handy when making things for Weaver.

What’s Awesome About This Class:

  • You can make gear for all classes.
  • You can make a lot of Gil from this class.
  • You can get most items needed from slaying beasts and not gathering.

Top 5 Valuable Items You Can Craft With Leather Worker:

  • Aesthete's Boots of Crafting
  • Aesthete's Boots of Gathering
  • Aesthete's Tool Belt
  • Aesthete's Belt of Gathering

2. Weaver

Some weavers prefer their actual gear over the glamour they can craft, but it works for her!

The Weaver class has stitched its way up to second on my top three list! This class allows you to make a wide variety of clothes and items in the game. The guild where you learn this class is overseen by a kind-hearted man named Redolent Rose. Some lore behind this class, found during the class quests, is that Redolent Rose would instead make high-quality items for the everyday man at a reasonable price then make average items that sell well. You learn this while helping a young man find courage through his clothes to confess to the woman he loves.

Some Details About The Class:

  • Unlocks in Ul'dah - Steps of Thal
  • Makes a ton of Gil by crafting clothes for glamours. 
  • Crafts housing items, armor, pants, accessories, and glamours. 

What’s Awesome About This Class:

  • The amount of Gil you can make
  • It makes the most gear for the end game. 
  • Makes most of the glamour clothes that come out

Top 5 Valuable Items You Can Craft With Weaver:

  • Southern Seas Trousers
  • Southern Seas Skirt
  • Aesthete's Trousers of Crafting
  • Aesthete's Trousers of Gathering

1. Culinarian

Cute little potato making some food for his other potato friends.

Culinarian takes the cake as number one on my top three list! This class is by far the most important, no matter where we are during patches and updates. You will always need food in this game, and that’s what this class is all about. The lore found during the class quests here is that the guild leader, Lyngsath Hyllbornsyn, originally learned his craft aboard a merchant ship that traveled the five seas.

Some Details About This Class:

  • Unlocks in Limsa Lominsa - Upper Decks
  • Makes food that gives buffs and increases exp gain
  • Makes housing items, both edible and not
  • Requires the most material to craft items 

What’s Awesome About This Class:

  • Helpful to all classes
  • Helpful at all levels of play
  • End game food sells for a ton of Gil.
  • Food is a must-have for end game of all types.

Top 5 Valuable Items You Can Craft With Culinarian:

  • Ovim Meatballs
  • Herring Pie
  • Stuffed Highland Cabbage
  • Chili Crab
  • Blood Bouillabaisse

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