FF14 Best DPS Tank For More Damage (Ranked Worst To Best)

Best DPS Tank for more Damage
Dark Knights preparing for battle

All tanks are created equal right? Find out below the ranking for the highest DPS tank in Final Fantasy XIV

                When you load up Final Fantasy XIV, create a new character and hit that next button you are swamped with choices for what class to play. As you level and progress through the game and get to each major milestone two more classes per expansion are unlocked. Since the games release in 2013 there have been four major expansions giving you a total of 19 combat jobs. After all of that you’ve come down to it and want to choose a tank, great! Now which one? While there are a lot of metrics you might base your decision on. If you are looking to see how much DPS each tank can deal out I’m about to break it down for you.

4. Paladin

Your classic sword and board Paladin. With high levels of mitigation and awesome self-heals the Paladin will always hold its own in the raid setting. DPS wise it is the lowest of the tanks, however in the Pandaemonium Savage Raids in the 95th percentile the Paladin does edge out the Warrior albeit barely.

That’s not to say that the Paladin is a weak class, it again has some awesome mitigation in the form of abilities like Sheltron an instant cast ability that blocks incoming attacks for five seconds but also has a very satisfying DPS rotation that really fills out when you get closer to level cap, things like Confiteor a spell that deals unaspected damage with a potency of 900 to the target and all enemies nearby it. So, all in all the Paladin while technically the weakest Tank DPS wise it is still very satisfying and worthwhile to play.

·         Great Mitigation

·         Great Self and Party Heals

·         Weakest DPS Output

DPS Score: 54.82/100

3. Warrior

The Warrior, in your face,aggressive and undying. This axe toting tank has some great mitigation and arguably the best self-heals in Final Fantasy XIV. Always the healers favorite tank to heal with defensive abilities like Bloodwhetting which reduces damage taken by 10 percent on a 25 second cool down or Shake It Off which creates a barrier around yourself and all nearby party members that absorbs damage totaling 15 percent of maximum HP.

On the DPS side of things the Warrior can hold its own, sitting comfortably in the middle of the pack thanks to its amazing abilities , the Warrior has a solid burst window and good sustained DPS output. Abilities like Inner Release which give stacks and allow you to use Beast Gauge actions without coast and guaranteeing criticals.  Needless to say the Warrior is a solid tank with great DPS output that would be a solid choice in any raid setting.

·         Great Mitigation

·         Best Self-Heals

·         Moderate DPS Output

DPS Score: 55.22/100

2. Gunbreaker

 Equipped with their gunblades which were introduced way back in Final Fantasy IIX, These tanks have good mitigation, weak self-heals but they put out a lot of damage. The Gunbreaker is fast paced and smooth to play with abilities like Savage Claw and Wicked Talon both doing a ton of damage.

Gunbreakers have solid AOE in abilities like Double Down, which delivers an attack of 1,200 potency for the first enemy and 20 percent less for all remaining enemies and Bow Shock and instant cast AOE that delivers an attack with a potency of 150 to all nearby enemies. These and more make the Gunbreaker a fun and devastating tank to play in all content.

·         Good Mitigation

·         Weak Self-heals

·         High DPS Output

DPS Score: 57.61/100

1. Dark Knight

With their Great sword in hand the Dark Knight protects the innocent even from the highest of offices. Dark Knight has good mitigation and like Gunbreaker very  little self-heals but a lot of DPS output. Dark Knight is slow and powerful with abilities like Shadowbringer which deals unaspected damage to all enemies in a straight line with a potency of 600 or Stalwart Soul an AOE that does damage with a potency of 100 to all nearby enemies.

 In the raid setting the Dark Knight has consistently pushed the most DPS of all the tanks, with solid game play and a straight forward rotation this is a fun class to play and if played properly will output a ton of damage while having good mitigation to survive those wall to wall pulls.

·         Good Mitigation

·         Weak Self-Heals

·         Highest DPS Output

DPS Score 58.41/100


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