FF14 How To Apply To a Free Company

FF14 How To Apply To a Free Company
The company you keep.

Are you new to Final Fantasy XIV and in need of guidance? Or do you roll in the world of Final Fantasy XIV alone and needing a friend?

If you are either or both, then probably a Free Company is what you need. Free Company is like a Guild where you can hang out with friends of common interest. There are a lot of types of Free Company, be sure to pick one that suits your liking.

How to apply to a Free Company:

  • Target the person who’s in the free company you want to join.

  • Click on ‘View Company Profile’.

  • A new tab will appear, and click on ‘Submit Application’.

  • Next, you will need to fill up a message or should I say the reason for enrollment.
  • Then you will have to wait for the news,  whether you got accepted or not!

When you are viewing the Company profile, you will see the focuses of the company from the tags, so be sure to check them out first. It is better if you can talk with the members prior to joining just to make sure you are comfortable with the people. Good luck and have fun!

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