FF14 How To Set Hotbars

FF14 How To Set Hotbars
A good hotbar is a functional one.

Do you know you can add/remove Hotbars in FFXIV? How about resizing them?


If you don’t know and want to know about it, you have come to the right place! In this article, I will be telling you how to set your Hotbars. If you are interested in setting up a great UI, I recommend you to check the video I’ve included in this article. The video will help you know more about setting UI/HUD layouts and how to best organize them. If you are only interested in learning how to set your Hotbars, this article alone should be able to help you! Without further delay, let’s get into it!

Keybinds, Hotbars, and Macro guide.

How to set your Hotbars:

  • Click the System menu.
  • Select the HUD Layout option.
  • On the current UI element, select the Hotbar you wanna show. You can display up to 10 Hotbars.
  • Once you select the Hotbar, you can click the UI Element Setting on the right of the selection bar.
  • UI Element Setting will allow you to set what kind of Hotbar you want, as well as their size. Make sure the Hotbar visibility is checked so it will show later.
  • You can also position the Hotbar by clicking on the Hotbar you want to move and drag to move them.
  • Once you have made your change, don’t forget to save your setting, and you will be set!

UI setting is often overlooked by players, but FF14 gives the players great freedom in doing so! So set your interface however you want and be sure to take that advantage to the fullest!

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