FF14 Best PvP Class That Are OP

FF14 Best PvP Class
Two fighters waiting to fight in The Feast

Final Fantasy XIV is known for having something to offer everyone, from casual content to the most elite of players. One gem in this game is the PVP it provides, ranging from 4 man teams to an all-out 90 player battlefield. If you want to fight in The Feast, you can enter with either a premade four-person team or be put on a team as a single player. No matter the case, if you want to do PVP or fight through ranked casually, this list is here to help! Here’s a list of the best classes to take into PVP that are seriously OP!

5. Astrologian

Astrologian takes the best pictures it the game. Who wouldn't see this and want to take a screenshot?

Astrologian is a versatile healer that goes well in any situation. It has some of the absolute best utility in the game. This aesthetically pleasing class is more than just a pretty face!

Why Astrologian is OP in PVP:

  • Astrologian has both shields and reg abilities. It can also do both at once for a short amount of time with its neutral sect. 
  • Astrologian is the only healer that buffs the party’s damage. More damage means easier kills and more wins for your team.
  • Their main heal costs no MP and can proc Abridged Effect, which makes the next spell an instant. 
  • Their skill Combust III does damage, and an additional effect causes the target to do reduced damage and healing potency by 10%.
  • Astrologian’s skill Celestial Opposition removes all nearby enemies’ regen and barrier effects. 

4. Monk

Just warming up before the big fight!

The speedy class, Monk, has punched and kicked its way through the PVP ranks to be the best DPS in The Feast! Monk’s burst damage allows it to dispatch their foes swiftly. This DPS is a valued member of any team!

Why Monk is OP in PVP:

  • With their exceptionally shortened recast timer, this class is nonstop able to land blows on their target.
  • Every skill procs either a chakra point or a greased lightning, both of which will help this class pump out even more damage. Some skills also do both!
  • This class has a skill, Shoulderdash, that allows it to close the distance between them and an enemy—enabling you to get the jump on near-death targets or take out the other teams healer.
  • If a Monk takes bloodbath as their PVP action, they can quickly heal up because of the amount of burst damage they put out. Let those healers DPS!
  • Not only does Monk have fantastic single target damage, this class almost boasts a decent amount of AOE damage for a Melee DPS.

3. Dark Knight

Dark Knight battle-ready in his hard-earned PvP gear! 

This edge lord tank has stolen the top spot amongst tanks in PVP and cut it’s way to being one of the best classes in the arena! This tank offers excellent utility, DPS, and just refuses to go down in a fight. Good luck taking this party member down.

Why Dark Knight is OP in PVP:

  • The Blackest Knight is one of the best shields in the game, and here in PVP, it costs no MP! This shield may be applied to yourself or another party member within range. Additionally, once this shield is broken, you gain some of your Dark Arts.
  • This class has two skills that do damage, increase damage dealt, and reduces the target's HP recovery via healing actions. These two skills get even better with the fact that they use your Dark Arts gauge instead of MP, and they also extend your Dark Side timer from 15 seconds to 30 seconds!
  •  Every skill either increases your blood gauge, gives back MP, or gives back HP.
  • Dark Knight is in the middle range for DPS and defense, but the shield from TBN and health regen from attacks put it over the edge!
  • Dark Knight can also choose two from the tank actions, which give reduced damage done by enemies, receive less cost, or do extra damage. These actions add some versatility to the class to even further help your team secure victory.

2. White Mage

White Mage releasing its wings to reduce the damage of its party members. 

White Mages are the MP Kings, and it's no wonder that has helped it jump so high into the rankings of PVP. This class has nothing to worry about except keeping itself and its team alive! Go in spells blazing and carry your team to victory!

What Makes White Mage OP in PVP:

  • Most significant straight heals in the game. Just when you think you’re about to die, a White Mage can blink, and you are full health again!
  • The damage from this class is pretty impressive for a healer. And to make that remarkable damage even better is that their primary damage spell costs no MP!
  • For every ten seconds in combat, this class gains one lily heal that can be used as a single target heal or as an AOE heal—still no worries about running out of MP then.
  • For every three lilies, this class spends on its heals, it earns a Blood Lily that deals double the damage of their primary DPS skill. So for using three free heals, you get double dosed damage in return.
  • White Mage has a skill that boosts damage and healing potency of itself while also reducing the cost taken by all party members within 30 yalms! 

1. Dancer

Dancer practicing her moves before her big fight in The Feast.

This new class has slid right past all of its competition to be the best of the PVP world. Dancer has incredible mobility and can easily slip in and out of a combat situation then still reach from a ways off. Don’t let the cute clothes fool you; this class is a deadly weapon that likes to do its job.

What Makes Dancer so OP in PVP:

  • Dancer boosts the damage of their dance partner nonstop and can increase the rest of the party’s DPS as well! Unlike with Bard, Dancer receives its buffs.
  • This class can heal themself, and surrounding party members and their dance partner has the heal go off around them and heal enemies. 
  • Dancer has a dash skill, En Avant, that comes back every 30 seconds and can hold up to three of these. This dash allows them to jump in and out of combat as needed. 
  • A Dancer can handle being outnumbered by enemies easily with the outstanding AOE skills it has. This class has the best AOE in the game.
  • One of the actions this class can take, Concentrate, increases the potency of your next weapon skill by 50%. If paired with both of the dancer’s steps, that would be an exceptional amount of DPS at once.

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