FFXIV: Best Fish to Catch (in Patch 5.3)

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    While the majority of Final Fantasy XIV’s content is based around combat and exploration, there are more relaxing activities for people looking for a less stressful experience. Crafter and Gatherer jobs are more easy-going than their combat-oriented peers, and can also be a great way to make some extra Gil. Anyone who wants to craft the offensive and defensive buffs from potions and food needs to get their hands on the ingredients first, meaning they either have to gather it themselves or buy it from the market boards.
    This is where the industrious fisher comes in. By gathering the supplies crafters need (or by crafting the supplies yourself) you can sell your goods and make a tidy little profit. Not all gathered goods are made equal, though, and knowing which goods are in demand allows you to better play the market. Here we’ll be looking at which fish are best for fishers to focus on and why. Hope you like seafood! (Note: Because market board prices vary from server to server the prices included here are the prices NPC merchants will give you for these items.)


Blue Crab, 8 gil

 These cerulean crustaceans are used by Culinarians to make Crab Cakes and Chili Crab, two food items that crafters use to increase their crafting stats. 


Sweetmeat Mussel, 8 gil

Another gatherable fish that increases crafter stats when used in food item recipes. You need these little guys to make Arros Negre and Mejillones al Ajillo.

King Salmon, 60 gil 

You’ll need this guy to make Creamy Salmon Pasta and King Salmon Meuniere. These foods increase your battle stats, and optimizers want them to push their damage higher.

Platinum Herring, 8 gil 

This is the main ingredient for Herring Pie and Pickled Herring foods, which are some of the best foods for casters and DPS.

Sweetflesh Oyster, 21 gil 

You can make Blood Bouillabaisse and Oysters on the Half Shell with this ingredient. Once again, these will buff your combat-focused jobs.


And these are the best (and only) fish level 80 characters can catch right now! Of course, if you want to make the big gil, you’ll need to also level your crafters and sell high-grade products on the market board. Culinarian is a good follow-up to fisher, and as I stated before high-end raiders are always looking for those food buffs. Until next time, adventurers!


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