Top 10 FPS Games With Good Story (Story Driven FPS Games)

FPS Games With Good Story
Artyom - Metro Exodus

Competitive shooters are a great way to get the adrenaline pumping, but often there’s not a lot of purpose behind your actions; it’s usually shoot or be shot—hold the objective to win or die trying. If this is giving you burnout, don’t despair!

There are a lot of FPS games out there that have a lot more to offer in terms of story and character depth. If you want a better reason to pick up your rifle, then check out our list for the top 10 FPS games with good story.

10. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus’s Survival Combat Gameplay

Metro Exodus, inspired by novels by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, is about your character’s survival through a post-apocalyptic Russia. In previous versions of the game, you struggled to survive the ruins of Moscow, navigating the city via underground metro tunnels while fighting off mutated beasts and other horrors. Now you must venture out of the city and head into the vast wilderness, searching for a better life in the East. Metro Exodus takes you on a journey that spans an entire year, giving you a beautiful world to discover in every season. You’ll recruit comrades along the way and your choices will impact their lives as well as your own, sometimes deciding their very fate.

Stealth can play a big part in Metro Exodus, so it’s important to explore dark, confined spaces quietly to avoid uncomfortable battles.

Your choices will impact how the story unfolds, so when foes surrender, you get to decide what happens to them.

9. Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order Gameplay

Wolfenstein: The New Order is the ninth title in the Wolfenstein series and features an alternate history version of the 1960s that saw the German Nazis come out as the victors in World War II. You play as William Blazkowicz, an agent sent to assassinate General Deathshead. You failed your mission and were taken captive and you’ve been locked up ever since. But now you have escaped your asylum prison and must join the Resistance to put a stop to the Nazi domination spreading around the world. This is an action-packed thriller full of stealthy infiltrations, high-tech war machines, and an intense battle for freedom with a riveting game narrative.

High-octane action: the gunfights in New Order are no joke, but with a little help from your Resistance pals, you can show those Nazi-dogs who’s boss.

Be on the lookout for terrifying Nazi mega-mechs because they’ll be on the lookout for you.


8. Fallout 3

Fallout 3 PC Gameplay

With Fallout 3, Bethesda challenges you to survive a post-apocalyptic wasteland set in 2277, 200 years after the Great War which devastated the U.S., while set upon by disfigured wildlife, mindless ghouls, and a variety of different blood-thirsty factions. When you’re not fighting other living creatures for survival, you’re battling against the radiation from the nuclear fallout. Your character sets out on a journey to find his father after he departs from Vault 101, leaving it and its residents in a state of chaos. You’ll scavenge everything in sight for the necessary supplies to upgrade your weapons and armor to give you the advantage over your enemies. With plenty of areas to explore, companions to meet and recruit, and battles to dominate, there are countless hours of exciting gameplay awaiting you.

The Pip-boy’s unique Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System (V.A.T.S) helps you make those critical shots when you need them most, and it slows down time enough to let you make those decisions with a calm mind.

Explore a frightening wasteland full of hostile robots, blood-thirsty Raiders, and mutated monsters while searching for other survivalists you can trust. And keep an eye out for those spare parts, you’ll probably need them.

7. Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Combat Gameplay Compilation

In Fallout 3, you wandered the wasteland in search of your father, and in Fallout 4, you wander a new part of the wasteland chasing after your abducted son, Shaun. You’ll navigate conflicts between the three big factions: the Brotherhood, the Institute, and the Railroad, while simultaneously investigating every lead about Shaun. Settlements will request your aid and the aid of the Minutemen in fighting off attackers and rebuilding their homes, providing multiple sanctuaries for new settlers from all over the wasteland. In your struggle for survival, you’ll explore hundreds of new locations, collect countless supplies, and craft hundreds of new items. Whether you decide to spend hour upon endless hour completing side quests or charge straight after the main story line instead, every choice is yours and yours alone.

Be sure to upgrade your weapons and armor to face off against massive enemies like Behemoths and Deathclaws or you’ll find yourself smashed to pulp.

Enjoy building and managing settlements—just try not to get too obsessed with build mode, or you’ll find half of your 300 hours of gameplay were spent on settlements alone (this isn’t the Sims!)

6. Bioshock

Bioshock 1 Playthrough Clip

You emerge from the wreckage of a plane crash in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean as the sole survivor and discover a mysterious lighthouse looming over you. A bathysphere inside the lighthouse transports you to the underwater utopian city of Rapture, which now faces a societal collapse. Inside the city of Rapture, you’ll fight against Splicers, Big Daddies, and other violent citizens that want to kill you for your genetic material known as ADAM. In addition to your arsenal of weapons, you’ll collect plasmids which will rewrite your genetic code to give you superhuman powers. Throughout it all, an Irishman named Atlas will guide you to safety through the treacherous halls of Rapture city. Your choices will change your fate—will you do everything Atlas asks?

The Big Daddy takes his job protecting the Little Sisters very seriously, so don’t get too close to the little girls or you’ll have to deal with him.

It takes a pretty big needle to rewrite your genetic code but when the deed is done, you’ll have some serious firepower without the need for any firearms.

5. Dishonored

Dishonored Epic Kills - stealth gameplay

Dishonored is an otherwordly steampunk adventure casting you as an infamous assassin who was once a trusted bodyguard until you were framed for murder. You’ll undertake the task of trying to uncover the truth behind your framing in a gameworld that reacts to your style of play. Outcomes to each mission will change based on the approach you take; choose whether you’d like to be a stealthy, rogue-like assassin or an in-your-face killer. Use your supernatural powers to teleport and fade from sight, tricking and confusing your enemies.

It’s probably wise to put your stealth skills to use once again while playing through Dishonored, unless you’re eager to face these guys head-on.

Take on side-quests to receive cash by accepting contracts found in different mission areas—search each area carefully and be sure not to miss any!

4. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 - Max Settings Crazy Gameplay

Far Cry 3 is a party trip gone wrong. Your character, Jason, is on a vacation to an unmapped island on an Asian-Pacific archipelago when he and his friends are kidnapped by a crazy warlord. Your mission will be to escape captivity and rescue your friends, so you can all find a way off the island together. You’ll meet the Rakyat, a native people fighting to reclaim their island from a band of pirate invaders, and be forced to help them in their struggle if you hope to save your friends. Far Cry 3 has an exciting cooperative campaign, too, so bring three of your best friends and put your teamwork to the test.

High ground can definitely give you an advantage when pirate hunting. Try to stay out of sight when outnumbered.

There’s a variety of vehicles available in the game, so take to the island’s dirt roads and do some exploring—or hop in a jeep or on a four-wheeler when you need to make a quick escape.

3. Borderlands

Borderlands: Gameplay Trailer 1

Four Vault Hunters arrive on the planet of Pandora to search for a mythical Vault that contains a mysterious substance. You’ll play as one of four Vault Hunters (bring your friends along if you’re not in the mood for solo-play) and your task is to hunt down the artifacts needed to open this Vault. Bandit leaders crawling all over the place will stand in your way, so you’ll have to eliminate them one-by-one to have any hope of success. With its unique hybrid of traditional rendering and hand-drawn art styles, you’ll feel like you’re playing a comic book brought to life.

In addition to bandits, you’ll find a lot of hostile beasts wandering about the wastelands of Pandora too, so be on guard!

Friends can join you to build a crew of up to four mercenaries—stay close and support one another to make short work of this game campaign.

2. Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 PC Gameplay Max Settings

Six new Vault Hunters are betrayed and left for dead on the planet of Pandora, but they meet Claptrap, the lovingly annoying Hyperion robot from the first game, who guides them to Sanctuary and helps protect them from their betrayer. Your mission as one of these Vault Hunters is to find the brand new Vault hidden on the planet’s surface and prevent anyone from ever releasing the force contained within. You’ll encounter the familiar baddies from the previous game in the form of more bandits and beasts, but you’ll also reunite with some of the good guys, too.

Reunite with Claptrap in Borderlands 2 and learn some… interesting things about him.

There’s even more to see and do on Pandora now, but it’ll still feel pretty familiar—what with all the killing of bandits and cultists.

1. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil 7 - Highest PC Settings Gameplay

This survival horror shooter is set in rural America on a creepy plantation owned by a family of cannibals, and it’ll give you a sense of immersion other FPS games won’t. If you want to be freaked out, this is the game for you. You’ll play as Ethan Winters, a simple civilian man in search of his missing wife, Mia. After being captured by the Baker family, you’ll fight to free yourself and escape from the family’s mansion. If you can survive the family and the reanimated monsters on their property, you’ll still have plenty of items to find and puzzles to solve before you can succeed. Then you’ll have some pretty tough decisions to make.

The members of the Baker family aren’t too keen on letting their precious guest leave…

The disgusting monsters known as the Molded will be lurking in the deepest, darkest corners of the Baker mansion, so stay alert while you’re creeping along those dark corridors.

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