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One of the most fun features introduced with Battle Royale games are the drop zones. We’ve already seen how in several games (Fortnite, Apex, Blackout, etc.) there are specific zones or areas that can benefit you throughout the game and since I’m generous and want you to win every game you play, I gave myself the task to finding the top 10 CoD Warzone drop locations that give you an advantage.


10. Summit

(Start at: 0:35)

The best thing about this dropzone is that it’s actually very open. Although it has buildings and rooms that are quite “hidden”, almost all of them are rather wide. On the other hand, there is more than enough loot for every teammate, even for that greedy thief.

Why Summit Is Great:

  • Large spot
  • Possible heli spawn
  • Lots of loot
  • You can rotate well from there
  • Great for every BR mode (Solos, Duos, Trios and Quads)
  • Not too many people land there


9. Factory

(Start at: 1:28)

Factory has tons of loot, so it’s a great place to drop in and get your loadout quickly, BUT… it has a lot of dark corners, which makes it a wonderful place to camp. However, if your team coordinates well and enjoys killing campers, be my guest and land here.

Why Factory Is Great:

  • Tons of loot
  • Great for Trios and Quads
  • Easy and comfortable rotations
  • Extremely useful for high kill games


8. Array

(Start at: 2:03)

Not too many people land here, which makes it great for looting and playing low-key games. Besides, you get excellent rotations, because of its high ground location. Beware the dark corners though. 

Why Array Is Great:

  • Great for Solos and Duos
  • Decent amount of loot
  • Calm landing
  • Good and easy rotations 


7. Hills (surroundings) 

(Start at: 2:45)

This little farm area is located south of Promenade West and, just like Array, is a very low-key landing spot. It also provides one of the best (or at least one of my favourite) rotations, which is heading down to Hills, where you can find a few players and get some kills too.

Why Hills Is Great:

  • Great for Solos and Duos
  • Decent amount of loot
  • Nearby buy stations
  • Comfortable and exciting rotations


6. Port

(Start at: 3:25)

Port is immense! There’s just so much loot in this spot, that you’ll get your loadout in no time. There’s also a heli nearby that you should really get, because rotations towards Downtown aren’t that good.

  • Why Port Is Great:
  • Absurd amount of loot
  • Easy to dominate
  • Possible heli spawn
  • Provides enough money for the whole team


5. Boneyard 

(Start at: 1:28)

Boneyard is one of the go to OG landing spots. There are lots of crates, tons of money and there are plenty of buy stations around. It’s also extremely fun to fight here and trust me, you better prepare yourself for that, cause there’s always someone else in this zone.

Why Boneyard Is Great:

  • Plenty of loot
  • Comfortable rotations
  • Lots of buy stations
  • Cool for aggressive players
  • Great for Trios and Quads


4. Military Base

(Start at: 2:38)

Rotations from this point are a-ma-zing. Since you get the high ground as soon as you land here, your rotations will be a piece of cake and you’ll always have the dominant position. Besides, it’s fun to face off some enemy teams here and it may seem a bit chaotic, but once you master this zone, there’s no way you don’t like it.

Why Military Base Is Great:

  • Excellent rotations
  • You get the high ground
  • Decent amount of loot
  • Fun landing


3. TV Station

(Start at: 3:42)

Even if this place seems a bit too dark, it’s actually great if you’re seeking to get high kill games and easy rotations. There’s plenty of loot in here, but in case you don’t find enough money, rotating towards the gas station is always a good plan. However, one teammate should focus on getting the heli that spawns on the roof and landing here when there isn’t a buy station is a bit risky...but not unplayable either.

Why TV Station Is Great:

  • Decent amount of loot
  • Possible heli spawn
  • Nearby buy station
  • Fun and aggressive spot


2. Hospital

(Start at: 4:55)

This is one of the most conflictive, but fun places. A lot of people tend to land here and because there are so many buildings and stairs it may be hard to find them, but once you kill them, get the heli and have your loadout… dude, that’s your game.

Why Hospital Is Great:

  • TONS of loot here
  • Possible heli spawn
  • You get to fight a lot of people
  • Great for Trios and Quads


1. Superstore

(Start at: 6:22)

Tilted Towers… Oops, I mean, Superstore. Tons of people, tons of loot, tons of buy stations and tons of opportunities. I love Superstore, but constantly landing here will blow your mind. You might get killed a few times, but if you make it out alive, you’ll have more than enough money and a decent amount of kills. So, if you’re feeling lucky and aggressive… Superstore’s your place to go.

Why Superstore Is Great:

  • Tons of loot
  • Extremely fun
  • Clean and comfortable rotations


I know, it’s actually amazing how many locations are better than you thought. I’ve had extremely fun games when landing in these places. Go try them out, you might even feel like it’s a different and fresh game. Sgt. Freddie out.

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