[Top 10] CoD Warzone Best Audio Settings That Give You an Advantage

"This game has no audio!" - Dr. Disrespect

In almost all of the Call of Duty games, one of the most important things is the audio. It is crucial at all times that you have good situational awareness, whether you are buying a UAV or flanking a team.

The in-game audio gives you the most important clues regarding your surroundings, especially about areas that you cannot see (like behind closed doors). The audio settings, by default, do not offer much and can be improved marginally. Enhanced footstep sounds and much lower explosion noises will give you the best experience.

You can change up to 10 audio settings discussed in the guide. All you have to do is follow along!

Audio: Volumes

1.  Audio Mix: Boost High

Most, if not all, the content creators and professionals in the game have this setting on Boost High mode. This allows for better footstep sounds, slightly damped explosions, etc. 

Footsteps in general are the most important audible detail in Warzone, and to have them amplified, gives you a significant advantage over the enemy players.

You can experiment with this setting, but the recommended modes are Boost High, Midnight Mode, and home theater. Boost High works best for most people, so if you can’t decide on what to set this to, go for Boost High.

2.  Master Volume: 85

Turning the master volume down a notch seems a bit ridiculous as we are trying to enhance our audio experience. Well, there are quite a lot of explosions and loud noises in Warzone, and you don’t want to hurt your hearing. This setting will dampen those noises and other unnecessarily loud bangs that may hinder your gameplay.

The most pitch-perfect setting for this is 85. You can play around with this setting if you have an older headset with low volume output.

3.  Music Volume: 0

Music in the game is like putting pineapple on pizza. Some people like it and some don’t. Well, I recommend you put the music volume all the way to zero, as it adds no benefit to the game, and is a bit distracting at times.

Warzone offers music in vehicles in the form of ‘War Tracks’, but as discussed, this really adds nothing to the overall gameplay. Put this setting down to 0. 

4.  Dialogue Volume: 100

You want this setting at a 100, period. This setting controls the volume of the character’s dialogues. There are a bunch of dialogues in the game that hold great value. For instance, you have the “Enemy dropping into the AO” which gives you a heads-up that someone is about to land near you.

So, set this one to 100 and never miss out on any information.

5.  Effects Volume: 100

The effects volume in any game is the sound intensity of gunshots, tires skidding, bullet impacts, etc. In Warzone, this setting is related to the sound of doors opening, footsteps, gunshots, explosions, etc.

All of this is really important information in any competitive game. You need these sound cues to be at the maximum possible level. Turn this up to the maximum (100).

Voice Chat Settings

6.  Voice Chat: Enabled

Teamplay is key in a fast-paced FPS game like Warzone. You have to be able to talk to your squad at all times and operate as a team. Having no voice chat will give you a major disadvantage, as you won’t be able to coordinate and will be easily picked off by any good team.

A lot of people use third-party software such as Discord, for voice chat during the game. While this may be a good alternative to the in-game voice chat option, it doesn’t really work well when you are queuing with randoms.

Make sure you have the Voice Chat enabled. Additionally, I recommend binding a key for push-to-talk mode.

7.  Open Mic Recording Threshold: 3.16

The open mic threshold setting is in use when you are using the open mic setting for voice chat. This setting tells the microphone when to pick up your voice and transmit it over the team voice chat.

It can annoy your teammates if you have noise in the background (like a fan). It can also obstruct communications etc.

You need to make sure that your mic only picks up your voice when you are speaking, and that the constant noise in the background is not being transmitted over. To do this, set the Open Mic Recording Threshold to 3.16. This works for most people.

You can mess around with this setting to achieve the optimal threshold level.

8.  Voice Chat Volume: 150.00

In a tense situation where shots are coming in from all sides, it may become harder for you to hear your teammates. This is never a good sign, as coms are one of the most important things in the game.

You have to be able to hear your teammates loud and clear at all times. For this, you need to amp this setting up to 150.00.

9.  Microphone Volume: 120.00

Being loud and clear on the mic is the foremost thing that you should be worried about. Warzone offers a setting for your mic, which can come in handy in doing so.

The default setting in Warzone is not that great, as your teammates may feel some stutter and low volume audio from you over the coms. This does depend upon the microphone type that you are using, but the volume levels can turn a really bad mic into a good one.

Set this to 120.00 for the best quality and volume settings. Regardless of your microphone type, this setting will improve your audio levels and clarity for your teammates.

10.  Voice Chat Effect: No Effect

This is one of those bizarre settings that need to be put out of the game. I mean who wants to sound as if they are talking on a radio? The effects make the voice jittery, and the clarity is reduced significantly.

Put this setting to No Effect and just don’t worry about it. It really is not that fun, acting like you’re conversing over a walkie-talkie. Warzone is an FPS game, not an RPG.

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