CoD Warzone Best Loadouts [Top 5]

CoD Warzone Best Loadouts
Player stares into sunset mere seconds before a multi-helicopter pile-up.

CoD Warzone Best Loadouts [Top 5]

Navigating the numerous guns and variants scattered around Verdansk can be grueling and time-consuming. Sometimes even legendary variants will leave you feeling helpless as you are sent to the gulag within 30 seconds of touching the ground.

I threw this guide together so in your next warzone game you’ll know exactly what kind of guns to look for and the kind of guns to leave behind. I mostly stuck to weapons that are versatile and can be used in a variety of different circumstances. I hope this helps you!

5. BRUEN MK9 and MGL-32 Grenade Launcher.

The MGL-32 Grenade Launcher is one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

The Bruen MK9 is an exceptional LMG that handles like an assault rifle. Especially if you find one of it’s variants like “The Glitch” or “I Came I Saw.” However the MGL-32 Grenade Launcher is what really makes this loadout shine.

  • The Bruen MK9 works great in both close and long-range firefights and is relatively easy to come by.
  • The MGL-32 Grenade Launcher on the other hand is extremely rare but that’s because it’s insanely powerful. It carries 12 total grenades and can wipe out a four-person squad in a matter of seconds.
  • The Bruen MK9 and the MGL-32 Grenade Launcher make an incredibly lethal duo and gives players an advantage in almost every situation.

4. M13 and AX-50

When compared to the other sniper rifles within the game, the AX-50 out performs all of them with it's high damage and relatively fire-rate.

The AX-50 has incredible stopping power and can knock down an opponent with one well placed headshot. Combining this long range weapon with the short to mid ranged M13 rifle gives players the versatility to take on any challenge.

  • The M13 rifle is a shorter ranged M4 variant, though it performs very well in short range combat situations.
  • The AX-50 shoots very fast for a bolt action rifle, it outperforms the HDR by a large margin without sacrificing too much damage.
  • This loadout is perfect for solo players who need to be able to handle a threat multiple football fields away!

3. AUG with .556 NATO rounds and RPG-7

The AUG bridges the gap between assault rifle and submachine gun. Especially when equipped with the right attachments.

Some say the AUG is the best gun in Warzone, especially when loaded with the 5.56 NATO 60-Round magazine. Running the versatile AUG with the raw power of the RPG gives players an (insane) advantage.

  • The 5.56 NATO rounds give the AUG a longer range assault rifle feel while still performing very well in close quarters.
  • The RPG can be a one-hit kill and does surprisingly well at longer ranges particularly in Warzone.
  • This is my second favorite loadout to run in Warzone but it’s important to get the AUG  out of a loadout drop so you get the 5.56 ammo that dramatically improves range.

2. PKM and Dual Wield .357 Magnums

The .357 magnum with the Akimbo perk is devastating in up close firefights.

While it may not seem like it, the akimbo .357s are insanely powerful weapons and often works as well as shotguns in close-quarters combat. Coupling this with the long range PKM LMG is a truly OP combination.

  • Dual wield .357s can either be found inside of crates or retrieved from loadout drops.
  • The PKM can be found very easily and the long-range magazine can be used to wipe out a full squad without having to worry about pesky reloading.
  • These weapons shouldn’t be too hard to come by and can generally be acquired by mid-game.

1. KAR 98k and ORIGIN 12 Shotgun

The KAR 98k with an attached sniper scope has a very fast ADS (Aim Down Sight) speed and fire rate.

The base Kar 98k is pretty good in itself but adding a sniper scope almost makes it a completely different gun. Running this along with the Origin 12 shotgun is my personal favorite Warzone loadout, one that’s solely responsible for almost all of my Warzone wins.

  • The Kar 98k with a sniper scope has great range and an incredible ADS speed that is perfect for any of the so-called “quick scopers” terrorizing Verdansk.
  • The Origin 12 shotgun on the other hand is devastating at close range but lacks long-range bluster. The Kar 98k however makes up for this.
  • Putting these two together creates a strong combination of weaponry, one that will be sure to take you all the way to the win!

I hope this helped you in your travels through the dangerous countryside of Verdansk!

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