[Top 5] CoD Modern Warfare Best Shotguns

CoD Modern Warfare Best Shotguns
Modern Warfare operator carrying a JAK-12.

This article is the perfect place to learn everything you need about which shotguns are best in Modern Warfare.

Shotguns can be wonderful weapons as both primary and dual-primary loadouts. They are very helpful when you are fighting on smaller maps and in close range buildings. 

5. 725

725 Shotgun being used to get 128 kills in a match.

This is a very cool shotgun in my opinion. This shotgun has one of the longest ranges and looks pretty cool as well. It is a slow weapon but you have the damage to make up for that. 

What makes 725 awesome:

  • Longest ranged shotgun
  • Honestly looks badass using it
  • It’s a double-barrel which is super awesome
  • It has one of the tightest groupings out of the shotguns
  • Al-Qatala used it in the campaign as a sawed-off

725 Details:

  • 2 round capacity
  • 154 RPM
  • 283ms ADS speed
  • Could not find reload speed. It is a two-shot where you load each shell individually
  • 200 damage up to 16m


4. Origin 12

Origin 12 shotugn with an excellent loadout being shown off

This is a semi-auto shotgun that has a very high ammo capacity. This makes it very good in many applications. You can find this weapon in the campaign on dead Russian troops. 

What makes Origin 12 awesome:

  • You can get up to a 25 round drum magazine.
  • It is a 1-shot out to 4m 
  • This is really great when storming buildings with multiple enemies because of the 230 RPM
  • You don’t have to be as accurate with this weapon 
  • You can have special barrels that really help you pick the spray of the pellets

Origin 12 Details:

  • 8 round mag
  • 230 RPM
  • 300ms ADS speed
  • 3.15s reload speed
  • 160-200 damage up to 4m


3. R9-0

Showing the R9-0 and its amazing dragon's breath rounds

This is a double-barrel pump-action shotgun that comes standard with a 14 round magazine. I think this weapon is really awesome for a lot of reasons including round capacity and damage effectiveness.

What makes R9-0 awesome:

  • 14 round magazine is really helpful to get multiple kills before having to reload
  • The RPM on this shotgun is the highest in the shotgun category
  • It is a 2-shot burst which makes it very rapid
  • You can get a kill with the 2-shot burst at an above-average range
  • You can get dragon’s breath rounds with this shotgun

R9-0 Details:

  • 14 round mag
  • 300 RPM
  • 300ms ADS speed
  • I could not find an exact speed for reload speed, however, it is the highest on this list as you have to reload one shell at a time
  • It has 200 damage but again couldn’t find the range for that damage. It has very low range


2. VLK Rogue

NICKMERCS showing off his impressive one shot kills using the VLK shotgun.

This is a bolt-action shotgun so it has a very slow RPM. This is made up for with the damage profile and the incredible quick ADS. This is a very wonderful option because of the ability to modify it so much. 

What makes VLK Rogue awesome:

  • All the different ways you can customize the weapon for specific tastes
  • The ADS is the lowest out of the shotguns
  • It is a bolt action shotgun
  • You can have dragon’s breath rounds and can get up to a 12 round regular mag
  • You can make it one of the highest mobility shotguns with attachments

VLK Rogue Details:

  • 8 round mag
  • 120 RPM
  • 240ms ADS speed
  • 3.2s reload speed
  • 300 damage up to 3.5m


1. JAK-12

Showing off the greatest shotgun in Modern Warfare in all its glory.

This is the only full-auto shotgun on this list. This has the highest RPM for shotguns and maintains incredible damage. The spray can be aided with attachment and makes it quite controllable. It was introduced in season 6 and is quite favored by the crowds.

What makes JAK-12 awesome:

  • Once again I want to mention the dragon’s breath rounds because I think it’s that cool
  • The highest RPM shotgun and it is full-auto
  • Even with it being a full-auto, it still deals so much damage
  • It has a very competitive reload speed being faster than other magazine-fed shotguns
  • The base hip-fire spread is not the best but it improves very significantly with the right attachments 

JAK-12 Details:

  • 8 round mag
  • 295 RPM
  • 300ms ADS
  • 3.1s reload speed
  • 204 damage up to 4m

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