World of Warships Best Cruisers For Every Tier

World of Warships Best Cruisers

Cruisers are about to get a strange buff. According to Wargaming, they are replacing the battleship commander skill “Dead Eye” with “Swift and Silence” which will increase cruisers survivability. Perhaps some of the new cruiser skills will get reworked next but before that happens let’s hop in a CA and inspire some new metas.    

Tier II Dresden KM

II Dresden, WOWS 2021

When it comes to tier II cruisers, the decisions pretty easy. The Dresden offers non-stop fire with its ten fast-firing guns. There are cruisers with more range but then you have to contend with the hideous dispersion. The Dresden forces you to get in close. It rewards honorable sailers with uncharacteristic firepower. 

What Makes the Dresden Great?

  • Machinegewehr: you’ll feel like a 105MM Gatling gun with the Dresdens ROF (Rate Of Fire)
  • Maneuverability: Dresden glides great for its class
  • Smurf: it just feels like everything in tier either misses you or would rather engage something slower

II Dresden

  • Survivability: 18
  • Artillery: 15
  • Torpedoes: 0
  • AA Defence: 2
  • Maneuverability: 42
  • Concealment: 73

World of Warships: Dresden

Tier III St. Louis USN 

III St. Louis, WOWS 2021

The St. Louis is a criminal. It wrecks everything in its tier. Just think the Dresden x4. It lights fires quicker than a kid with matches. You can frequently go up against Tier 3 Battleships and they will grow tired of missing and move on to other targets while you continuously light them on fire. 

What Makes the St. Louis Great?

  • Pin Cushion: St.Louis has so many guns it looks like hellraisers head 
  • Good Lobber: you can laugh all day as your rounds rain from great heights, park behind islands and fire before exposing yourself, USN cruisers specialize in fire support and defense
  • Pyro: just keep your rounds on HE and aim for the smokestack/bridge-- you’ll see yellow ribbons popping up on the right 

III St.Louis

  • Survivability: 32
  • Artillery: 37
  • Torpedoes: 0
  • AA Defence: 0
  • Maneuverability: 35
  • Concealment: 63

How To Play USS Saint Louis In World Of Warships

Tier IV Kuma IJN

IV Kuma, WOWS 2021

The Kuma is a great introduction to the Japanese Imperial Navy. The IJN cruiser line is as consistent as it is competitive. If you’re going to grind it you can be sure this is a fun place to begin. In fact, we often refer to the “tech tree grind” but the IJN cruiser line is no grind. Just sheer excitement. Sometimes you get dev struck but just have another ship you can switch to on standby. Regardless of the outcome, the Kuma always delivers a fun experience. 

What Makes the Kuma Great?

  • IJN Bomb Rounds: the IJN has some of the best HE rounds in the game, they often penetrate and have a huge chance of causing fires
  • Torpedoes: the seven-kilometer torpedoes are good, but mixed with a Kumas deadly speed they’re terrifying for everything in that tier and more than likely 2 tiers higher, you can use this boat like an armored destroyer and get away if your fish hit
  • Kite: this boat is one of the first true kites of the game, you can inflict so much damage; and when you see too many guns aimed your way exploit your concealment. If any cruiser personifies a ninja its Kuma

IV Kuma

  • Survivability: 30
  • Artillery: 33
  • Torpedoes: 19
  • AA Defence: 10
  • Maneuverability: 61
  • Concealment: 62

World of WarShips | Kuma | 8 KILLS | 155K Damage - Replay Gameplay 1080p 60 fps

Tier V Emerald RN

V Emerald, WOWS 2021

Everyone can find a use for an emerald. Well, that’s true for the boat. This thing would jingle if you could shake it, it has so many bells and whistles. Its decent Hydro Acoustic, Smoke Generator, and single fire torpedoes make it one of the most versatile ships in the game. Highly recommended for beginners and pros. It is easy to use but impossible to fully master, there are too many effective ways to use it.  

What Makes the Emerald Great?

  • Individual Fish: with the Emerald, you can fire single torpedoes allowing you to create fan patterns that even head-on ships can’t escape. If you notice someone isn’t moving you can put 8 torpedoes directly into their side (incredibly satisfying) 
  • Smoke Generator: the smoke generator isn’t unique to Emerald but couple it with the good torpedoes and you have a get-a-kill free card against enemy BB’s who’ve overstepped their bounds. Simply pop smoke when they’re approaching, wait for them to get really close (2-6km) if possible, then unleash the fish

V Emerald

  • Survivability: 35
  • Artillery: 27
  • Torpedoes: 34
  • AA Defence: 23
  • Maneuverability: 55
  • Concealment: 68

World of WarShips | Emerald | 7 KILLS | 81K Damage - Replay Gameplay 1080p 60 fps

Tier VI Dallas USN

VI Dallas, WOWS 2021

This is what they replaced the Cleveland with. Many thought it was a far cry from the original fan favorite but Dallas has quickly steamed into our hearts and into the nightmares of destroyers. This cruiser is built to kill at close range so it’s best used in an ambush. That being said, there have been many Dallas seen chasing down a DD in enemy territory. With the right team, they’ve survived and rid their teams of the sneaky DDs. 

What Makes the Dallas Great?

  • Claws: the guns feel like claws, you can rake the enemy in fire
  • Tough: it has good armor for its class and for those moments you mess up you’ll be glad it is there
  • Citadela: if you have a citadel challenge try using a Dallas, set yourself up beside an island, then pop all the attacking cruisers in the side

VI Dallas

  • Survivability: 44
  • Artillery: 54
  • Torpedoes: 0
  • AA Defence: 72
  • Maneuverability: 54
  • Concealment: 55

World of WarShips | Dallas | 8 KILLS | 126K Damage - Replay Gameplay 4K 60 fps

Tier VII Myoko IJN

VII Myoko, WOWS 2021

I didn’t want to include premium ships because you can’t access some of them so instead of my favorite ship the Atago I have to throw in the Myoko instead. There is plenty of good cruisers in tier VII with great tactics to highlight them but the Myoko is consistent. It doesn’t matter if there are 2 CV’s, 8 BB’s, or all CA’s, the Myoko can throw out the damage and draw its share of possible damage by doing it. 

What Makes the Myoko Great?

  • Agility: the Myoko can really squirm, combine rudder shift with thirty-five knots and you got something that’s hard to hit
  • Those IJN Fire Fingers: Myoko lights everything it sees on fire
  • Top Torps: torp to class ratio all in Myoko’s favor

VII Myoko

  • Survivability: 49
  • Artillery: 67
  • Torpedoes: 41
  • AA Defence: 43
  • Maneuverability: 58
  • Concealment: 51

Myoko 9 kills 3300 base XP || World of Warships

Tier VIII Chapeyev VMF

VIII Chapeyev, WOWS 2021

Again, another tough choice. At this tier of cruisers you should be catering to your style of choice. Yet, one beneficial thing for a team, regardless of class, is radar. The Chapeyev couples radar with fast reloading weapons; this combo makes it deadly against destroyers. It can be tricky to use in open waters, but just remember it has a poor rudder shift, so you should be thinking of angling rather than dodging. 

What Makes the Chapayev Great?

  • Guns: most ships have guns, yes. However, the Chapayev gives you those sought after tight volleys again and again
  • Radar: the radar is excellent, but it’s easy to waste. Make sure you let your team know you’re using it, so they have rounds in the chamber ready to pepper any exposed ships
  • Ballistics: the flatter trajectory of these rounds gives targets less wiggle time

VIII Chapayev

  • Survivability: 45
  • Artillery: 56
  • Torpedoes: 14
  • AA Defence: 50
  • Maneuverability: 52
  • Concealment: 57

World of WarShips | Chapayev | 7 KILLS | 203K Damage - Replay Gameplay 1080p 60 fps

Tier IX Neptune RN

IX Neptune, WOWS 2021

The Neptune, what a clobberer. It’s a unique ship with choices. You can play as an ambusher or a Destroyer hunter. The smoke generator is often passed over in favor of the radar. But with smoke, your 8x8 torpedoes become much more viable. Play around with island hopping to apply crossfire where you can, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the collection of citadel badges on you’re right.  

What Makes the Neptune Great?

  • Ballistics: if you like island parking, then this ship is your friend. It’s capable of exploiting good positions but doesn’t have the armor the USN and VMF do. Think of it as a glass cannon; in other words, don’t get caught by a battleship in the open
  • Smoke Generator: the Neptune can lay down a giant smokescreen capable of giving you free shots or time to get the best torpedo solution. On top of this, it can give your battleships free shots and win a whole flank if used with team radar or good spotting

IX Neptune

  • Survivability: 55
  • Artillery: 38
  • Torpedoes: 45
  • AA Defence: 96
  • Maneuverability: 50
  • Concealment: 47

World of Warships - Probably my fav tier 9 cruiser

Tier X Hindenburg KM

X Hindenburg, WOWS 2021

The Hindenburg is probably one of the most well-rounded ships in the game. Your style can differ from game to game and this ship will still garner results. Good HE, decent AP, and an excellent armor profile allows this ship to slide through danger and deliver the goods.  

What Makes the Hindenburg Great?

  • Sleek: a good feeling ship is something we just know when we got it. Hindenburg glides and never makes you feel inadequate, making it a perfect marriage of armor and maneuverability
  • Great HE: the good HE allows you to lob rounds from safe distances before the match gets up close and personal, when that happens just angle and look for crossfire broadsides
  • Knife Fighter: if all else false put 8 torps in a hull, the Hindenburg has a card for every ship

X Hindenburg

  • Survivability: 70
  • Artillery: 82
  • Torpedoes: 32
  • AA Defence: 84
  • Maneuverability: 48
  • Concealment: 35

HINDENBURG - 447K DMG - KILLER - World of Warships


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