[Top 10] Destiny 2 Best Forge Weapons and How To Get Them

Destiny 2 Best Forge Weapons

The Black Armory forges found in Destiny 2 gives you a chance to make some of the most powerful weapons in the game. By acquiring weapon frames and discovering the forges, you’ll need to fend off troublesome enemies until that sweet piece of killing machine is done cooking. Which weapon should you choose? It’s up to you, but we’re here to help steer you to the best forge weapons and how to get them.

Our Top 10

  • Tartara Gaze
  • Izanagi’s Burden
  • Kindled Orchid
  • Ringing Nail
  • Spiteful Fang
  • Blast Furnace
  • Hammerhead
  • Stryker’s Sure Hand
  • Galliard
  • Jötunn


1. Tatara Gaze (PvP)

The fire in your eyes reveals all truths.

Stare down the sights of this Black Armory masterpiece. Its strengths lie in PvP, but it can play effectively in Gambit too. Not many players use this so make sure you don’t sleep on this weapon too.

Next on our list is the Legendary sniper Tranquility. It’s consistent and handles decently. To boot its range is solid, even more so with the right perk rolls. All around a good sniper.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 90

Range: 83

Stability: 40

Handling: 38

Reload Speed: 42

Rounds/Min: 72

Magazine: 3


Aggressive Frame: High damage, high recoil.

Snapshot Sights: Faster time to aim down sights.

Box Breathing: Aiming this weapon for a short period without firing grants bonus range and precision damage that resets after firing or exiting zoom.

What makes Tatara Gaze good?

  • Good range
  • Good range
  • Decent for Gambit

Weapon details:


How to get Tatara Gaze:

Tatara Gaze in Action:


2. Izanagi’s Burden (PvE, Gambit)

"Shame. Guilt. Fear. We all bear them. Gather your regrets, purge them as best you can. Let your enemies feel the weight of your burdens." —Ada-1

This rifle packs a pretty hard punch when you use its Exotic perk, which consumes all the bullets in a magazine and exchanges them for a round that has more damage and range. Great for boss fights where that extra damage counts.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 70

Range: 62

Stability: 60

Handling: 52

Reload Speed: 46

Rounds/Min: 90

Magazine: 4

Exotic Perks:

Honed Edge: Consume the magazine and load a more powerful round.

No Distractions: Aiming this weapon for a short period reduces flinch.

What makes Izanagi’s Burden good?:

  • Handles flinch very well
  • Perk rolls work well together
  • Massive damage increase when all 4 rounds consumed with the perk

Weapon details:


How to get Izanagi’s Burden:

Izanagi’s Burden in Action:


3. Kindled Orchid (PvE)

Find the beauty in the flame.

Kindled Orchid is a versatile Void hand cannon with decently balanced stats all around and makes a great gun in PvE and PvP. It’s curated roll holds a deadly combo of Kill Clip and Rampage. Death is in bloom.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 84

Range: 59

Stability: 60

Handling: 51

Reload Speed: 76

Rounds/Min: 140

Magazine: 10


Adaptive Frame: A well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy.

Kill Clip: Reloading after a kill grants increased damage.

Rampage: Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x.

What makes Kindled Orchid good?:

  • Good range
  • Decent stability
  • Good for PvE and PvP

Weapon details:


How to get Kindled Orchid:

Kindled Orchid in Action:


4. Ringing Nail (PvE, PvP)

Strike while the iron’s hot.

If Galliard from the top of this list didn’t strike your fancy, try Ringing Nail on for size. It’s got a good range for an auto rifle and it’s curated roll has both Dragonfly and Rampage, which makes it a solid choice for PvE and PvP.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 29

Range: 71

Stability: 60

Handling: 63

Reload Speed: 52

Rounds/Min: 450

Magazine: 32


Precision Frame: This weapon's recoil pattern is more predictably vertical.

Dragonfly: Precision kills create an elemental damage explosion.

Rampage: Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x.

What makes Ringing Nail good?:

  • Good Range
  • Decent stability
  • Decent handling
  • Effective in PvE and useful for PvP

Weapon details:


How to get Ringing Nail:

Ringing Nail in Action:


5. The Spiteful Fang (PvE, PvP)

Pierce the heart of reality.

This fang is a sharp one, but you gotta work for it. This bow is acquired through the Izanami Forge which can take a while, so we listed a video guide for it in the How to get section below. This bow does great in PvE and with a good roll can tear through champions pretty well.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 68

Accuracy: 54

Stability: 55

Handling: 74

Reload Speed: 64

Draw Time: 612


Lightweight Frame: Recurve Bow. Draw quickly and move faster while this weapon is equipped.

Archer's Tempo: Draw time decreases after every precision hit.

Explosive Head: Arrows explode after a short delay.

What makes The Spiteful Fang good?:

  • Good Accuracy
  • Decent handling
  • Effective in PvE and useful for PvP

Weapon details:


How to get The Spiteful Fang:

Izanami’s Forge:

The Spiteful Fang in Action:


6. Blast Furnace (PvP, PvE, Gambit)

“Forged in the hottest fires.”

Blast Furnace is an aggressive pulse rifle that fires 4 rounds per burst rather than the standard 3. It has a great range and maintains its precision when you’re shooting over long distances. It slaps in the crucible and does respectable work in PvE.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 35

Range: 89

Stability: 72

Handling: 41

Reload Speed: 51

Rounds/Min: 450

Magazine: 43


Aggressive Frame: Hard-hitting four-burst fire.

Outlaw: Precision kills greatly decrease reload time

Headseeker: Body shots landed with this weapon precision damage for a short time.

What makes Blast Furnace good?:

  • Good range
  • Good Stability
  • Versatile

Weapon details:


How to get Blast Furnace:

Blast Furnace in Action:


7. Hammerhead (PvE, PvP, Gambit)

Smash through the veil.

If you’re going to name something after a cool type of shark, you’re setting the bar pretty high. No worries though, Hammerhead reaches that bar easily. Its strengths are in clearing enemies and moving down invading players thanks to a surprisingly decent range and controllable recoil. I think I can say it’s earned the right to be named after a sea beast.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 41

Range: 78

Stability: 64

Handling: 46

Reload Speed: 64

Rounds/Min: 450

Magazine: 60


Adaptive Frame: A well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy.

Feeding Frenzy: Each rapid kill with this weapon progressively increases reload speed for a short time.

Rampage: Rampage: Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x.

What makes Hammerhead good?:

  • Good range for a machine gun
  • Manageable recoil
  • Versatile
  • Good for tough enemies in Gambit

Weapon Details:


How to get Hammerhead:

Hammerhead in Action:


8. Stryker’s Sure Hand (PvE)

No job too big.

The most anime-Esque weapon on this list, this sword is amazing in PvE. It chops up bosses no problem (if you don’t get stepped on, that is). The curated perk roll comes with Surrounded, which buffs you and helps you make short work of small enemies.

Weapon Stats:

Swing Speed: 46

Impact: 60

Range: 40

Charge Rate: 32

Ammo Capacity: 60


Adaptive Frame: Launch a heavy uppercut attack. Heavy attacks are stronger with full energy. Attacks partially bypass elemental shields.

Balanced Guard: Sword Guard has balanced overall defenses.

Assassin's Blade: Sword Kills boost movement speed and damage.

Surrounded: This weapon gains bonus damage when three or more enemies are in close proximity.

What makes Stryker’s Sure Hand good?:

  • Great against bosses
  • Surrounded perk great for trash mobs
  • Good for tough enemies in Gambit

Weapon Details:


How to get Stryker’s Sure Hand:

Stryker’s Sure Hand in Action:


9. Galliard-42 XN7568 (PvE, PvP)

A Black Armory experimental prototype.

One of the best of the auto rifle meta Galliard is a consistent killer. It’s simple and reliable and does very well in PvP. It’s one of the best performings in the 600 RPM class autos, an archetype that is already dominating the game.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 21

Range: 46

Stability: 59

Handling: 69

Reload Speed: 48

Rounds/Min: 600

Magazine: 44


Adaptive Frame: A well-rounded grip, reliable and sturdy.

Rampage: Kills with this weapon temporarily grant increased damage. Stacks 3x.

What makes Galliard-42 XN7568 good?:

  • Good handling
  • Consistent shooting
  • Good sights
  • Decent stability
  • Good mag size

Weapon details:


How to get Galliard-42 XN7568:

Galliard-42 XN7568 in Action:


10. Jötunn (PvE, Gambit, PvP)

"Untamed. Destructive. As forceful and chaotic as Ymir himself." —Ada-1

While it kinda looks like a toaster I can guarantee it isn’t. Not in the traditional sense at least. The exotic perk allows you to shoot a tracking shot that explodes and burns its target. In hindsight, maybe the toaster nickname is fitting after all.

Weapon Stats:

Impact: 100

Range: 52

Stability: 31

Handling: 42

Reload Speed: 31

Charge Time: 860

Magazine: 5

Exotic Perks:

Charge Shot: Hold down the trigger to charge up a tracking shot that explodes and burns on impact

Shield Disorient: Energy matched shield explosion disorients nearby combatants.

What makes Jötunn good?:

  • Great impact
  • Powerful exotic perk
  • Good for chasing down evasive enemies

Weapon details:


How to get Jötunn:

Jötunn in Action:


Liked our list? What weapons are best? Let us know in the comments below!

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