Destiny 2 Best Titan Crucible Builds Right Now

Destiny 2 Best Titan Crucible Build

5 . Solar Fury

Full build details: Destiny 2 | BEST Solar Titan PvP Build Season of Arrivals

This walking embodiment of Titanic Solar Fury is fantastic for aggressive players trying to dominate the field. Its high mod costs are well worth it as it makes the player a walking Chernobyl constantly spewing forth grenades and collecting super energy just to be unleashed on the other team. I particularly like this build for setting up ambushes in control like events; or even Gambit combat.

  • Requires work to obtain the mods
  • It only requires one exotic!
  • Takes full advantage of the bottom three.
  • You will be casting super and throwing grenades like crazy.


4. Dark Light Sentinel

Full build details: Destiny 2 - New BEST Void Titan PvP Build Season of Arrivals (2020)Destiny 2 - New BEST Void Titan PvP Build Season of Arrivals (2020)

This build is definitely for players that are not afraid of getting up close and personal. It relies heavily on working the shotgun and melee combination. What you don’t get done with one, you will have to clean up with the other. The robust build allows players to cover the distance get in close, and find the win. 

  • Two easy-to-find Exotics.
  • Requires minor mods for practical use.
  • Mods are easy to come by.
  • The Titan is a short-range tank.
  • The defense is the best offense with this build.


3. Unbreakable!

Full build details: The UNBREAKABLE Titan - Greatest Subclass Build For Aggressive Crucible PvP Titan Mains Pre-Update!

Payback is the name of the game with this build. The combination of mods will make the player a force to be reckoned with, but the flavor here is vengeance; a one-eyed mask will help you track down enemies, you can pick your favorite weapons, and with a focus on movement, you will cover more ground. Take it to the crucible and rack up those wins.

  • The movement focused on mods.
  • One-Eyed mask to track down enemies.
  • Customize your weapon pairings.
  • Quick movement allows for a more excellent range of super ability.


2. One-Two Punch

Full build details: Destiny 2 - New Best PvP Titan Build (Insane PvP Build) Season Of Arrivals

Mobility and grenades. Have fun blowing stuff up; it is the sales pitch with this build. You will be running around in Dunemarchers collecting energy unleashing hell on your victims. Bear in mind this build is for aggressive mid-range combat. You will not want to close the gap rather stay at range then move on to the next target. 

Mod light build only particular ammo mod recommended.

Suros is recommended but not required.

The build does require Dune Marchers, but those are easy to find.

You can focus on either grenades or melee, depending on your playstyle.


1. Heart of Darkness

Full build details: Behemoth Titan Build (Heart of DARKNESS) | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

This game style shines for players that enjoy neutral combat. This build offers up some of the best support style combat. Is it taking a zone? Stay distant, use cover fire to back up the more aggressive based players and then enter and sweep. It does shine by presenting a descent reload to melee and grenades, but its role is to help take zones and provide cover.

  • Requires Heart of Inmost Light
  • Best neutral game of all subclass
  • Have melee or Grenade at the ready
  • Use barricade to obtain the buff

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