[Top 15] Destiny 2 Best Weapons For Titans

Our Enemies are Deadly and Lethal, so are you

Throughout the lore and mechanics of Destiny, Titans have been largely touted as the tanky unit that will leap into the fray fists first and view conventional weaponry as restrictive.

Despite that being a fun gameplay loop. Titans have just as much versatility and variation in their capabilities when compared to hunters or warlocks.

This leads to a variety of weapons that are made stronger when placed in the hands of a titan From the sustained fire of auto rifles to the bullet storm of machine guns and to the ever hungry edge of swords..

This is what we will cover in this article as we present 15 of the best weapons to use on the Titan class in Destiny 2 across PvP and or PvE.

Let's get into it.

15. Xenophage(Pve)

Exotic Solar Machine Gun, found at the exotic Kiosk

Starting us off at number 15 is Xenophage, an exotic Machine gun that was released in the Shadowkeep expansion. 

Unlike most Exotics in the game, Xenophage doesn’t have a fancy gimmick or any magic bells and whistles. It's a slow firing machine gun that deals absurd amounts of damage with each shot, releasing an explosion with a small blast radius.

Its true it has a small ammo capacity but with the amount of damage it does, there aren't many enemies in mid game that can take more than 1-2 shots from this thing.

Xenophage Excels in:

  • Burst damage: If you’re facing a beefy target that is proving problematic for your primary or special weapon, point this thing at it and they won’t be standing for very long. Perfect if you need to get a quick burst of damage out, no questions asked.
  • Ease of use:There’s no specific build or subclass that you need to worry about when it comes to this weapon, just point and shoot and let Xenophage do the rest. Perfect for newer players to pick up.
  • Dealing with a cluster of enemies: Due to the pyrotoxin gas xenophage bullets emit, you can fire a single bullet into a group of trash mobs and most if not all  of them will be defeated with just one shot.

I know I said this thing doesn’t need any fancy setup, but in the case of Titans there is a way to further the damage potential of Xenophage…

…And thats with actium war rig

Actium War rig is an exotic chest piece that will steadily reload  ammo for your 

auto rifle or Machine gun from reserves.

Whilst this doesn’t sound like much on paper, the slow fire rate of Xenophage means that you’ll never have to reload once you hold down the trigger.

This will take Xenophage from a burst weapon to a weapon capable of dealing a steady unending stream of damage, with each bullet fired from the gun sounding like a drum sounding the end for your target.

Weapon Stats:

  • Impact:100
  • Range:88
  • Stability:27
  • Handling:30
  • Reload:Speed:31
  • Rounds Per Minute:120
  • Magazine:13
  • Recoil Deviation 31


14: Cerberus+1(PvP/PvE)

Exotic kinetic Auto rifle, found at the exotic kiosk

Whilst most of the exotics in Destiny 2 have a either sleek, futuristic or an alien feel to it. Cerberus+1 goes in the complete opposite direction. 

Whilst it looks like it was cobbled together at the last minute in some abandoned scrapyard and you’d have to say a quick prayer for pulling the trigger.

This wacky weapon has some interesting utilities in both PvP and PvE

Cerberus+1 is fantastic for breaking things. Stasis crystals, Titan Barriers, enemy shields.

In low to mid game activities it's not a matter of if it can break something its a matter of when.

Cerberus+1 excels in:

  • Add clear: The rapid fire combined with the spread of the spray pattern. Cerberus+1 will happily mow down mobs of enemies at close range.
  • Chip Damage: With the catalyst applied you can now tighten the cone spread which is perfect for whittling away the health of a single target. Thus allowing cerberus to behave more like a rapid fire shotgun than a typical auto rifle
  • Breaking Titan barricades/crystals: In terms of PvP, Cerberus+1 absolutely tears through stasis crystals and titan barricades. Perfect for leaping into the fray.

Titans, you’re gonna want to go with stasis on this one, generating crystals freely is one thing but if you want to break them, you need to break them fast and cerberus can do just that.

You don’t need a specific exotic to get utility out of this but you can use an actium war rig to extend the amount of time you have holding down the trigger. Or Hoarfrost-Z to generate even more crystals to break

Weapon Stats:

  • Impact:33
  • Range:23
  • Stability:20
  • Handling:27
  • Reload Speed:35
  • RPM:360
  • Magazine size:31
  • Recoil Direction:86


13. Sweet Businees(PvP)

Exotic Kinetic auto rifle,found at the exotic kiosk

If you’re familiar with the minigun in games like Call of Duty, then Sweet business is the next best thing to it.

The exotic ar/minigun released when Destiny 2 initially came out and whilst it was strong in the days where heavy weapons were nowhere near as strong as they are now.

This weapon is meant to be used for sustained fire with the Business time perk boosting range and rate of fire when holding down the trigger. 

With the exotic trait payday increasing the magazine size and increasing accuracy when hip firing. Picking up special or heavy ammo reloads the magazine immediately.

The exotic catalyst furthers this playstyle by reducing the amount of flinch you suffer when shooting at maximum fire rate

Whilst usage has died down in PvE, in pvp on the other hand, there is a niche group of players that LOVE using this thing in the crucible

Sweet business excels in:

  • Sustained fire: The perks and the nature of the weapon practically reels you in to just hold down the trigger.
  • Stable: Despite the full rate of fire possible with Sweet Business, It is surprisingly stable for how fast its firing, perfect for concentrated fire.#
  • ast ttk: At full fire rate, Sweet Business’ ttk is blisteringly fast with anyone trying to oppose you won't be left standing for long

Titans, I know with the hip fire accuracy you can pair it with lion ramparts to enable your chopper gunner fantasy.

But trust me, use actium war rig on it and you can hold the trigger down for around 30s before even thinking about reloading. Sure , it's not the meta right now but it is a heap of fun in the 6v6 playlist.

Weapon Stats:

  • Impact:18
  • Range:35
  • Stability:55
  • Handling:5
  • Reload Speed:0
  • RPM:360
  • Magazine:45
  • Recoil Direction:100


12. Dead Man's Tale(PvP/PvE)

Exotic Kinetic Scout Rifle, Found in Rotating Exotic Mission, Presage

This exotic scout rifle arrived during season of the hunt(Season 12) and it made quite a big splash in the PvP space, whilst having reasonable utility in PvE depending on if there was a champion mod for scout rifles.

This weapon is from the Tex Mechanica foundry, meaning that it is very accurate from the hip

Its intrinsic perk Cranial spike grants bonus target acquisition and range when repeatedly landing precision hips.

The catalyst removes hip fire penalties and increases rate of fire when hip firing, Stacks of Cranial spike will push the fire rate further.

Dead man's tale excels in:

  • Long range engagements: Dead mans Tale being a scout rifle makes it very good for long range engagements in PvP, perfect for combating other long range weapons and controlling the flow of the match.
  • Ease of use: Dead Mans Tale maintaining a very high degree of accuracy when hip firing makes this scout rifle very easy to use.
  • Dual use: Whilst being strong in PvP, it is also perfectly reasonable to take with you in PvE. Maintaining the damage of a 120 scout with the potential to increase the rate of fire makes Dead Mans Tale very effective for dealing with beefier targets.

Titans, whilst there isn’t much you can do to make Dead Man's Tale stronger, you are 1 of 2 classes that can change your playstyle with this weapon equipped

With Dead Man’s Tale equipped you can take to the skies with the Lion Ramparts exotic legs. This exotic enables enhanced mobility whilst using your jump ability(lift) and enhances hip accuracy when firing from hip.

Paired with a weapon like Dead Man's Tale that has enhanced functionality in hip firing, you’ll be bringing a whole new meaning to aerial combat.

Weapon Stats:

  • Impact:100
  • Range:70
  • Stability:45
  • Handling:65
  • Reload Speed:50
  • RPM:120
  • Magazine:14
  • Recoil Direction:89


11. WinterBite(PvE)

Exotic Stasis, Heavy Glaive, obtained by completing "Strider" Quest

Winterbite launched during the lightfall expansion and was the first glaive to be in the heavy slot and it is not a disappointment.

 Whilst Winterbite was nerfed shortly after players got their hands on it, with the right set up this weapon is still strong and fun to use in most activities

 You’ll need to have ammo loaded in order to benefit from the weighted edge perk which allows it to deal additional damage and apply the slow debuff to targets.

Plus the ranged attack is a giant projectile that will freeze enemies.

  WinterBite Excels in:

  •   Boss Damage: If you’re dealing with a boss that is minor or has low mobility this weapon will allow you to deal a decent amount of damage with minimal set up
  • Low ammo usage: The melee function of this weapon does not consume ammo meaning that you can deal damage for an unlimited amount of time on paper.
  • Defence capabilities: Like all glaives, Winterbite has a shield you can deploy whilst continuously attacking, perfect in assisting your survivability when upclose to a boss.

Titans, Winterbite directly receives benefits from melee based exotics such as Wormgods Caress or Synthoceps.

the choice is yours in which of the two you go for, Wormgods has higher damage once the meter is fully charged, but Synthoceps has ease of use on its side, you can just equip it and forget.

  As long as you have two other enemies close by you’ll effectively double your melee damage(165%).

Weapon Stats:

  •   Impact:95
  • Range:85
  • Shield Duration:39
  • Handling:0
  • Reload Speed:5
  • Rounds Per Minute:45
  • Magazine:3
  • Recoil Direction:0


10. Suros Regime(PvP)

Exotic Kinetic Auto Rifle, found at exotic Kiosk

A favourite amongst guardians, hailing from D1. Suros Regime is an auto rifle that is decent at medium range in pvp.

  What makes this weapon unique is the alternate fire mode. The spinning up perk increases the rate of fire towards the bottom half of the magazine. Whilst Dual speed receiver slows the rate of fire whilst scoped in but increases the damage per bullet.

Perfect for pushing its range further.

  This is all without even going into the weapons exotic perk, Suros Legacy. This perk allows the bottom half of the magazine to deal bonus damage whilst having a chance to regen health on enemy defeat.
The exotic catalyst increases the chance of the regen on enemy defeat.

Suros Regime excels in:

  •  Sustained fire: Suros Regime rewards you for holding down the trigger and reaching the bottom of the magazine. With bonus damage and a potential heal on enemy defeat. I say its quite worth it.
  • Range Potential: The alternate fire modes allow you to configure Suros Regime for various ranges. Making it adaptable in many situations.
  • Feel: If the perks and exotic trait were not good enough for you, then on top of all that, the weapon feels very good to use. The completely vertical recoil direction combined with good stability,handling and range makes Suros Regime very stable and reliable.


If you’re gonna use this on a Titan, then The One Eyed Mask is a very good pairing for this weapon. 

  One Eyed Mask will grant you an overshield on enemy defeat and target tracking when an enemy deals damage to you. 

Subclass doesn’t matter so much but using arc titan with knockout which allows you to regenerate health on melee final blows, will enable 2 different ways to kickstart health regen and one way to generate a small overshield.

  Weapon Stats

  • Impact:21
  • Range:55
  • Stability:58
  • Handling:64
  • Reload Speed:73
  • RPM:600
  • Magazine:36
  • Recoil Direction: 100


9. Salvation Grip(PvE)

Exotic Stasis Heavy Grenade Launcher. Obtained from completing "The Stasis Prototype" Quest

An Exotic that was looked over by so many people, and lay forgotten in the abyss of the guardians vault.

Salvations Grip was a heavy grenade launcher that launched its way back into peoples loadouts.

  Holding the trigger will launch projectiles that will create a pattern of crystals on impact and apply freeze to enemies.

  Whilst tapping the trigger will deal extra damage to crystals nad frozen targets, rapidly destroying crystals will reload the weapon from reserves.

 Salvations Grip excels in:

  •   Platforming, the crystals can be used as a ledge to get to places or areas that would be difficult/time consuming to get to.
  • Extra cover: The crystals can also be used as cover from enemy fire, which can give you a little bit of breathing room or revive an ally safely.
  • Freeing enemies: This weapon is adept at freezing enemies and dealing with major opponents and champions.

  Titans you want to be on stasis for this one, with glacier grenade, hoarfrost-z exotic chest piece, howl of the storm and now salvations grip.

You now have four methods of generating crystals which hold a host of perks for you. Tectonic Harvest gives you increased melee regeneration when breaking crystals. Whisper of Shards boosts grenades recharge rate when shattering a crystal.

Whisper of chains improves damage resistance when next to frozen targets or crystals and Whisper of Rime will grant a small overshield when picking up stasis shards. Collecting additional shards will add to the overshield and refresh the timer(10s).

  Safe to say you’ll be looking at an insane amount of ability regen, damage resist and defensive capabilities.

8. Navigator(PvE)

Exotic Strand Trace Rifle, Found as a random drop once completing "Ghosts of The Deep" Dungeon

The first exotic strand trace rifle which drops from completion of the Ghosts of The Deep dungeon. Has weaved its way into many players loadouts and has enabled people to do some quite frankly, ridiculous things.

  The main goal of the weapon is similar to divinity in the sense of debuffing enemies, sustained fire with this weapon will cause your target to fall under the Severe debuff.

  The navigator takes it a step further, when you shoot the weapon at an ally it’ll grant both the user and the ally being shot, woven mail, which is a fantastic damage resisting buff introduced in light fall.

If you thought that was all it could do, wait until you unlock the catalyst.

  Switching to the alternate fire mode will grant you a grapple point suspended in the air ready for you to use.

  The navigator excels in:

  •  Debuffing targets; being able to apply sever to your targets whenever you see fit is essential for any activity in the game, from patrol missions right up to grandmaster content.
  • Buffing allies: Whilst you can apply sever to enemies, you can also buff allies with woven mail. Perfect for keeping teammates alive in difficult content.
  • Staying on Target: The 100 aim assistance, the vertical recoil direction, the range and the magazine size makes this weapon perfect for sustained, debuffing(or buffing) fire.

Titans, you’re in for an absolute treat.

As I mentioned before, the catalyst enables you to switch fire modes to create a grapple point on command.

  This plays extremely well into the strand titan melee build with the banner of war aspect( the other aspect doesn’t matter so much but I recommend into the fray).

  Once this is all blended together you’ll be able to spam your melee ability to your heart's content.

Here's the gameplay loop for how it works:

1:Get Melee kills to build up stacks of Wormgod Caress, Banner of War, and create Orbs of Power

2:Alt-Reload with The Navigator and create a Grapple Point

3:Fire shotgun with one-two punch at target to activate said perk

4:Grapple to Navigator's Grapple Point

5: Use your grapple Melee

6:Repeat steps 3-5


Weapon Stats:

  •   Impact:6
  • Range:71
  • Stability:80
  • Handling:53
  • Reload Speed:55
  • Recoil:100
  • RPM:1000
  • Magazine:97


7. Calus Mini Tool(PvE)

Legendary Solar submachine gun, potential reward from exotic mission "presage"

This little smg holds a place in almost every guardians loadout, and it’s been that way since it came back in its reprised form in Season of The Haunted.

  For PvE purposes you’re gonna want unrelenting in your first slot, this will give you healing when rapidly defeating targets, powerful enemies and guardians will count for more than one defeat.

Second slot is hands down incandescent, this will spread scorch to targets on enemy defeat, defeating powerful enemies and guardians will apply scorch in a larger radius.

Combining these two together will allow you to tear through the battlefield, spreading scorch and applying healing every chance you get when pulling the trigger.

Mida multi tool excels in:

  • Add clear: Aside from being the best archetype for PvE, the perk incandescent will allow you to tear through most rank and file enemies.
  • Dual Purpose:Calus mini tool is one of few weapons that is viable in competitive PVP and PvE activities with god roll/strong perks for both game sandboxes.
  • Solar Synergy: Season of the Haunted came with changes to the solar subclass, this resulted in a majority of the weapons pairing well with solar and Calus mini tool is no exception.

  Titans, you’ll definitely want to be on solar subclass to gain benefits from the artefact perks, aspects and fragments benefiting you when using sunbreaker,

Exotic wise you can use something like Lorleys Splendor or precious scars for the healing benefits, although you and your allies might gain more benefit from you running precious scars as you’ll gain healing every time you get a final blow with a weapon matching your element.

Weapon Stats:

  • Impact:15
  • Range:30
  • Stability:49
  • Handling:65
  • Reload Speed:31
  • Recoil Direction:80
  • RPM:900
  • Magazine:37
  • Recoil Direction:80.



Legendary Kinetic Handcannon, reward from "presage" exotic mission

Another weapon that has been brought back with a vengeance 

  Austringer is part of the 140 Handcannon family and it is a must have for crucible gameplay.

 In the first column you’re going to what eye of the storm which will make the weapon more accurate and gain better handling as your health gets lower.

The second slot really opens up doors with a few more pvp perks. You can have;Rangefinder to push out the effective range, opening shot for increased accuracy on the first bullet fired and zen moment which reduces flinch when dealing damage. 

  Blend this all together and you have a fantastic duelling handcannon to pair with your shotgun or sniper.

  Austringer excels in

  •  Peak shooting: In terms of optimum ttk, Austringer only needs 3 bullets to defeat a player within its optimal range, perfect for taking potshots or quickly disengaging when fighting a midrange opponent.
  • Duelling: Like most hand cannons the ability to strafe and time your shots make this weapon extremely effective when engaged in a gunfight with another person.
  • Stability: For a Hand cannon, Austringer has quite a high base stability stat which is perfect for mitigating flinch.

  Titans, it’s not a subclass or exotic armour piece that you need to really benefit from using Austringer.

  Its your stats.

 Not too long ago, bungie changed the way you could interact with resilience. Essentially the higher your resilience stat is the less flinch you take.

  Since you’re the class that gets high resilience armour naturally, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue to get to 100.

  Pair this with a high stability Austringer with a good recoil direction, the zen moment perk and eye of the storm.

 Then you’re left with a very sticky hand cannon that is glued to the target's head.

  Weapon Stats:

  • Impact:84
  • Range:46
  • Stability:59
  • Handling:47
  • Reload Speed:46
  • RPM:140
  • Magazine:11
  • Recoil Direction:95


5:Monte Carlo:PvE

Exotic Kinetic Auto Rifle, Found in the Exotic Kiosk

An exotic that made its way from D1 into Destiny 2, seemingly slipped under the radar for quite some time. But now, thanks to some new additions to Destiny 2.

  Monte Carlo has found its way into a lot of guardians' kinetic slots for a very good reason.

  Let's talk about what this weapon can do.

 This weapon's perk, Markov Chain,will buff the damage from melee final blows or enemy defeats with this weapon.

  The exotic trait; Monte Carlo Method will reduce melee cooldown when dealing damage with this weapon and grants a chance to fully refund melee energy when you defeat an enemy with this weapon.

  Despite being an auto rifle, this weapon WANTS you to get up close and personal and let your fists fly.

 And is ready to reward you greatly when you do.

  Monte Carlo excels in:

  •   Build Crafting: As far as melee builds go, there isn’t too many exotics that can buff your melee damage the way Monte Carlo can
  • One Tap potential: Once you max out Markov Chain stacks(x5) you can special reload to allow you to use the bayonet on the weapon to deal massive damage 1 tapping most non boss enemies.
  • Easy to use: This is an exotic that doesn’t take much to get this weapon going, just deal damage to enemies and that's all you need to focus on. Plus auto rifles are very easy to pick up, making monte carlo very user friendly.

Titans, How does infinite Melee sound?

  Then you’re looking at the perfect exotic to make that happen.

  You’ll want to be on strand with Banner of War and Flechette storm with Synthoceps as your gauntlets.

The gameplay loop will look something like this:

  1:Use melee to build stacks of Banner of War

2:Activate your class ability to guarantee an Orb of Power to proc Woven Mail

3:Unleash your Flechette Storm to delete enemies and spread Unravelling

4:Pick up the created Tangle and throw it for full melee energy

5:Get close to 3 enemies to proc Synthoceps to handle champions

6:Repeat this cycle of Melee, Barricade, and Tangle throw


Weapon Stats:

  • Impact:21
  • Range:50
  • Stability:65
  • Handling:80
  • Reload Speed:79
  • RPM:600
  • Magazine:43
  • Recoil Direction:80



Exotic Solar Sword, found by completing "Lost Lament" quest.

Arguably one of the coolest looking swords to ever grace Destiny 2. I present the Lament.

  I mean, it's a rocket powered sword, what more could you possibly want.

I kid of course, outside of its neat aesthetic, The Lament has a very unique gameplay loop.

You’ll want to hold down the block button to rev the engine.

Once revved, perform 3 light attacks whilst still holding the block button

Perform one heavy attack

Now watch as you tear through your enemies health bar with ridiculous speed. If you’re worried about receiving damage whilst dealing damage, The Lament has a perk”Revved Consumption” which will heal you whilst damaging a combatant.

Lament excels in:

  •   Defeating anti barrier champions: Lament is a hard counter against anti barrier champs with the revved attacks, piercing the shield like its butter.
  • Boss damage: People have opted for Lament when dealing with Atraks-1 in the Deep Stone Crypt raid and some grounded bosses, the amount of damage lament outputs is staggering.
  • Healing, On top of handing a nearly max guard endurance, Lament will also heal you when you attack.

  Titans, how would you like to push the already strong lament even further.

 It doesn’t matter which subclass you’re on but something like stasis or banner of war strand titan is perfect, The exotic armour piece is the Stronghold gauntlets.

This will max out all your guard stats on your sword whilst charging up perfect guard stacks when blocking damage.

Once at max stacks this will convert into Restoration x2 as you attack, combined with the Laments insane damage and healing capabilities plus its anti barrier capability makes it a fantastic yet interesting build in high level content.

 Weapon Stats

  • Impact:78
  • Swing Speed:40
  • Charge Rate:20
  • Guard Resistance:50
  • Guard Endurance:90
  • Ammo capacity:58


3. Legend of Acrius

Exotic Arc Heavy Shotgun, Found at Exotic Kiosk 

If you had told me that this heavy shotgun that was the first exotic raid weapon in vanilla Destiny all those years ago would turn out to be a monstrous DPS machine.

  I would have laughed heartily.

But as as I stand(sit) here today, its true

The Legend of Acrius is truly a weapon that will chomp away at a bosses health bar happily.

Think of this as the shotgun version of Xenophage.

The weapon perk long march is nothing to write home about, just enables the radar to detect enemies from further away and the exotic trait, Shock Blast will allow it to fire blasts of high damage arc energy which can overpenetrate targets.

Nothing that sounds exciting on paper, but when you factor in that a single shot from this weapon can hit almost 100k damage and more with various buffs. This is the weapon that 1 taps most enemies in the game.

  Legend of Acrius Excels in:

  •   Burst Damage: If one shot is all you’ve got time for then the Legend of Acrius can do the job for you as one shot just deals so much damage straight out of the gate.
  • Solo Play: If you don’t have the teammates to gather round for some sweet bait and switch, divinity crit bubble then this shotgun will handle it. No teammates needed, no crit bubbles needed, just fire and forget.
  • Low barrier to entry: I know I stated its fire and forget previously but I’d like to double down, you don’t have to perform any fancy actions or time said fancy actions. The hardest thing you have to do is pull the trigger.

I know I said you didn’t need to buff it further as it’s already so strong, but Titans, What if YOU could?

You’ll want to be on Sentinel to make this happen, purely because of the numerous ways you can grant an overshield to yourself and your teammates.

Since the catalyst for Legend of Acrius is trench barrel which gives a 50% damage buff to the weapon when you melee an enemy(no ranged melee) the overshield will absorb the potential stomp mechanic as a result.

You’ll want No Backup Plans as the exotic of choice. This will give you a buff to shotgun damage when you have an overshield.

And the gameplay loop is so simple, Here it is:

  1:Acquire an overshield through the use of Barricade, damaging an enemy with    Shield Throw, landing multiple shotgun kills, picking up a Void Breach or casting your bubble

2: melee the boss with a non projectile based melee to proc trench barrel

3: Shoot the boss with the Legend of Acrius(Reload cancel if you can)

4: Refresh overshield and trench barrel

5: Repeat steps 1-3 if the boss isn’t already defeated)

  Weapon Stats (Non-catalyst):

  • Impact:85
  • Range:100
  • Stability:80
  • Handling:0
  • Reload Speed:20
  • RPM:55
  • Magazine Size:4
  • Recoil Direction:80.


2. Wastelander m5 (PVE/PVP)

Legendary Kinetic Shotgun, reward from dares of eternity activity

A shotgun that does what it says on the tin when it comes to blasting your way through rank and file ads.

However this weapon is a crucial part of any melee titans build and this is because of one particular perk.

One-two punch.

This perk enables increased melee damage up landing all pellets on a target. This paired with Tractor Cannon and either synthoceps or Wormgods caress and you have a boss annihilating build.

Perkwise you’ll want lead from gold to make sure ammo is a non issue and one-two punch for reasons above in PvE.

PvP wise you’ll want slideshot+opening shot for that boosts range and stability.

Wastelander M5 Excels in:

  • Buildcrafting:Its not the weapon itself that is phenomenal, it's the role it plays in various melee builds.
  • PVP: Bar the mayhem you can inflict on bosses, this weapon has rolls that are perfect for the PvP setting.
  • Handling: The intrinsically high handling and movement speed that can be achieved makes this weapon very good for swapping between weapons quickly thus increasing the damage you can do in the damage phase.

Melee Titans this one is a must,

It doesn’t matter what weapon you use as long as you have either synthoceps or wormgods caress on. In my personal opinion Banner of War Titan is the best, due to the high survivability it gives which synergises with the high risk high reward build.

The gameplay loop looks something like this:

1:Melee Kill for Banner of War

2:Get More kills to get Banner x4

3:Apply debuff with Tractor

4:Shoot One-Two Punch shotgun


6:Repeat from steps three to five


1: Tractor Cannon(Best)

Exotic Void Heavy Shotgun, Found in Exotic Kiosk

It's almost Poetic how this is the strongest weapon in the game to use on titan yet its the one that deals essentially no damage.

  The Tractor Cannon is essentially used by most for one very specific reason…

And that is utility.

This weapon has the strongest percentage to debuff (30%) and will weaken all enemies, akin to what Hunter Tether can do.

It can also suppress most enemies in the game, perfect to render them harmless to deal massive amounts of damage, however, Titans will benefit from this greatly which I’ll discuss in detail with you in just a moment.

Tractor cannon excels in

  • Debuffing/suppressing enemies: All enemies can be weakened when shot with this weapon and some will be suppressed, rendering them harmless, vital for teams looking to deal high damage quickly
  • Knocking enemies back: This weapon can also knock rank and file enemies away from you, creating space for yourself and teammates
  • Aggressive Play: If you’re the type of guardian that likes to get in front of a boss and deal damage literally toe to toe, then this one is a must for your arsenal.

Titans this is it, this is your magnum opus, your piece de resistance, the cherry on top, the silver ribbon that ties your boss annihilating build together.

Strand titan is what you want here, more specifically strand titan with banner of war and wormgods/synthoceps. Although the latter gauntlets are more consistent when it comes to damage buffs.

Other weapons to pair with this will just be a shotgun with 1-2 punch. Ragnhild works fine but I prefer Wastelander M5 for Handling

The gameplay loop is the same as number 2 but I’ll post it here again for good measure:

1:Melee Kill for Banner of War

2:Get More kills to get Banner x4

3:Apply debuff with Tractor

4:Shoot One-Two Punch shotgun


6:Repeat from steps three to five

Weapon Stats without catalyst:

  • Impact:65
  • Range:10
  • Stability:80
  • Handling:40
  • Reload Speed:15
  • RPM:80
  • Magazine:4
  • Recoil Direction:60


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Favorite Genre: RPG
Currently Playing: Destiny 2
Top 3 Favorite Games:Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Mass Effect 3

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