[Top 5] Destiny 2 Best Titan Builds

Destiny 2 Best Titan Builds
Destiny 2 Titans

Ah Titans, the invaluable tank of the Destiny 2 world. They’re super forgiving and perhaps the best class for introductory players. Titan builds will focus a lot on synergy and taking advantage of chaining melee abilities, which makes them valuable in both PvE and PvP. 


5. Solar Titan + Hallowfire Heart (great for all-around, beginner players)

This build will be great for most PvE/PvP beginner situations. It’s built around Hallowfire Heart, which greatly boosts melee, grenade, and barrier regen times as long as your Super is at full capacity. Either Code of the Siegebreaker or Code of the Fire-Forged pairs best with these. Weapons with the Demolitionist perk would be ideal here, and the class item mod Ashes to Assets would increase synergy. 

Excels In: 

  • Add-clearing (PvE)
  • Zone defense (PvE, PvP)
  • Melee recharge (PvE, PvP)
  • Grenade recharge (PvE, PvP)
  • Barrier recharge (PvE, PvP)

Build Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiflPvQE5to


4. Solar Titan + Ashen Wake (great for grenades and super energy)

I honestly feel like grenades are one of the most powerful aspects of any Titan build. With the advent of Demolitionist perks, grenades become even more accessible. Ashen Wake grants grenade energy on final Fusion Grenade blows, which creates great synergy. This works best with Code of the Devastator, which increases damage after ability kills, which lets you get more grenade final blows. Finally, Ashes to Assets helps increase your super recharge rate. 

Excels In: 

  • Super Production (PvE, PvP)
  • Zone Control (PvE, PvP)
  • Add-clear (PvE) 
  • Grenade recharge (PvE, PvP)
  • Aesthetics 

Build Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRaLxQy_6Xs


3. Void Titan + Doom Fang Pauldrons (Great for Boss room add clears and perpetual supers)

This build is what I personally use in PvE, and it’s devastating. This build revolves around maximizing super recharge time, so it pairs well, again, with Ashes to Assets or any class-item ability use and Super recharge mods. Doom Fang Pauldron’s Exotic perk recharges super on melee kills, while shield throws extend your Super. Pair this exotic with Code of The Agressor and get ready for less than a minute between Supers. The only downside is this is practically useless in PvP; there aren’t enough enemies. 

Excels In: 

  • Area Control (PvE)
  • Super Production (PvE)
  • Melee Recharge (PvE, PvP) 
  • Add-Clear (PvE)
  • Boss Damage (PvE) 

Build Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SKXLJNcFUo


2. Any Subclass + Citan’s Ramparts

The Destiny 2 community hates Citan’s Ramparts- and it’s understandable why. You sacrifice barrier health and duration to be able to shoot through it. However, in Season of Arrivals, there almost half a dozen Exotics with the slow RoF/Extremely high damage archetype (e.g. Xenophage. False Promises, Bastion), and with Citan’s Ramparts, an entire team can unload on a raid boss with impunity. This requires a high level of gameplay, as your only Exotic Armor perk is a support one. Pull this off, however, and you’ll be melting bosses with ease. 

Excels In: 

  • Boss Damage (PvE)
  • Long Distance Add-Clear (PvE)
  • Area Control (PvE, PvP)
  • Aesthetics 

Build Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47woF5t8LII


1. Striker Titan + Insurmountable Skullfort (Great for Endgame Add Clear/ PvP)

This build is really, really simple. You pair Insurmountable Skullfort with the Code of the Earthshaker, which gets you unlimited melee charges and 2 grenades which recharge faster than any other subclass. This is devastating in PvP, and if you’re leveled, endgame PvE as well. However, you sacrifice boss damage and you will be the designated add-clearer, as the affectionately dubbed “Hulk Smash” Titan isn’t great for long-range attacks. I would pair this with Monte Carlo and class-item Super recharge mods like Ashes to Assets and you’ll be unstoppable. 

Excels In: 

  • Add-Clearing (PvE)
  • Area Control (with pulse grenades) (PvE, PvP)
  • Grenade Recharge (PvE, PvP)
  • Melee Recharge (PvE, PvP)
  • Super Recharge (PvE, PvP)

Build Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05-GrK7rq04

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