[Top 10] Destiny 2 Best Titan Builds Right Now

Destiny 2 Best Titan Builds

10. Solar Fury


 Even in the time of heat death, the fury of the sun burns through. His solar focuses build still rules in the PVE domain. It will require the player to acquire the proper mods, but once assembled, the player will focus on the Sun Warrior Perk building up power. The most attractive aspect is the ability to pair any weapons you prefer in this build.

Requires work to obtain the mods

  • It only requires one exotic!
  • Takes full advantage of the bottom three.
  • You will be casting super and throwing grenades like crazy.


9.Synthol Shield 


 You are the tank; there is little more to say. This PVP-focused build sees the player take damage and keep on ticking. Think of any Rocky movie where you keep going and going just on willpower. It does not require any mods to the build and fully customizable to the players' playstyle. Still, a CQC style combat, though, so punch away.  

  • Melee Focused.
  • Focuses on one exotic that extends your melee so you will be stinging like a bee and dancing like a butterfly.
  • You will be able to generate an over shield for you and your nearby companions.
  • Allows for your own weapon pairing.


8.Whisper of Hedrons Build

 This stasis build is fun and aggressive. It focuses on building up Coldsnap Grenades in the Titan. Once cast, the titan freezes enemies, destroys them, and this produces energy to their reserves. The idea is to use the Behemoth class to maul your enemies with the Armamentaruim chest piece for extra ammo.  

  • Requires one Exotic
  • Takes full advantage of the Behemoth class.
  • Greater damage with the mods.
  • It Does require many mods, but once acquired, the gameplay is a lot of fun.


7. Dark Light Sentinel


 This close-quarter combat focuses on your melee ability and your shotgun. You can use a fusion rifle for slightly longer-range action, but the player must make up the distance for a melee attack if the opponent survives. Great build for those that like to PVP up close.

  • Two easy-find Exotics.
  • Requires little mods for effective use.
  • Mods are easy to come by.
  • The Titan is basically a short-range tank.
  • The defense is the best offense with this build.


6. Unbreakable!



 This build focuses on speed and aggressive play. This means the player will focus on covering territory and dealing with damage. One-Eyed Mask shows you who hurt you, and as such, vengeance should never be far from your mind. It is a PVP-focused build so take this to the Crucible but not so much for Gambit.

  • The movement focused on mods.
  • One-Eyed mask to track down enemies.
  • Customize your weapon pairings.
  • Quick movement allows for a greater range of super ability.


5. One-Two Punch

 The classic pairing of Auto Rifle and Shotgun is good for any occasion. This all-around build is for those most conformable for mid-range and close-quarters combat. The idea here is damaging enemies with the auto rifle then closing the distance thanks to the equipped dune marchers to effectively use the shotgun. If you love this type of play, this is the build for you.

  • Mod light build only special ammo mod recommended.
  • Suros is recommended but not required.
  • The build does require Dune Marchers, but those are easy to find.
  • You can focus on either grenades or melee, depending on your playstyle.

4. Beastmode

 Still viable to this day!!! Vengeance, or speed. The player will have to choose. This build can see use both in PVP and PVE. Use Dunemarchers for the open-world exploration and use your One-Eyed Mask for your PVP needs and wants. The player does need to invest in both recovery and intellect to get the most out of this build.

  • Builds super energy quickly.
  • Extends weapons damage.
  • Easy to acquire mods.
  • Adapts easily to various playstyles, including sniper.


3. Heart of Darkness

 Mobility builds for the Titan. This setup takes full advantage of the Behemoth subclass allowing for fast coverage of the field and taking full advantage of the use of fragments and other additions. It really is for aggressive play and really shines in-game modes like Control.

  • Requires Heart of Inmost Light
  • Best neutral game of all subclass
  • Have melee or Grenade at the ready
  • Use barricade to obtain the buff


2.  Nameless

 This build is a lot of fun, especially for players looking for a more defensive option. Make no mistake, though; the player will have to shift gears to take advantage of perks permitted by things like the barricade and the class. It also focuses on hand cannons, especially with True Prophecy or similar weapons.

  • Recovery Focused
  • Citian Ramparts Exotic required
  • Uses a short duration barrier that can be shot through
  • Requires particular Fragments but these mods work wonders.


  1. Infinite Super Ursa Furiosa Titan Build


This fantastic nightfall build works its defensive magic in PVE. This will see the player deploying his sentinel shield to protect the fireteam and tactically creating energy for his next super, thanks to Ursa Furiosa.

Defensive Build for PVE

Allies shoot through barricades

Requires Ursa Furiosa Gauntlets  

Fast buildup of grenade energy. 

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