How to Download and Play League of Legends (Updated for 2017)

Vi and Jinx are sworn enemies, and it is rumored they are sisters as well.

If you aren’t accustomed to downloading games, then getting started in League of Legends can be quite tricky. 

So here is a straightforward guide that should help you on your journey. To start with, you will need a computer and a high-speed internet connection. If you’ve made it this far, I’m sure you know what League of Legends is and now desire to play it.

Step 1: Create an account

The home page of account creation.

To play League of Legends, it is important that you create and register your account. You can do this here. Simply fill out your username (which will be used to login not what people will see) your password, your primary email address, birthdate, and region. I must note that your region is very important as it controls which server you will play on, so make sure it is correct. Then simply agree to the terms and you may now register your account. This is easy; you just confirm your account through an email sent to the address you signed up with.

Step 2: Download Game from Site

Alistar wants you to download.

Again, choose your server (location) and now operating system. The game can be found here. This part is simply and takes two clicks. But beware that it can take hours even at high speed. Another thing to consider is that LoL is very large and you must have at least 20 GB of hard drive space if you want to insure completion.

Step 3: Install

This is the icon for the new client, which you will install along with the game.

This step is straightforward and similar to any other installation. Just follow the steps and open the game. It is similar to reinstalling.


Step 4: Patch

This is one of the first Patch icons in the game.

Patching is something you must do on a regular occasion and keeps the game fresh. It includes new champions, skins, and changes to abilities, as well as items. After patching, just open the game and press launch.

Step 5: Login

The login page for the new client.

You can now login. Just use the username and password that you registered with in Step 1 to login and start the game. After you do this, you will be prompted to create an in-game name that other players will see. You can use the same one as your username or create a different one. This will be preferred to as our Summoner Name.

Step 6: Follow Tutorial

Just do it, you won’t regret it.

I know, I know. Most gamers hate tutorials, but with League of Legends, I highly recommend it. This game is not easy, and it’s important you learn how to play and the basic concepts before diving in head first. There is so much to learn about the game that one can hardly cover it. But if you follow the tutorial, that is a good place to start. After that, you can view guides online, listen to your teammates, and learn by experience.

Step 7: Play

An original art piece from Riot.

Now we get to the hardest, yet the best part! You get to play. Click on play at the top. At first, you can only go against A.I. enemies. Which is a good thing, for getting into PvP at level 1 could make you quit for good. So, head on over to a “bots” game after you click play, go on Co-op vs A.I., Summoner’s Rift, and then choose your difficulty. Here you will join queue (which means you are waiting to find people to play with) and after you find a match click accept. You will then join a lobby. This is where you will pick who you want to play and talk to your teammates. Don’t fret at first. No matter what anyone says, everyone starts out like you, or much worse. So just keep playing and listen to the people trying to help, not the flamers and trolls!

And there we have it! Your guide to getting started on League of Legends. To enhance your playtime and lower your frustration, play with a friend who has been around a while. They will show you the hoops, ins and outs, and make the game much more fun!

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