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Yoda Stories
These older Star Wars games could use a new, fresh look!

7. Star Wars: Episode I Racer (1999) + Super Bombad Racing (2001)

Episode 1 Racer
Episode I Racer captured a good sense of speed for the podracers.

When it first came out, people were pleasantly surprised by Episode I Racer, which showed a lot more of the various podracers that would be in the first movie, and provided a lot of fun, fast action. Fans were less impressed with Super Bombad Racing, an early PS2 title which mostly tried to copy Mario Kart's success, but was still a fun and lighthearted adaptation of the prequel characters and settings.

While either of these games would be a great choice for a racing-focused HD remake, I think a combination of the two would actually be best. Episode I Racer's podracing provided a great sense of speed and danger, while Super Bombad Racing had lots of Mario Kart-esque powerups and items to use.

Bombad Racer
Bombad Racing featured items and powerups for a lighter style of racing game.

A remake of the game wouldn't need to be overly serious, but could recreate several famous races mentioned in the Star Wars universe. In addition to podracing, you could recreate Luke's Beggar's Canyon run, for example. Players could have fun competing in races across tons of different planets, either on land or in space, and all the game would need to do is feature tight controls and a great selection of vehicles.


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ConraDargo's picture

ConraDargo 3 years 10 months ago

Whoa, I never thought I'd see a list like this with Yoda Stories in it! And I'm 100% with you on this. As trash-talked as the game is (from what I've seen), I actually played it to death! I thoroughly enjoyed the procedurally generated levels and goals and still think that it's a great rougelike-thingy. Would LOVE to see a remake of this, or even a console port. Also agree on Jedi Power Battles being a fun co-op game, and Republic Commando as well as the Jedi Knight series totally deserves more entries. Heads-up to anyone reading this who enjoy action-packed beat 'em ups: Revenge of the Sith on Game Boy Advance and DS is actually an amazing game of the genre that features character progression, path choosing and even offers co-op! Don't miss out on this one - trust me you should :)

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