10 Reasons Why Star Wars KOTOR 2 Is So Good

Here are 10 reasons why Star Wars : Knights of the old republic 2 Sith Lords is so good.
Darth nihilus didn't start out as a Sith, he was a Jedi who was affected by the mass shadow generator. Now the exile being the wound in the force is there only hope.

Knights of the old republic 2 Sith lords or KOTOR 2 is a sequel to the first game. Taking place five years after Revans redemption arc we get to see the aftermath of what two wars did to the republic and the galaxy as a whole. 

This game could be considered one of the best star wars games to date still being played by many to this day. The Story and the overhaul of lore makes this perfect already, but today I will be giving you 10 reasons why this game is so good. There are more than 10 for sure but let's keep it small for now. 

10. The Story 

Without a doubt this game is good for the story alone. The parallel between the light and dark side just makes you wonder which side is really right. For most of KOTOR 2 you'll see how both sides are not black and white. Atton explains how the galaxy views jedi and he does a great job with it saying that both sides are still considered jedi just with different philosophies.  

One fun fact about KOTOR 2 is that the player can choose whatever planet they want to start out with after the tutorial. This gives players freedom and lets them play how they want while still following the story. 


9. Companions 

KOTOR 2 brings a new roster of companions while bringing a few back from the first game. Traveling with them and hearing the lore they have makes this game even more fun because players can form attachments and really feel for the ones they are traveling with on a deeper level. (they don't act or feel like NPC’s) 

One fun fact about the companions In KOTOR 2 is how depending on what side and gender you pick 2 of your companions change. For example if you bring a female protagonist and choose to go light side you will get mira and the disciple. 


8. The Soundtrack 

This couldn't be Star Wars without a good soundtrack. Created by Mark Griskey there is music for combat, fast paced action and slow paced action. Overall the music used in the game would be a 9/10 because of how immersive it is. 

One interesting fact about the soundtrack is that additional music was composed by jeremy Soule who created music for the first game and star wars bounty hunter. 


7. Replay Value 

You can play this game 4 different times and still not explore everything it has to offer, giving you the player more chances to replay the game and find what was missed. What makes replaying this so good is the fact that you can play both sides and try out every class. Say for example you don't want to go the cannon route, you can go dark side and choose a male and then play as someone different after. 

One fun fact about the replay value in KOTOR 2 is everytime you start up a new playthrough, chances are you'll find something new that you didn't know was there before. A good example of this, I was on my 4 playthrough when I realized I can turn most of my entire crew to jedi.


6. The List Of Force Powers

Knights of the old republic 2 includes a bunch of new force abilities that you didn't get in the first game such as battle mediation. With 44 powers in total (counting each upgrade with each corresponding power) The player can have a lot of fun while feeling like a master of the force. 

Fun fact about the force powers is that the skill battle mediation was bastila's main ability in the first game but the player could never use it during combat so you never really felt how powerful that ability actually was. KOTOR 2 allows you and your companions who wield the force to use it. (it's really fun) 


5. The Worlds / Galaxy 

 Knights of The Old Republic 2 does a good job at showing how everyday people have to deal with the aftermath of the last five years, players get to see how the planets were affected also. For example the jedi temple on Dantooine, which used to be full of life, is now empty and dark screaming with echoes from the past.

Fun Fact About the Worlds In KOTOR 2 : While it was being developed, the game engineers wanted to make each planet feel open, buzzing with more people. Having more complicated and interesting wildlife and including more side quests for the player to do. (Sadly because the game was rushed most of it was never put in)


4. The Variety of Classes 

There are 6 classes in this game, different from the last but what makes them so good however are the added powers. Say you wanted to make that one really powerful jedi build that only uses the force, well since you get force powers at the beginning of the game that's possible without wasting levels. 

Fun fact about the classes unlike the first game you get to pick what type of jedi class you want from the very beginning. 


3. The Continued Lore 

By far one of the reasons this game is really good! Even though this takes place 5 years later you still get a continuation of the first game, figuring out where Revan has been for the last 5 years. You get to use his ship and some of his companions who give small details on what happened before your character comes around. 

An Interesting fact about the Lore in KOTOR 2 is that Kreia gives the best insight on the force. She teaches you with an unbiased restraint exposing the flaws of both light and dark letting you know her hatred for the force itself and how being removed from it actually gives one free will. (Mega Controversial) 


2. Unanswered Questions

KOTOR 2 is a vacuum of lore and knowledge to be found, but above all that are questions we still don't have answers to. Unfortunately because this game is no longer canon most answers will be left in the dark but that doesn't make it bad. In fact this makes it good because fan theories and what ifs could spark the way for new content and possibly answers. 

Fun Fact you can learn all about a Kreia history if you gain enough influence with her or you lose enough with her. It's a special cutscene that when achieved will have you stretching your head. 


1. Graphics 

Now I understand this game is old.(2004) But even on some of the newest consoles and devices the game still runs smooth and looks good given what it took to achieve a masterpiece such as KOTOR.

Fun fact: The PC version of this game has mods that let you upgrade the quality of the game making it look 10 times better than it already is. The restored content mod also helps with this giving the quality a boost. (giving KOTOR 2 what it was missing) For example better skies and areas like this picture above. 

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