[Top 20] Star Wars Best Battles Worth Watching Again (From All Star Wars Movies)

This scene is right after the battle of Endor when the second death star was destroyed.

It's always worth going back to the older movies in the star wars saga to know where it all started. Today I'm going to be giving you a Top 20 on The best battles worth Watching again. Now keep in mind that there are many more battles and all of them(even the ones not covered) are worth rewatching.

20. Kylo Ren vs. Luke Skywalker

(Star Wars : The Last Jedi Year released December 15th, 2017)

Now when you think of this match up you probably expect to see a fully trained master of the order Luke face off against his former student kylo. You would think he'd show off everything he's learned since we last saw him on screen. (I wish that were the case)

This battle sees Kylo Ren fight Luke skywalker.(Kinda since Luke is using an afterimage) Kylo takes out all his frustration taunting Luke trying to have him mess up. Luke buys enough time for the resistance and clashes a few times before going out ben kenobi style. 

Though there could have been more in this fight. We slightly hear a joke by Luke saying that he can't just walk up to the first order lightsaber in hand and fight them all.(by the end he ends up doing just that to a degree) Proving that he was right but also proving that Luke still helps those in danger when it's needed the most.

Luke is buying time for the resistance. Kylo is eager for revenge and wants to stop him once and for all, this battle goes down in a new hope fashion.


19. Palpatine vs. Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar, and Saesee Tiin

(Star Wars : Revenge of The Sith Year released May 19th, 2005) 

One of the unrated battles in the movies. We see five lightsabers on screen and one of them being a blade that is rarely seen. The dynamic of this battle gives fans “what if” on who could beat who in a battle. During the time the pre sequels were coming out no-one thought we'd see this match up.

This was for all the marbles. The jedi had got a tip from Anakin Skywalker that Palpatine may be the sith lord they were looking for. We see Mace Windu and some of the members of the jedi council charge into Palpatine's office and armpit to arrest him. They fight until it's just mace and palpatine left. 

I always thought it was sad but kind of funny how some of the supposedly strongest on the council was struck down instantly without much of a fight. Also I believe if Anakin didn't come in during the final moments of the battle the empire would have never risen to power as soon as it did. 

Mace had just finished defeating the Sith lord they've been looking for. In a one on one duel Palpatine proved to be no match. Or so he thought.


18. Geonosis Free-for-All

(Star Wars : Attack Of The Clones Year released May 16th, 2002)

The reason the title for this is called what it is, is because of what happens in the scene. Unfortunately the Scene doesn't give you a sense of the whole battle but mainly our 3 main characters Anakin, Obi Wan and padme. 

A rescue mission but the start of something big. Anakin and Padme were on Geonosis to rescue Obi wan, They too ended up captured and now their execution is supposed to happen in an area for all to watch. Yoda with the help of some clones and a lot of jedi (about 215 of them to be exact) swoop down and free our protagonists facing off against battle droids who have them outnumbered 10 to 1. 

This could be considered the first major battle of the clone wars but that's debatable. The amount of Jedi lost in this battle gets overlooked as there were alot of padawans and knights who had no combat experience prior who fell to blaster fire. I feel Jango should have had more screen time (Meaning he doesn't get killed so fast) Because his abilities are more than enough to take out jedi. 

This is right after mace gets finished with jango. Also right before they get surrounded, lucky yoda and the clones arrive in the knick of time. 


17. The Battle Of Hoth

(Star Wars The empire Strikes Back Year released May 21st, 1980)

This battle overall was a major defeat for the rebellion. Not only did they lose their base in an overwhelming battle but their secret location was also revealed. 

The battle starts out with two waves of AT-AT’s and a few battalions of stormtroopers. Luke Skywalker and his team of pilots take down each walker but it's not enough. Eventually they get pushed back into escape ships and have to flee the system, losing the base. 

What's funny about this battle is how the walkers get taken down so easily after demonstrating how strong they could be during a siege. I like how when faced against odds Luke was able to rely on his jedi training to get it done. 

The beginning of the rebel defense.They were all ready to fight but those walkers and AT-AT’s made them retreat back to base. 


16. The Battle Of Endor

(Star Wars : Return Of The Jedi Year released May 25th, 1983) 

The final battle in the Star Wars trilogy ends up being a good one with exciting scenes and close calls. Without a doubt worth watching again especially with the newer movies that came after.

The battle starts with most of the rebellion fleet in position to attack the second death star. When they arrive they realize too soon that it was a trap and soon it is swarmed from every angle. The fight on the ground was to bring down the shield barrier on the second death star. (Each battle the rebels were outnumbered)

The Ewoks turned the tide as these funny little creatures rose up and defended their homeland.(even if it wasnt with blasters) Another thing is when chewbacca Steals a walker and surprises Han with it, had a good laugh with that one. 

This is the scene where the small rebel strike team led by Han Solo, is going in to stop the shield generator. This rebel in the stormtrooper outfit is in disguise to fool any imperails that come by during the raid.


15. Kylo Ren vs. Rey 

(Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker Year released December 20th, 2019)

The battle features Kylo fighting Rey but this time neither one is really at a disadvantage. Being # 15 on this list the battle represented is unlike any we have ever seen before in the star wars films.

This action scene from The Last Jedi, a fan favorite, promises to be unlike anything the series or the audience has ever seen. Nothing in The Rise Of Skywalker even comes close to surpassing this huge action scene's innovative spectacle and narrative purpose, which makes it one of the best in the history of the genre.

What's Funny about this scene is how Kylo keeps trying to convince Rey to join his side like it's his mission. Rey was a better fighter this time around using more of a jedi like style which i liked. 

This is during the middle of the fight where Kylo is trying to stop rey. During the battle, unfortunately Leia dies shortly after sending Kylo a message through the force.


14. The Battle of Scarif in Rogue One

(Star Wars : Rogue One Year released December 16th, 2016) 

This battle belongs on this list! The team that went in to get the death star plans is the main reason why the rebellion ends up winning in the end. 

On Scarif to retrieve the death star plans and destroy the base there. A rebel strike team goes in to attempt to retrieve it. Every member had an important role to play as each one narrowly succeeded in their job. Unfortunately Everyone on Scarif including the imperials are wiped out as an imperial barrage is sent down. 

What's funny to me in this movie is how we get a cameo from Darth vader. Knowing that he's overpowered when he shows up on screen we don't expect much other than pure destruction. The team gets overlooked for what they did and this movie is worth watching because it finally gives us the story on how the plans ended up with the rebellion. 

Andor is fighting off a bunch of shoretroopers while the rest of his team advances. They put all their chips into this one fight and now it's going to pay off one way or the other. 


13. Kylo Ren and Rey vs. Snoke's Guards

(Star Wars : The Last Jedi  Year released December 15th, 2017)

To be honest I never thought we would see this type of match on screen. Therefore it deserves to be on this list. 

The battle taking place is Rey and Kylo going off against Snoke's guards. During the fight we see both the light side and the dark(or Formly dark however you want to go) The chemistry between these two when there on the same side was good enough to stop the guards who outnumbered them.(Not to mention Snoke’s guards are trained to fight jedi)

In my opinion Some of the good parts during that battle were when Rey and Kylo fought side by side, combining their force abilities to overpower their opponent. I thought it was funny how these two were enemies and fighting each other in the last movies, now they’re working together.

Rey and Kylo are back to back right after Kylo turns on Snoke. This scene represent how one can be turned from the dark side even during the toughest of situations.( Plus Rey did heal him so he kinda owed her)


12. Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader vs. The Emperor

(Star Wars : Return Of the Jedi Year released May 25th, 1983) 

A Lot of emotions and stress in the room for this battle. Not to mention the dark side energy coming off both Vader and the emperor. This is worth watching again because of the newer movies, fans should know where the new films came from and how the empire was defeated.

Aboard the second death star Luke Skywalker surrenders himself to the emperor in an attempt to pull Vader back to the light. The battle starts off with goading from the emperor and then Vader later on. Luke uses his fear and anger for a brief moment until he realizes him and his father has the same robotic hand. 

What's interesting in this fight is the fact that we can see both Luke and Vader struggling internally. Vader wants to go back to the light but knows it too late so he wants to rule the galaxy with his son. Luke wants to bring his father back to the light and finally bring balance to the force.

This was right after Vader was taunting luke. He used the feeling for his friends and most importantly sister to bring out the anger we see here. 


11. Luke Skywalker vs. Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt Party Ship

(Star Wars : Return Of The Jedi Year released May 25th, 1983) 

This battle makes this list because of how wrong boba fett was done. Also knowing what happens after is definitely worth watching again.

Luke and his friends are trying to escape Jabba's palace after rescuing Han solo. The battle is short with Luke slicing bobas gun in half and Han hitting his jetpack with a stick. Bobba then falls into the Sarlacc pit and is never heard from again. So they say… 

It's funny to me how a famous bounty hunter such as Boba Fett would get taken out so easily. He was caught off guard and didn't get to put up much of a fight. It's disappointing to see after all his appearances and mentions in the previous films. 

This scene is right when Luke makes one last offer to Jaba who refuses as usual. The battle that took place after was all a part of their plan.


10. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker vs. Count Dooku

(Star Wars : Attack of The Clones Year released May 16th, 2002)

This battle would be the first time sith and jedi collide since dooku turned to the dark side. Showcasing Anakin's weakness and strengths this battle is worth coming back to. 

Anakin and Obi Wan just finished following Count Dooku to his lair and there they battled for a short and brief time. Obi wan is the first to be taken out of the fight leaving anakin and dooku dueling for fate. Anakin then uses obi wan's lightsaber and fights with two blades, unfortunately losing his arm and being taken out also. 

What was interesting or worth watching again was how Anakin's weakness of overconfidence was his downfall. Having never dueled in real combat with two blades he tries to take on one of the best skilled bladesmen of his era. The lesson he learns from this will shape who he becomes later on. 

This scene is just before dooku cuts anakin's arm off. Obi wan passed him his lightsaber to try and get the advantage but it didn't work.


9.  Yoda vs. Count Dooku

(Star Wars : Attack of The Clones Year released May 16th, 2002)

Not going to lie I wish the fight was longer but this is still worth watching again. The history that weve now been told about dooku makes this fight just that more interesting.

Count Dooku is fighting the two most combat trained jedi in the order Anakin and obi wan are taken out of the battle. Yoda comes in at the last moment to save the two clashing blades with the new lord of the sith. The fight lasts only a short while but during it we see Yoda (kinda in his prime) Hold his own against a sith lord. Dooku escapes as Yoda is left with a choice to save his friends or follow.

What Thought was funny about this scene is how we see yoda go from walking with a cane to doing flips and holding his own. I like how we see the type of jedi yoda is as he could have followed dooku and let those two die, it shows strength and loyalty to do what he did. 

Yoda Came in at the perfect time. Minutes before Anakin and Obi Wan were going to be crushed by a piece of debris. Lucky for Yoda his abilities proved too much for the count.


8.  Yoda vs. Palpatine

(Star Wars : Revenge of The Sith Year released May 19th, 2005) 

This was a battle of two of the most powerful force wielders at the time. Skill with a lightsaber wouldn't even be in the conversation. 

During order 66 yoda confronts the emperor in what he thought would be the battle to end everything. Palpatine using flips,Force attacks, and his lightsaber tried stalling until backup arrived. Yoda realizing he was going to be outnumbered flees the scene but not without demonstrating why he is master of the order.. 

What was funny to me in the battle was the fact they had to resort to lightsabers at all. Yoda and Palpatine are both strong enough in the force to just throw basic attacks so the use of lightsabers is a bit silly to me. 

Yoda had just made his way up to palpatine and the following saber fight is one to be remembered. Palptine gains the high ground as he starts throwing senate pods.


7. Count Dooku vs. Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker

(Star Wars : Revenge of The Sith Year released May 19th, 2005) 

# 7 on this list this is worth watching again because it was one of will power and really a test to see where the young jedi is at in terms of power since their last duel. 

This was a battle more or less to save the chancellor and coruscant from a separatist invasion that could have ended the war. Anakin and Obi Wan are tasked with going onto General Grievous' ship and getting the chancellor to safety. Unfortunately Count Dooku is there to make sure no one gets saved. During the battle Obi Wan is knocked out and Anakin duels the count alone. In the end he kills Dooku under the order of the chancellor.

I feel Dooku could have tried to save himself by revealing who the sith lord was. During the fight Dooku was under the impression nothing bad would happen to him. Anakin would be by Palpatine's side once Obi-Wan is out of the picture and Dooku would be there too. (That was never the plan) 

The battle just started and this time they'll work together. Count Dooku expected this so he brought friends of his own. 


6. Kylo Ren vs. Rey and Finn

(Star Wars : The Force Awakens Year released December 18th, 2015)

Going to one of the battles of recent times. This one brings emotion, excitement, worry, and nostalgia being the first lightsaber match we've seen on the big screen in live action since Return of the Jedi.

The battle between Rey and Kylo Ren is the crux of the entire film.The pair chop down trees, parkour around the snow, and make excellent use of the space while they swipe at each other. The fight isn't as technically stunning as some of the other duels in Star Wars, but it's the most emotionally and narratively necessary fight since Return of the Jedi. 

What's interesting to me is how Rey and Finn were able to win. Kylo was already injured previously by a bowcaster to the gut by an enraged chewbacca so he wasn't at full strength when they fought. Not to mention the planet breaking in 2 and the battle that surrounded them. (It was more of a escape and get to safety then a full on battle)

This is after Kylo killed Han and was shot with a bowcaster. Surprising Rey and finn he's still strong despite his injuries. 


5. Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader

(Star Wars : A New Hope Year released July 21st, 1978)

This battle has to be on the list for many reasons, one of them being that it was the first time fans got to see a lightsaber battle. With the obi wan show on disney plus watching this battle again gives you another perspective.

Obi-Wan,Luke,Han, and Chewbacca sneak onto the newly built death star in search of the princess of Alderaan Leia. During the search obi wan shuts off the tractor beam keeping them in the station, that's when he runs into vader for the second time. There's not much fighting but the exchange of words makes the final moments that more impactful. 

What's interesting to me is how the scene focuses less on fighting and more about the reason for the bigger story plot. It's not about saving the day as much as it is about learning a lesson. The sacrifice that was made was meant to inspire Luke to become better while witnessing the horror up front.

After words were exchanged, Vader wasted no time trying to strike down his former master. This battle was short and not flashy but it's the history that makes this important.


4. Obi Wan vs. General Grievous

(Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Year released May 19th, 2005) 

This was a battle of wits and tactics as only the smartest one will come out on top. Obi-Wan and General Grievous face off once more for the last time. 

Set on the planet of Utapau an invasion was taking place as this was going to be one of the final major battles of the clone wars. The famous Jedi killer is interrupted by the famous sith killer in miraculous fashion. Obi-Wan being outnumbered in numbers (and sabers) gets reinforcement from the 212th. The two of them fight all over ending with a blaster bolt to the chest on obi wan's part. 

What's funny in this scene is how obi wan has to literally disarm Grievous who starts out with 4 lightsabers. Another thing about this battle as a whole is the creativeness of it. Commonly, Jedi are known for more peaceful tactics and always using the lightsaber to finish the job. In this we see obi wan using a blaster instead, as it shows the audience a jedi is still powerful without a lightsaber. (Though he did have no choice)

Obi Wan Just jumped down not too long ago and said his famous “Hello There” Grievous, instead of fighting him and just sent his guards to try and do the work. Even outmatched they were nothing for Obi Wan.


3. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Maul

(Star Wars : The phantom Menace Year released May 19th, 1999)

This battle is worth watching again for many reasons. With all the new shows that came out recently going back to this fight makes you look at it differently than you first did when it hit screens. 

On Naboo to arrest the viceroy the Naboo royal strike team is stopped by a sith lord who finally revealed himself after some time. Obi Wan and Qui-Gon are there to stop get in the way and handle Maul as they expected him to be there after their first encounter. Both Jedi have Maul on the ropes until Maul separates the two and kills Qui-Gon. Obi wan seeing this uses all his training to defeat maul and is given the rank of jedi knight for it. 

Watching this again after we have more information makes me wonder what could have happened if Qui-Gon didn't parish. If obi wan had force speed he probably could have timed those barriers better. The actor who plays Obi Wan is the same throughout the prequels. 

This scene is right before Qui-Gon is killed and Obi wan has to come in and finish the job. Tragic how the only thing stopping obi wan is a red barrier.


2. Anakin Skywalker vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi

(Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Year released May 19th, 2005) 

Now I know you're probably asking yourself why isn't this # 1 on my list. It's for good reason as this is by far the most we've seen two Jedi fight on screen in such an exciting way. This is the battle that determined and shaped what we saw in the original trilogy. 

Anakin and Obi wan face off as Anakin, now working with the sith lord Palpatine, is convinced everything he is doing will save the one he loves the most from death at childbirth. During the fight we see how evenly matched these two are and just how much is at stake for the galaxy. Obi Wan wins the battle as Anakin's overconfidence in his own abilities led to his ultimate defeat. 

Personally when i was watching this growing up i always liked the spinning blades and jumping action these two had. Not to mention how many places they end up at during this, we see them in corridors, on a huge piece of building material and on a very small platform moving at a rapid pace floating on lava! (Way more could be said about this battle then what i've said so far)

This scene was when Obi wan finally lost hope in his apprentice. Moments later he gains the high ground and teaches Anakin a lesson he will never forget. 


1. Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader

(Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Year released May 21st, 1980)

Taking the # 1 spot this battle is the highlight of any star wars fan. The slow paced fighting held you at suspense as you didnt know what either one was going to do. Vader's sith/son treatment is shown as This is the first time in the movies they fought.

Luke travels to Bespin after having a vision that his friends are in danger. He confronts Vader who he doesnt know is his father and the two of them battle in classic Jedi sith fashion. Vader messes with Luke most of the fight seeing what he's capable of before giving him his first sith lesson, Pain. After cutting off luke's hand he then reveals that he is his father and luke desperately escapes ( But not without trauma mentally and physically) 

When this movie first came out the reveal at the end of the battle was a major twist in the story's plot as the fans from that time had no idea either! It was exciting,shocking and interesting because it was unexpected. The way Luke runs off after not completing his training shows how inpatient he is and corruptible to the dark side he can become. 

This was right after Vader's famous phase. He really wanted his son to join him on the dark side and he was willing to cut his hand off to teach him his first lesson.

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