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The Faker God has been Awakened

6) How did his League of Legends journey begin?

Faker was browsing the internet one day and just so happened to see an ad for the game League of Legends.

It was 2011 when his destiny changed from being a normal highschool student, to the best LoL player in the entire world. He started off like the rest of us in normal games, until he finally dared to rank.  He has been famed for his solo play, where he moved to the very top of the ranks extremely fast.

Players speculated that he was just a smurf (high ranked person playing on lower accounts for easy wins) or a foreigner playing on the very new Korean servers.

This new player made it to the highest rank of Challenger and soon after was recruited by SKT1. With permission and support from his parents he dropped out of high school to join the esports team. 

He’s so young here, but still a God.

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