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If intense, exciting Black Ops 3 gameplay is your thing, then check out these movies.

3. Total Recall

1 man, 1 pistol, 10 police men. What happens next?

In a world destroyed by chemical warfare, there are two different territories. The United Federation of Britain, and the Colony of Australia.

Many people who live in the colony, work in factories in the UFB. Including Douglas. The main character, Douglas is tired of his job, he doesn’t want to build robots for the rest of his life.

So, he takes a trip to recall. A place where artificial memories can be put into your brain. Such as a secret agent or a crime fighter.

Before the memories are implanted, Douglas recalls his own real memories of being an agent. From then on, everything he knew wasn’t the same. The UFB and the police robots try to hunt him down and kill him.

The UFB plans to take over the Colony, and it is up to Douglas to kill off all the robots and stop them. But how can he?

Robots aren’t afraid to get their metal hands dirty.

Robots, robots, robots. The robots that Douglas worked to build in his own factory, are the very robots that now want to capture him. Funny that.

In Black Ops 3, as well as Total Recall it seems that robots are becoming weapons. In the campaign we see robots time and time again. And it is us against them. Check out Total Recall to see can Douglas take down the robot army.

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