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If intense, exciting Black Ops 3 gameplay is your thing, then check out these movies.

5. Pacific Rim

Four monster Jaegers, storming the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Rim is set in the 2020’s, when Earth is at war against monsters that have come from the Pacific Ocean. The monsters begin to attack different cities, starting in San Francisco.

Humanity unites to create their own giant monsters, called the Jaegers. These robots are made to fight the pacific monsters that are destroying the Earth. The Jaeger robots are controlled by two humans, putting their minds together, to use the machine.

Will these Jaegers be able to stop the Pacific monsters?

Campaign Upgrade – hijack enemy robots to use for your team.

If you played Black Ops 3, then you experienced the robots. The human vs robot warfare. Well, if you liked that, then you are in for a treat.

Only in this movie, there is bigger monster, and bigger robots. In Black Ops 3 we have to attack the robots. But, in campaign mode if you use cyber cores, you have the ability to change robot enemies into robot teammates so they join your forces.

In Pacific Rim, the robots are on the human’s side as well. The humans get to create the robots, to use for their advantage in order to destroy the Pacific monsters.

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