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If intense, exciting Black Ops 3 gameplay is your thing, then check out these movies.

2. Looper

I wonder who Joe’s next victim is?

In 2074 time travel is developed, and immediately made illegal. The only people who use it are criminals, they send people they want to be killed back into the past. Where they are killed by “loppers”, and it is all done in secret.

The main character, Joe, is a looper. His victims are sent back in time, he kills them off and gets his reward that has been attached to his victim. Sounds simple.

But what happens when you are a looper, and your next victim is yourself?

You can run, but you can’t hide.

In Black Ops 3, some people like to camp, to stay alive. Some people like to run around the whole map shooting at everything and everyone, hoping they get a kill, but inevitably die.

Others, like to destroy the enemy and stay alive at the same time. With the movement system, wall running, double jumping, escaping your enemies is very do-able. If you enjoy dominating your enemies, and staying alive to earn those killstreaks, you may enjoy this movie.

Watch young Joe and old Joe, hunt each other down, shooting, escaping and killing others in the process. And of course, who lives?

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