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Enter a world of epic battles in Tera.

24.  Orcs Must Die! Unchained (2016)

Set traps and battle enemies in Orcs Must Die Unchained.

New rifts, gateways to other worlds, have opened up across the world.  This has led heroes to come from far and wide to claim them for their own.  But with these new rifts, a new breed of enemy has appeared: The Unchained.

No longer are the Orc horde mindless and unorganized.  Now they actually pose a threat.  It’s up to the heroes to stop them. 

Precise shots take down even the hardiest foe.

Recruit your team.  Play with friends and choose from a roster of powerful heroes to push back the Orcs and save ancient strongholds.

There are currently 5 game modes to choose from: Siege (5V5 PVP), Siege Co-Op (5 players vs 5 bots), Custom Game, Tutorials and Practice Games, and Endless Mode.

Once you’ve chosen your mode and your team, get ready for battle.  You’ll be put up against another team with the goal of leading your minions into the enemy minion’s rift, a powerful gateway that connects the human world from the dead world and allows the Unchained through.

Set traps to slow your enemies down and deal massive amounts of damage to finish them off.

To achieve victory, you must get enough minions into your enemy’s rift to score 20 points.  When this happens, the rift becomes unstable, halting enemy forces from coming through.

Knock knock! Who’s there?

23.  Dirty Bomb (2015)

Developer: Splash Damage

Genre: Multiplayer first person shooter

Theme:  Futuristic FPS

A somewhat post-apocalyptic shooter that plays fast, fast, fast, Dirty Bomb is a highly accessible free-to-play option that is brimming with potential. Developer Splash Damage’s first piece of intellectual property shows a genuine effort to polish off a quality shooter with some fresh ideas.

Completing objectives is the primary mission in Dirty Bomb. This can make it initially seem like an overly formulaic and basic shooter that simply guides teams from A to B for huge, strategy-free free-for-alls. Upon closer inspection of the maps, players can find hidden paths leading them into strategic positions- adding an intriguing gameplay element that makes choosing from one of Dirty Bomb’s 12 playable mercenaries a strategic decision.

Dirty Bomb is in open beta right now, but we highly suggest you check it out. If DB can follow through on the potential it shows, you can expect it to be a more polished shooter, in the spirit of Brink, and boatloads of fun.


‘Mmmmm explosions’

22.  League of Legends (2009)

‘The fabled classic’

Developer: Riot Games

Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

Theme: Hating every player you come in contact with- just kidding

A long-time staple of the free to play MOBA genre, League of Legends is a competitive clashing of colorful creatures commanded by cranky kids. If the rampant animosity doesn’t scare you away, and you suffer through the hazing-filled orientation period that is the learning curve, League of Legends is actually quite a rewarding experience.

Pitting five-on-five teams against each other in LoL’s classic three lane jungle setting, League is a brutal, intense clash of bizarre and silly monsters. An element of strategy is added with the resource-filled forests controlled by each team off the beaten path. Choosing between a direct attack or a resource grab can completely change how a match gets played out.

Like most other games in the MOBA genre, LoL isn’t for the weak willed. Suffer what those who came before you have suffered, and you will be rewarded with hateful epithets and a completely superficial sense of superiority.

  ‘If you understand what’s going on here, you’re already lost to the League.’

21.  Planetside 2 (2012)


Developer: Daybreak Game Company

Genre: Massively multiplayer online first-person shooter

Theme: Massive battles literally spanning the sides of planets

Fighting to control the planet of Auraxis is every bit as grand as it sounds. With maps that span huge expanses, guns that deliver satisfying and visceral devastation, and land and air crafts looming imtimidatingly in the distance, Planetside 2 really captures the feeling of interplanetary struggles for control.

Planetside 2 really shines in its skill at handing players full control of the intense assault upon their opponents. Use the tanks, or don’t use the tanks. Send a team of scouts out to lure huge packs of enemies to a strategic location before having your snipers pick them off from the overpass. Anything is possible with a little team coordination in Planetside.

The details add the extra oomph needed to flesh Planetside 2 out into a masterpiece. Day/night cycles add a sense of duration to the epic quagmires. The in-game progression system is deep and varied. The classes are versatile and egalitarian. Play Planetside 2 and quench that dark desire for warfare lurking deep within you.

  ‘But really, why wouldn’t you drive one of these things?’

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