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Enter a world of epic battles in Tera.

34.  Runescape (2001)

 ‘A historical journey with the much beloved classic’

Developer: Jagex Game Studios


Theme: Nostalgia at its finest

The old Java-run classic, Runescape was the addiction of choice for many of my young gaming friends back in the day. Odds are, you have a similar experience- and if not, you better see what you’ve been missing.

Questing in Runescape is perhaps its best feature. Not every quest consists of the tired old fetch and kill objectives; in their syead are puzzles, trials, and other challenges that leave the player feeling a sense of accomplishment. The avenues for customization in Runescape are seemingly boundless. You can build a home and furnish it, you can work on runecrafting one day and logging the next- the world is freeform, and doesn’t lock players in on tracks (very valuable for our newer gamers testing the waters of online gaming).

You’ve probably given Runescape a shot already. If you have, I propose that we raise a virtual glass to the old masterpiece, for old times’ sake. If you haven’t, Runescape will welcome you with open arms.

 ‘Bravo, Jagex. You’ve come a long way.’

33.  Uncharted Waters Online (2010)

‘The Age of Exploration meets great, late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s sounding theme music’

Developer: Koei Tecmo


Theme: An exciting and dark time in European history reimagined

Growing up, I would often lament the lack of available frontiers to explore as I wandered around the woods in my backyard. Age has taught me that there is still much to explore, if not in the exact fashion that I had romanticized, but the yearning for a time when the whole world was new still lurks deep within myself and many other would-be explorers.

Uncharted Waters Online transports players back to the famed Age of Exploration, giving us all a chance to realize those yearnings. Players choose from one of the European naval powers to hail from, each of which come complete with nationality-specific storylines. After choosing one of the three classes, players can then select from over 70 different occupations to begin making their fortune and building their armada-driven empire.

Economics lie at the core of this game’s strength. The detailed and option-heavy player driven economy is full of chances to invest, stockpile, and earn. This creates a feeling of significance attached to the exploration, the ship-building- because there is just so much to do with your money. Uncharted Waters Online is really the closest to de Gama or Vespucci that most of us will ever get. 

‘A duel in Town Square! How antiquated.’

33.  Perfect World (2008)

‘Is the barbarian class voiced by Jack Black?’

Developer: Beijing Perfect World


Theme: Chinese mythology based take on MMO

Welcome to the world of Pangu, filled with panda-headed barbarians and mystical psychics, cactopods and winged elves. The world of Pangu is colourful, quirky, and memorable.

The basis in Chinese mythology provides Perfect World with a plethora of rich background lore for the players to get into (and since China has basically been there since the dawn of civilization, they do have some decent stories). The lore contextualizes a standard but beautiful MMORPG. It’s also extremely solo-player friendly up to level 20- a huge plus if you’re looking for a more laid-back, less immersive MMO to sink your teeth into.

‘It’s like a trip to China without having to give up Facebook for the week’

32.  Quake Live (2010)

‘Wait…this runs in a browser?’

Developer: id Software

Genre: Multiplayer FPS

Theme: Browser-based and fast-paced

The mere fact that a game as smooth and aesthetically pleasant as Quake Live runs in a browser is an impressive feat of computer programming. The additional fact that it’s fun as all hell makes it nothing short of a technological marvel.

Okay, that could be a bit strong, but Quake Live is a fantastic, explosion-heavy game that offers a variety of innovative game modes. There’s Freeze Tag, a mode that ‘freezes’ players in place after being fragged, stuck until a teammate thaws them. There’s Harvester, a mode that generates skulls after fragging an enemy, which you then bring back to your team’s stockpile.

Did we mention it runs in your browser?

‘Ah, the trusty railgun’

31.  Mechwarriors Online (2013)

‘A hi-tech brawler of a mech FPS’

Developer: Piranha Games

Genre: Mech combat multiplayer

Theme: See video caption

Mechwarriors Online is a game that works hard on delivering a smooth, balanced, and satisfying combat design. Your giant destructo-bot is pitted against other based on weight class, damage output, armor capacity, and player skill to ensure a balanced match every time- something that really pays off in game.

Mechwarriors puts you behind the optic sensor of a giant, fully upgradeable mech. You can buy entirely new mechs as well as parts, and here there is great variety in size- from the 20-ton Locust to the 100 ton Atlas. The different upgradeable parts for the mech sizes creates a feeling of a different game as you plat weight class to weight class, adding countless hours of replayability.

Mechwarriors Online is a great option for all you tech-loving psychopaths out there, if a little expensive for a free-to-play option (you can still grind for everything- no unwelcome game breaking restrictions, just intense grinding). Quality maps, intimidating machinery, customizable upgrades- really, what more can you ask for?

 ‘I’m personally a lover of body part specific damage indicators in my HUD’

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