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Enter a world of epic battles in Tera.

40.  Gear Up (2015)

Battle your foes from the seat of your very own tank.

Developer: Doctor Entertainment AB

Genre: Action Multiplayer

Theme: Customize battle tanks and battle it out against enemies.

Strap into the driver’s seat of your very own tank.  Your mission is to destroy everyone you see and be the last tank standing.

Get that lady a pink tank.  Ladies love pink tanks.

Get ready to wage war on your enemies in style.  With over one million parts to choose from, the customization in this game is nearly endless.  Create a tank with spider legs or give it the body of a submarine. 

Choose your weapon.  Maybe you’d like a rocket launcher to blast your foes to bits.  Or perhaps you’d like a flamethrower to roast your enemies like marshmallows.

Then take your bad ass self out into the arena and show off your skills.  Battle up to 16 other players in Single Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, or Conquest. 

Unlock achievements and make a name for yourself on the leaderboards.

Hovertank takes no prisoners.

39.  Brawlhalla (2015)

Legends are born every day.

Developer:  Blue Mammoth Games

Genre: Action Multiplayer

Theme: Fight other legends to become the champion of Valhalla.

Everyone wants to be a legend.  Do you have the ability to conquer the others and take your place at the top of Valhalla ranks?

Meet the Legends.

Brawlhalla is a 2D Super Smash Brother’s-esque platform action game.  Choose from 20 legends with their own unique stats, weapons, and abilities. 

Fight against other real life players and climb your way up the ranks.  Or if you’d rather, play single player mode and just chill.  Either way, you can play this action packed beat-em-up for free.

Battle against your enemies by bashing, slashing, punching, and knocking them off the platforms.  The last man standing takes the title of champion of Valhalla.

Get off my platform!

38.  Echo of Soul (2015)

‘Like you’ve never tried to ride your dog before.’

Developer: Nvidius


Theme: Mounting goofy animals and laying waste to enemies

Hailed “Best MMORPG 2014” in Thailand, Echo of Soul puts a wide selection of weird animals to mount for your player-controlled Soulkeeper as you go about collecting souls. I’ll try what the Thai are having, please.

Echo is your classic MMORPG with a weird South Korean twist (did I mention it’s weird?), complete with 5v5 battles, 15v15, guild vs. guild, and a vibrant open world. There are your classic solo dungeons, raids, upgradeable skill tree powered by the souls of your enemies, normal stuff really. There are even occupations, and magic eggs.

If you consider yourself a bit of a quirky personality, Echo of Soul is probably a fit for you. If you live in Thailand, contact me and we’ll exchange information privately.

37.  Hawken (2012)

 ‘We’re conscious of our Spanish speakers here at Gamers Decide’

Developer: Reloaded Games

Genre: Mech Combat Multiplayer

Theme: 23rd century warfare, today

In a world overrun with industrialists possessing seemingly limitless resources, one gamer-controlled robot will take ultimate control- will it be you?

Maybe, but it’ll take a while. The real joy of Hawken is bonding with your newfound virtual robot companion. As you and your 20-foot death machine get really intimate, you’ll be picking up all sorts of attachable upgrades for it along the way. RPG style class trees offer further options for customization of your mechanical buddy.

Hawken is really a love story about a gamer and his or her robot- kind of in the vein of The Iron Giant, but with significantly more explosions. It’s beautiful, really.

‘I know I said 23rd century combat, but this could be possible in half a century, which is kind of scary’

36.  Eden Eternal (2011)

‘There’s no way a little anime character with a voice that annoying could take so many massive, semi-bipedal monsters, but we’ll suspend disbelief for you X-Legend’

Developer: X-Legend

Genre: Fantasy MMORPG

Theme: MMO that vaguely resembles Adventure Time (just me?)

A somewhat typical, but undeniably fun MMORPG, Eden Eternal is a well -polished open-world cartoon of a game. It’s noted for its open, kind community, and high-fidelity graphics. Plus, cutesy anime characters.

Eden’s game-changing feature is the ability to change classes without sacrificing levelling or loot. There’s something deeply rewarding about being able to try something completely different while keeping the spoils of your previous efforts. Go figure.

Anime fans/gamers with a desire to engage in same sex relationships in your MMOs, look no further. While Eden Eternal may not be the most innovative MMORPG in recent years, it is certainly one of the most enjoyable.

‘Hentai, anyone?’

35.  Dungeons and Dragons Online

 ‘Bringing the tabletop to the laptop’

Developer: Turbine


Theme: Come on, you already know

The one that started it all, brought to you in digitized form. DnD Online computerizes the polyhedral dice, animates your imagined character, and technifies (made-up word) the land crafted by the dungeon master.

Dungeons and Dragons is crammed with all of the detail you would expect from such a longstanding title. The level of detail in the character customization, questing, the city that you inhabit, is extensive and deep. Just like the classic tabletop, DnD Online provides you with all the tools to truly craft your destiny in the city of Stormreach. You can really lose yourself out there.

Dungeons and Dragons has one of the most devoted fanbases of all time, and its MMORPG counterpart serves as a perfect entry point for newcomers to the classic title. Give it a shot, but do your best to keep in mind that real life is still there if you do.

 ‘So that’s what they mean by ‘Dragons’’

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