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Enter a world of epic battles in Tera.

5.  Heroes of the Storm (2015)

‘Not just another MOBA.’

  • Developer: Blizzard
  • Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  • Theme: a clashing of classic Blizzard titans

The MOBA genre is one marked by hyper-competitive environments that can be toxic to a more casual gamer. Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard’s high-quality solution to that problem.

While Heroes makes a genuine effort to be accessible to all gamers, it does not compromise on strategically intense gameplay. Its five-on-five battles pit classic Blizzard heroes from titles like Diablo against each other. Its seven different maps all have individual nuances to them that create radically different battles from match to match. Individual objectives add incentive for players to move around the map and avoid stagnation.

Best of all, Heroes of the Storm is truly free of the intimidating environment of its famously competitive cousins. If you have yet to try a MOBA, this is your entry point.


‘Ahhh, a plain-English HUD.’

4.  Smite (2014)

‘Redefining religious warfare since ‘12.’

  • Developer: Hi-Rez Studios
  • Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  • Theme: Mythology-based arena epic

With 51 playable characters from seven different mythologies, Smite has a very distinctive way of making you feel, well, smote. With a more personal third person camera view than most top-down angles typical to MOBAs, Smite’s strength lies in its pure intensity. Destroying your mythical foes with Thor’s mighty hammer with the camera right behind you is, well, cool.

Two teams of 3-5 go head to head, slaying legions of minions, toppling strategically defensive Phoenixes, and ultimately trying to defeat the opposing Titan. The backdrop is beautifully detailed, with scenes ranging from cavernous colosseums to villages replete with marble-clad Doric architecture. Plus, you play as totally badass gods.

The best part of Smite is how enjoyable its free-to-play suite is. The option allows players to play as 10 of the possible gods at a time, with Hi-Rez rotating the free options on a regular basis. And come on, who doesn’t want to play God for an hour or six?

‘Keep it classy, Hi-Rez.’

3.    Dota 2

‘Epic atmosphere and fast-paced action make Dota 2 an easy #1’

  • Developer: Valve Corporation
  • Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena
  • Theme: Challenging strategic team combat in fantasy setting

WARNING: Dota 2 is not for the faint of heart. Upon entering the uber-competitive environment that is arguably Valve’s magnum opus, new players are greeted with a friendly “Welcome to Dota 2!”, followed promptly by “You suck.” With over 100 playable heroes to choose from and seemingly infinite strategic nuances to explore, Dota 2 presents hardcore gamers with a daunting, difficult path to one of the most rewarding gaming experiences of all time.

The goal is simple: team up, strategize on your feet, and beat the other team. The path is not simple. With hundreds of spells with myriad effects, technical nuances guarded heavily by the fervent fan base, and unique abilities for each of the wildly different heroes, opposing teams can take wildly different shapes and approaches from match to match.

‘Can you handle Dota 2?’

2.  APB Reloaded

Welcome to San Paro.’

  • Developer: Reloaded Productions
  • Genre: Massively Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter
  • Theme: GTA-style gang-clashing

ABP Reloaded pits players against each other in intense gang activity related clashes. Contracts for heists will often end in a fast-paced vehicular getaway careening through the streets of San Paro. Players accumulate cash from completing these missions, spendable on clothes, cars, guns and more.

Despite some harsh reviews from critics, APB presents a fun free-to-play options, with few limitations placed on players from the free-to-play status. New developer Reloaded has taken steps to present players with a bug-free, action-packed experience, striving to eliminate the staleness complained about in many early reviews. If you were turned away by initial looks at APB, and can’t get enough of GTA online, APB Reloaded is a great, free option to get your fix.

  ‘Aaaaand boom goes the dynamite.’

1.  Duelyst

Champions are chosen to fight for glory.

  • Developer: Counterplay Games
  • Genre: Strategy, RPG

Every year a duelyst is chosen by their city to compete for glory in a grand tournament. This year, you have been chosen.  Will you bring fame and glory to your city?

A think-on-your-feet strategic card game, Duelyst will give you a run for your money.  Build a deck with 40 cards that includes Generals, minions, spells, and artifacts.

Use your Generals to command your army.  Summon minions to fight at your side.  Cast spells that enchant your enemies or blast them out of your path.

Not strong enough?  Then equip your General with some artifacts that will make him unstoppable.

An interesting feature for Duelyst is the use of a tiled gameboard.  When minions are summoned they are placed on tiles also called units.  Minions must be within one unit of an enemy minion or general to attack it. 

Also, you draw two cards per turn, versus other card games where you only get to draw one.  You can also return a card to your deck and draw a new one each turn as well.

To call yourself a victor you must amass an army to take down the enemy’s general.  Once his health reaches zero, you are the winner.

Fierce battles occur in the grand tournament.

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