58 Fun Online Games That You Can Play for Free

fun online games
I face you, monster, with a raging heart and a full wallet.

On a budget? Here's 58 fun online games you can play for free.

They say the best things in life are free: rainbows, sunshine, having a guy from another country scream at you because you totally wrecked his team in an online match. From Trading Card Games (TCG), to sports, to Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG), you’ll find a diversity of genres and gameplay that will only rival the sheer number of acronyms used to describe them. So, if you don’t have the money or simply want to try out a new fun game, this is a list of some of the best and most enjoyable games you can find online that don’t cost a dime.

58). Adventure Capitalist

Adventure Capitalist

We kick off the list with a nice, casual little game that will keep you hooked with pun-errific humor. You know, as in it has lots of puns? The in-game jokes are better, trust me. Your goal is to be filthy rich, and to get there, you need to sell lemons, buy new business ventures, diversify your income and sell stuff on Mars for some reason. As the game announces, it’s “capitalism made easy”.

As easy as a colorful menu.

The interface and actual game are quite simple. See that lemon button? Click it. Click it I say! There you go, you made your first lemonade? Simple, huh? Well, now you have to worry about how to make MORE money. Hurray Capitalism! So, you hire a manager to do the clicking for you, and you buy a new business that you may profit from. And BAM! You’re a quintillionaire.

And when even that’s not enough, then you just straight make up your own Martian currency.

After buying every single business on Earth, you can fund your own private mission to the Moon. Or Mars. And start monopolizing Martian chocolate, or Lunar cheese, or whatever that gives you a profit. Your Earth Dollars are of no use, of course, but you still have the spirit of entrepreneurship, darn it, so you’ll make it work. And it may not be the most flashy entry on this game list, but it sure is fun and addictive, so be sure to check out this free game, and embark in your own capitalist adventure.

Episode 1 - Adventure Capitalist - Gameplay / Playthrough - INVESTMENT MASTER!

57). Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis - Steam Early Access Trailer

Developer: Black Eye Games


Themes: Low fantasy medieval setting

You’re thrusted into a warring medieval land, where you can shape your destiny as a warrior or a merchant, amidst the political plots of those in power. Unlike other games that start like that, however, you don’t tame dragons or fling fireballs. Gloria Vicits offers you a different challenge, for it is set in a “low fantasy” world, so it’s not ripe with flashy magic spells like high fantasy, but still has some things that couldn’t happen in the real world. Basically, steel and guts shape the world.

Also, bridges seemed to be a lot more crowded

Driven by a player created economy, everything about this game tries to recreate medieval conditions, such as weapons, armor, crafting recipes, power relationships and architecture. The plot is much more mature, as there are no clear-cut good or bad guys, as well as involving treason and whatnot to thicken the complexity of the plot. So it’s not your average “save the world from the dark forces”, and magic is as subtle as a power-up blessing. All this while exploring an open world that promises to let you do as you please, with no loading screens and no invisible barriers, so you can totally run for hours on end.

“Hadn’t we passed that same rock before?” “Shut up and keep running”.

Funded by both kickstarter and eager patrons who just want to play the darn game already, this is one project that looks both ambitious and totally possible. The best combination, for sure.

Gloria Victis - Gameplay Trailer 2015

56). Salem

Salem Launch Trailer

Developer: Mortal Moments


Themes: Colonial America, Wtichcraft, Farming

So, you’re a tiny guy with strange body proportions in colonial America, with a vast amount of space and lots of time to spend. Here you have to grow your crops, hunt your food, defend yourself from hostile humans, animal and monsters, all while gathering everything you need to thrive in a crafting game. So what’s the first thing you’ll do?

Go to the closest cemetery and research the dark arts, obviously.

In Salem, combat isn’t quite the focus, for crafting is actually the subtitle of the game. As in, the game is actually called Salem: The Crafting MMO.  So you have to craft, whatever you want, farming and mining and basically building settlements and villages for you and your friends. But what about your enemies? Well, you can curse and hex them, their families and their fields, obviously. That’s why you researched the dark arts earlier, remember? All those hours in front of the PC watching your little character plunge into the darkness of forbidden arts? It was all for some good old fashion pettiness. [free056-2]

Those are some nice crops, neighbor! It is a shame I’m a psychopath with access to witchcraft.

Oh, and have I not mentioned that this is a perma-death game? That means that when and if you die, you just…die. You don’t resurrect or load a checkpoint. Friends can bury you, if they want, but you’re still dead. So there are consequences to your actions, and everything that you build will remain there even after you’re gone. Like real life, but with more monsters and witchcraft, I suppose.

Salem: the Crafting MMO, Salem Away with Tarp Marpton Episode I

55). Riders of Icarus

Riders of Icarus - Official Mounts Gameplay Trailer

Developer: WeMade Entertainment


Themes: Fantasy with bestial mounts and creatures

You know how, when you live in a fantasy MMORPG land, monsters just appear all the time? I mean, you have to wonder how do kids actually grow into adults without getting eaten by an uber-fire-bear or something. Well, Riders of Icarus is kind of the same, however, you get one glaring difference: you can actually capture and mount those beasts, looking all majestic and wild. [free055-1]

Mount beasts and battle fat half-naked bearded dudes, for some reason.

The combat system is quite good on foot, with your character learning skills according to his class while exploring and running in a 3D visually stunning and detailed world. But the best part is you can actually be the spoiled little brat you’ve always wanted to be. If you see a cool looking creature, you can straight up jump on top of it and try to tame it. When you succeed, you can actually fight on top of it, and the creature will level up and gain new abilities after each battle. So yes, Pegasus vs. Dragon riders is totally a thing you can do.

Or just swarming an ice giant, if you like dragons too.

With land and sky creatures, a promise of constant updates and graphics that make you stare at the landscape instead of cursing your video card, this is one game you should definitely try out.

First Look Gameplay

54). Hunt: Horrors of a Gilded Age

HUNT: Horrors of the Gilded Age Announce Trailer

Developer: Crytek

Genre: Survival Horror, Third Person Shooter

Themes: Monster hunter teams

Were the previous games too pretty for you? Are you yearning for blood, guts, darkness and danger? All while looking amazing in a top hat? Well, Hunt: Horrors of a Gilded Age might just be for you. Set in the late XIX century, you must partner up with some buddies and do some monster killing just to stay alive.

Might be trickier than you think, given the dimensions of that knife.

Focused on co-op gameplay, this game is the action part of a horror story, as there are no jump-scares coming out of nowhere, but danger is always present. Designed to randomize enemies and some elements each time you play it, you can never be sure what you and your buddies will face. Until you actually face it, either screaming or with a grizzled smile.

And matching hats. First impressions are important.

Although the game has gone through some rocky times during its development due to the studio closing and other technical issues, it does seem like quite a bit of fun, even if it’s in an open beta (that means it’s not finished yet, but you can play it and report bugs to the developer). So gear up and brave the night, for monsters are everywhere. And I’m sure you’ll be happy that’s the case, as you’ll have an enormous supply of targets to shoot at. And isn’t that the fun part of hunting monsters? Actually having monsters to shoot at?

Gameplay with commentary

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