Top 10 Ultimate Best Free MMORPGs You Can Play Today

Best Free MMORPGs
Hawk angel: She looks beautiful until she screeches like a bird of prey and divebombs her enemy. Then they’re concerned for more than one reason.

Here Are The Best Free MMORPGs

Do NPCs ever leave you feeling a little underwhelmed in terms of conversation and personality? Do you ever feel that a battle would be improved if you could come at a hulking monster from multiple angles, filling the niche best suited to your personality and playstyle?

That, dear reader, is what MMORPGs are for, and why I’ll be presenting ten of them for your perusal. Choose the one you like best or choose them all and forsake the world of the sun for the sweet embrace of simulated realities for free!

10. Shakes and Fidget

Shakes and Fidget dungeon gameplay

Shakes and Fidget is a super cartoony MMORPG that looks like it was ripped straight out of a Sunday comic. It brands itself as a fantasy satire, so if you’re tired of the common tropes of orcs, elves and the only advanced technology being from an ancient and conveniently deceased civilization, this game’s world might be for you!

Rather than being a game where you have to walk around and kill stuff yourself, Shakes and Fidget takes a more casual, mostly menu-based approach to the genre.  You can travel between areas with the click of a mouse to accept quests and join in on guild-based PVP battles.

Shakes and Fidget’s combat doesn’t actually have any controls; the attacks auto-play, and which side is victorious comes down to whoever has the better stats and equipment.  You can always get money and gear by accepting mildly absurd quests, though, so with enough time, you can become the strongest noodle-armed cartoon character out there!


What a hero: They say elephants never forget, but this one was probably too small to have any life experiences, anyway. I’m sure killing it was justified.

Too-small pens: I’m calling the animal welfare services.

9. Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online Raven gameplay

Dungeon Fighter Online is like playing a really energetic digital painting with tons of punching and explosions. It’s a classic side-scrolling beat-em-ep turned MMORPG with a dash of anime spice!

With animated story segments and character intros, as well as flashy combos and summons, this game has a strong focus on its visual elements. On top of the game’s stylistic appeal, it offers over 170 classes to choose from, along with customizable skills.

You can both experience the story alone and participate in raids alongside other players. Unleash your special moves and send those fireballs a-flyin’!

Headshot: Those battle scars. That handsome face. Are those the chains… on my heart?

Tiny Fairy versus Hell Octopus: I’m sure you have a chance.

8. Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God gameplay

Who doesn’t love the chaos of having fifty thousand characters on screen, each shooting a hundred thousand bullets at a rate of ten quintillion a second? Yeah, I’m exaggerating, but that’s how playing Realm of the Mad God feels!

Realm of the Mad God is a Bullet Hell MMO featuring 8-bit retro graphics and permadeath. There are over a dozen classes, who all shoot bullets in their own unique and special way.

Team up with other players to defeat powerful monsters who look like they hopped straight out of a possessed NES. Or, if you’re feeling extra tough, go it alone and brag to your friends about how much better you are at not getting shot than them!

Overcrowding: Talk about a community!

8-bit bosses: Is that a plant man with an axe? An 80s movie serial killer plant? I’m gonna say… yes.

7. The Lord of the Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings Online gameplay

In the Lord of the Rings Online, you can explore a world based on that penned by the Father of Modern Fantasy, J.R.R. Tolkien. Visit iconic locations from the books and movies through classic story-driven MMO gameplay.

Although swinging a sword is fun and cool, that’s not all this game has to offer. If you feel you need something a bit more stabby, or zappy if you’re into that magic life, you can collect materials and customize your gear through practices like farming and metalsmithing. You can even play as one of Sauron’s minions and crush the puny mortals that still cling to the fragile, crumbling façade of peace!

Fantasy transportation: Horses are just like cars! Only, you know… significantly worse.

Monsters: I’m sure fighting that thing would be scary just because of its size but take a moment to look at its face. It’s pretty derpy. That somehow makes the giant death club a little less intimidating.

6. Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights gameplay

In Spiral Knights, you play as an absolutely adorable hero stranded on an alien world. To survive, you have to fight alongside other robot-looking chibi dudes across an ever-changing landscape and make it to the planet’s core.

This game is best experienced cooperatively. Gather up a group of friends, or strongarm some acquaintances who owe you a favor, and work together to beat monsters and solve puzzles. If you decide to join a guild, you may even gain influence over the planet itself!

Combat Jell-O: The most dangerous of refrigerated snacks.

Character customization: the most adorable little future space knight you’ve ever seen!

5. Aura Kingdom

Aura Kingdom gameplay

Become one of the chosen heroes of a magical glowing cube and explore the anime-styled fantasy world of Aura Kingdom. Fight alongside both real players and AI companions called Eidolons to become a hero! Well, the hero part doesn’t really matter; you’re just here to have fun!

Aura Kingdom’s pleasant anime graphics hold within them a vast world to explore and scores of different creatures to utterly destroy. There are plenty of towns to visit and lots of lore to discover, the picturesque atmosphere making the task all the more pleasant.

This game offers highly customizable characters and fast-paced combat. While it isn’t an action game, you’ll have plenty of skills to change up your battles, as well as the ability to hop around and dodge attacks.

Magic eye: Whaaaaat, are you kidding me, that’s not creepy and demonic at all. It’s… let’s use the word “charming.”

Sexy maid and butler duo: When the staff revolt.

4. ArcheAge

ArcheAge gameplay

Trade wars and dragons are two words I never thought I’d see used to describe a singular experience, but lo and behold, that’s exactly what ArcheAge provides! It’s a sandbox MMORPG that offers not just exploration and combat, but crafting and construction, as well.

In ArcheAge, you fight for your chosen nation however you feel like, whether it’s through sailing in search of treasure, battling fierce monsters and other players or building and crafting to fuel your zone’s economy. There are a bevy of unique monsters to face, including classics like stone golems as well as more offbeat contenders like demonic snowmen, as you travel across land and sea to conquer nations and build your empire.

Or, if you’re not feeling cooperative, you can just stab people and take their money!

Demonic snowmen: Frosty… what have they done to you?

Swamp creature: You know how a crocodile’s bite is so bacteria-riddled that it’s essentially poisonous? Looking at that thing, I’m pretty sure that’s the case here too.

3. Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online gameplay

Fantasy is cool and all, but where are all the space ships? Star Trek Online’s got you covered with a sci-fi MMORPG based on the world of the long-running and multi-series-spanning franchise.

In Star Trek Online, you take on the role of a starship captain where you travel to strange new worlds and fight space battles that all look like they have way higher budgets than any of those in the old series. You can choose from a host of playable races, from blue faced aliens to cat people to boring old humans, and join any of six different factions.

This game offers both space and ground-based combat, following over 160 episodes across multiple story arcs. It really is like playing the show!

Factions: I think one of these three factions might be eeeeeevil. Could it be the red, spiky one? Naaaaah.

Metal destroyer: Somehow mildly adorable.

2. Neverwinter

Neverwinter control wizard gameplay

Dungeons & Dragons is a true classic of fantasy gameplay, and whether you’re into tabletop games or not, Neverwinter has something cool to offer. Several things, actually: eight distinct classes, a ton of unique mounts (not just horses; there’s even a monster crow!), and an epic story set in a well-loved D&D setting.

Neverwinter is an action MMORPG with tons of abilities to use. You can go the magic route with lightning bolts and healing, the trickster route with stealth attacks and status effects, or the no-thought-required route of making yourself into a stabby meat wall. Any way you slice it, you get to enjoy lots and lots of murder.

Spider mount: If I saw this coming toward me, I’d give up. Doesn’t matter if I was fighting or not. I’d just give up on life.

Magic attacks: Are bows supposed to glow?


TERA gameplay

TERA offers a playable character for every aesthetic. There are cute, dainty rabbit-eared girls, buff dragon people, adorable anthropomorphic red pandas and more! Oh, there’s also a bunch of fighting and stuff, and that’s pretty cool too!

TERA is an action game with fast, flexible combat, excellent graphics and really interesting character and monster design. Explore a vast, beautiful fantasy world where you’re truly in the middle of the action; there’s no passive clicking of enemies and waiting for them to die here!

You can either team up with friends to kill giant monsters or fight against them for the thrill of blood sport. Whatever you do, the game’s top-notch graphics and designs will make sure you look great doing it!

Mr. Aegis Tummyface: Now doesn’t he look jolly?

Cherry blossom forest: I want to live there!

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