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Enter a world of epic battles in Tera.

50.  Defiance (2013)

‘From Syfy to wifi’

Developer: Trion Worlds, Human Head Studios

Genre: TPS ARPG Multiplayer

Theme: Banish the terraforming aliens from your planet

Defiance is a polished, attractive third person shooter tied to a show on the channel Syfy. Critics who derided the game as “not addictive enough” have missed the point of what it’s meant to be: a casual, entertaining gaming experience.

Part of the fun- and, arguably, the real purpose of the game- is that Defiance has an interesting storyline told through high-quality cutscenes. The hook is in the serious gaps in the background information that’s imperative to fully understanding the story, prompting hooked players to tune in on the Syfy channel whenever the show airs.

As an MMO experience, Defiance is admittedly forgettable. Played as a single player ARPG, however, and the game holds up quite well. With a sprawling open world, a Dodge something at your disposal, and stylish and satisfying action, Defiance offers an action-packed experience that is great for a quick afternoon diversion.

‘This would be a great spot for a Mass Effect-style action prompt’

49.  Double Action: Boogaloo (2014)

‘Release the doves’

Developer: Two really cool dudes

Genre: Third Person Shooter

Theme: John Woo-esque badassery

Widely lauded as “the best f*****’ game I’ve ever played!!!!” by caffeine-addled adrenaline junkies across the internet, Double Action: Boogaloo is a totally, utterly free shooter that thrives on one key feature: Matrix-style acrobatics.

This is something special. I don’t need to explain this one, it’s simple. You dive around like a complete badass and blast people’s heads off with a dramatic flair Liberaci would blush at. And it’s freer than a bald eagle. Download now.


48.  Pinball Arcade (2012)

‘Ever since I was a young boy, I played that silver ball…’

Developer: FarSight Studios

Genre: Pinball

Theme: Pinball

It’s pinball.

‘From Soho down to Brighton, I must have played them all...’

47.  Unturned (2015)

‘Survival horror has never been so…Minecrafty’

Developer: Smartly Dressed Games

Genre: Open World Survival “Horror”

Theme: Concatenating DayZ and Minecraft

Unturned is the wildly successful free-to-play survival horror game with a Minecraft inspired art design. Maintain your vitals- hunger, stamina, etc.- and scavenge the wilderness for life-sustaining resources. Oh, and it was totally developed by a sixteen-year-old.

The world of Unturned is, due to its Minecraftian design, seemingly unlimited by possibility. You’re equally likely to stumble across an abandoned town as a military base, or a golf course. It’s free, accessible, and at its core the game works. Plus, playing it will encourage a sixteen year old who will probably be doing something a lot more impressive in the years to come.

‘Ominous cloudbricks they be’

46.  Might and Magic Duel of Champions (2013)

‘A battle of wits’

Developer: Ubisoft

Genre: Card Game

Theme: You know, cards and stuff

Might and Magic: Duel of Champions is a nuanced, sophisticated strategic card-playing online multiplayer. The game is actually not dissimilar to the Witcher 3’s gwent- and, as with gwent, the mental buzz associated with outfoxing your foe is simply irresistible.

Duel of Champions is filled with many of the standbys that card-gamers will doubtlessly recognized: intricately portrayed exotic monsters, a strong drive to continue playing in pursuit of collecting rare cards, a positive feedback loop stemming from the collection of these rare cards that convinces you to play more because of your now distinct advantage, all of the classic features. Ubisoft has tried to add context via in-game dialogue between duels, but it’s largely unnecessary. If you’re into card games, give Might and Magic: Duel of Champions a look.

“It might look a bit intimidating, but play a little and you’ll feel the magic”

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