10 Best Strategy War Games To Play in 2015

This means war!
This means war!

The drums of war are pounding in these excellent strategy war games!

Global conflict is something we all dread. But when it comes to games, there’s little that’s as exciting as war that envelops entire worlds in violence.

We previously made a list of the military strategy games that explored the nitty-gritty of what it means to be a general on the battlefield, commanding companies of troops against smaller forces. This new list, however, focuses on war on a grander scale – on battles that involve entire nations or even worlds.

Like the aforementioned article on military games, this one will also move away from the real-time strategy genre. And so let’s begin this list of the 10 Best Strategy War Games To Play in 2015 with entry # 10…

10. Tropico 5

Tropico 5 01

This beautiful coastal city is yours to develop or ruin

In Tropico 5, you are El Presidente. Tasked with governing the island nation of Tropico, you must guide its progress, as well as its people, through the evolving times. There are historical events to survive – and to exploit – such as World War II and the Cold War. And you must do all this while fending off rival factions and governments.

Who ever said being supreme leader was easy? Thankfully, the new dynasty feature means you can expand your family, with each of your brood possessing skills that will help your efforts. One of them can even become president!

It’s a game about management and construction amidst conflict and change. A fun a deeply involving strategy game!

Tropico 5 02

Tropico 5 03


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