PUBG Mobile Ranks and Ranking System Explained (Latest Patch)

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Are you wondering how the new tier system of PUBG Mobile works in the newest update? Discover here all about the ranking system.

Since the battle royale launched free-to-play earlier this year, the PUBG ranks have undergone some alterations, but they remain close to the essential rankings mo

st multiplayer games offer. PUBG's long learning curve is exacerbated by the complexity of the game's challenges, one of which is the inability to win matches. For those of you who want to know the PUBG rankings and how to reach there.

How Does the Ranking System Work?

You may play in the ranked mode, with distinct playlists for solo, duet, and team games as long as you paid once. It's been announced that PUBG gamers will have to pay for an upgrade dubbed Battlegrounds Plus due to the recent transition to free-to-play. Players will begin with a basic account that provides them access to most of the game's features but restricts them from accessing ranked play to those who have purchased Battlegrounds Plus. 

This adjustment has been implemented with the aim that the upfront payment will deter hackers. When the game becomes free-to-play, everyone who purchased it before that time will receive the Battlegrounds Plus upgrade for nothing out of pocket.

The Updated Rank List:

  • Bronze - Less than 1500 points
  • Silver - 1500-1999 points
  • Gold - 2000-2499 points
  • Platinum - 2500-2999 points
  • Diamond - 3000-3499 points
  • Crown - 3700-4199 points
  • Ace – 4200-4699 points
  • Ace Master – 4700-5199 points
  • Ace Dominator – 5200
  • Conqueror – 4200


PUBG Rankings: Rising in the Newest Update

Playing the game and earning "Ranked Points" are the only requirements for climbing the PUBG ranks (RP). In order to earn more RP, you must win games, acquire good scores, and kill a lot of enemies. However, the amount you receive decreases with each level you gain in the game. If you go below a certain RP threshold, your rank will be lowered, and the same holds true for each division of rank. That's all you need to know about PUBG ranks, and you should have a good grasp of what ranks are and how they operate.


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