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Ever wondered how you can rank up faster in PUBG mobile without worrying about taking minus points. Well, discover some of the best tips in this article.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular BRG games right now, thanks to its engaging gameplay and plenty of entertaining in-game activities. Apart from being fun, PUBG Mobile gamers strive to rank up quickly to earn appealing rewards. Additionally, the higher your rank, the more professional gamers you'll see on the battleground.

PUBG Mobile game has accumulated millions of fans and players worldwide. It has high-quality visuals and exciting gameplay. The Ace and conqueror tier is one of the game's premier leagues. Players are constantly striving to achieve the high ranks to improve their skills and get extra prizes. Therefore, let us begin by discussing ways to increase rank more quickly:


5. Focus on One Game Mode

Focus on One Game Mode, PUBG Mobile

You should select a game mode that you enjoy the most and excel at. Then, focus exclusively on that mode to rank up quickly. It is the first guideline to remember while learning how to push rank in PUBG mobile. It's also necessary for fast leveling up in battle royale games like PUBG Mobile. When you play in various modes all day, you will see that your rank does not improve significantly. 

Your match points will be divided into many categories (solo, duo, and squad). Pro gamers frequently play in solitary mode and quickly achieve the gold tier within a few weeks. Otherwise, nothing beats having a solid group and ranking up together.

How Method Works:

  • Play in only one mode.
  • For example, squad mode.
  • Play only squads as duo and solo points don't count in a different mode (team).
  • Play frequently and reach higher tiers.


4. Survive Early Stage Fights

Survive Early Stage Fights, PUBG Mobile

Players will get many negative tier ranking points for being killed during the game's rally phases. Following that, it will take between two and three matches to regain lost ranking points. To avoid losing ranking points in the early stages of the game, players must survive.

The majority of the game's violent fights come early on. If you are fortunate enough to survive that phase, you will almost certainly stay the entire game without worry of receiving a harmful or rank degradation.

How Method Works:

  • Land on safe drops.
  • Avoid hot drops.
  • Don't take fights.
  • Don't give out your location to your enemy.
  • Avoid them as much as possible.


3. Survive Longer

Survive Longer, PUBG Mobile

As PUBG Mobile is a survival game, living for an extended period is critical. Kills and surviving time is the key factors that contribute to your rank. However, keep in mind that surviving time accounts for 80% of the overall point value. Thus, it is critical to surviving until you reach the top #10 final survivors in each match. It is an essential trick in quickly ranking up in PUBG mobile that you should constantly keep in mind.

How Method Works:

  • To survive longer, avoid fights.
  • Land in safe positions and avoid any approaching enemy.
  • Don't give out steps and let them go.


2. Give More Damage to Get More Points

Give More Damage to Get More Points, PUBG Mobile

Damage is also critical since the game engine will compute the survival rating after the fight. After the match, the amount of health recovered is also calculated. Thus, attempt to inflict as much damage on foes as possible while healing rapidly. It will enhance your overall rating and assist you in quickly increasing your rank. Therefore, do not overlook this advice on how to rank up in PUBG mobile quickly.

How Method Works:

  • Land on safe drops.
  • Knock and finish the bots that spawn in those areas.
  • Rotate from edges.
  • Spot and give damage to enemies from behind.


1. High Kills Means High Points

High Kills Means High Points, PUBG Mobile

To swiftly rank up in PUBG Mobile, a player must amass a large number of kills in each match. With a high kill count every battle, players will earn more tier ranking points, allowing them to rank up to high rank swiftly. To increase your kill count, head to the map's edge, where you'll find a large number of bots and treasure. Following looting, play from the edges to swiftly identify and kill opponents.

How Method Works:

  • Play with the squad.
  • Ask them to leave the free kills for you (such as Bots or noob enemies).
  • Kill all the enemies that you see.
  • Ask your team to assist in damaging the enemy but don't kill it.
  • Kill the damaged enemy to get more kills.
  • It would help if you had the full support of your squad to get more kills.

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