PUBG Mobile Easiest Servers To Play On

Duo, Characters, PUBG
Duo, Characters, PUBG

Are you wondering what are the easiest servers of PUBG Mobile? This guide will be discussing all the easiest servers.

You obviously came here because you have some inquiries. Find out which server in PUBG Mobile is the most user-friendly. Don't worry; I'll tell you the best PUBG server to farm more chickens in this article.

The ideal server for you is the one with the lowest ping time to your location. So, for example, if you're located in North America but choose the Asian server, your gaming latency will be significantly increased. You shouldn't worry about low or high ping if you have a stable internet connection.

Several different best server for PUBG options are available, each of which will improve your game's performance by increasing bandwidth or server speed. Ping has three colors: green, yellow, and red; I suggest going with the green servers. This bodes well for a pleasant gaming experience. If your ping is yellow or red, you're either above the low ping threshold or having trouble keeping up with the action in-game. Connectivity to a wireless network indicates that all your servers are healthy, and A few of the top Servers are listed here.

1. Asia

Asia, PUBG Mobile

If you want to play PUBG on a server with the most competitive gamers, go no further than Asia. This Aisa server is popular with high-level players from all around the world, but especially those in Asia. Your KD can be increased by using bots, much like yours. Compared to the other four servers, the atmosphere on this one is the most competitive. This server primarily hosts professional players and streamers. The presence of skilled players restricts the potential for a chicken meal. This server has been split into smaller Asian-specific servers because of the region's massive population.

What's Awesome About This Server?

  • The best server
  • Highly competitive environment
  • Pro players play on this server

2. Europe

Europe, PUBG Mobile

Because of Europe's relatively small population, the region's servers offer some of the best pings for players of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Pings in Europe are higher than the average of 114ms. Try out this server if you're looking for a fun, lighthearted game. The server in question is perhaps in the middle of the pack. The skill level of the gamers here is higher. Many bots are available, just as on other servers, and can help you improve your kill-to-death ratio.

What's Awesome About This Server?

  • Easiest server
  • Players on this server are more capable of playing
  • Mid-level server



KRJP is a server tailored to users in the Korean Republic or Japan. Since there may be fewer players on KRJP, it was generally assumed that it was the easiest server.

What's Awesome About This Server?

  • The best PUBG reward server
  • Easy to play
  • For beginners
  • Chicken dinner is easy on this server

4. North America

North America, PUBG Mobile

There are a lot of bots and mediocre gamers on the North American server. This server is not difficult to play on if you stick to the lower categories, such as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. As far as PUBG mobile servers go, this one is the finest. Surprisingly, many of the gamers on this server are not experts but just mediocre. The professionals agree that this server is not as challenging. You can still win a chicken dinner even if you are a mediocre player.

What's Awesome About This Server?

  • Rank push server
  • Server for unskilled players
  • Best server

5. South America

South America, PUBG Mobile

Using this server is a good idea if you are a noob and want to rise quickly through the ranks. The bots are here, and it's a better service overall. The player on this server is really simple to eliminate.

What's Awesome About This Server?

  • Best server for newbies
  • Rank booster
  • Players are easy to kill on this server

6. Middle East

Middle East, PUBG Mobile

This Middle Eastern server is widely used in India. Many people play PUBG in India, which can cause the server's ping to drop occasionally. This is not an easy server to play on. Almost always in PUBG, some Middle Eastern player or group suggests we set up a regional server to compensate for lag caused by time zones. Many programmers have only recently realized this. Hence they are just now adding Middle Eastern servers to their roster.

What's Awesome About This Server?

  • Difficult server
  • Easy to win PUBG game server
  • Played by many people

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