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Are you wondering what the best assault rifles you need to use in PUBG Mobile are? This guide will discuss the top AR that you should use.

Regarding battle royale games, PUBG Mobile is right up there with the best. The game offers various weapons, including handguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, and heavy machine guns. The assault rifles are among the game's most potent weaponry and will almost always give you the upper hand in close to medium-range encounters. Take a look at some of PUBG Mobile's top assault rifles. 

1. Groza 

Groza is among the most potent assault guns you may equip on the digital battlefield. The weapon excels at medium-to-close range fights and has the potential to kill its target with a single, well-placed shot. The 7.62mm firing rate is also respectable. It's simple for players to obtain a Groza, thanks to airdrops.

Why Groza Is Great?

  • The best weapon of the game 
  • It can be enhanced 
  • It has a 40-round magazine

How to Get Groza: 

The Groza assault rifle is one of a kind. The map shows no spawn points for it. On the contrary, you can only get it through a special airdrop or flare drop. You shouldn't expect to find a Groza AR appearing out of nowhere.

Groza Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPlKzxYleos

2. M416

The M416 is another great option that is widely used in PUBG Mobile. This assault weapon can stand in for Groza. However, it does significantly less damage every shot. However, it can be maneuvered relatively easily and adapt to almost any situation.

Why M416 Is Great?

  • High fire rate 
  • High stability 
  • A versatile weapon
  • It can be used at any distance

How to Get M416

In the game PUBG, it is a common weapon. It's a loot item that's accessible from anywhere on the map. Shacks, rooms, and rooftops all have it.

M416 Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs6EGq8UGLw&t=9s

3. AUG A3

Regarding assault rifles, the AUG A3 stands out as a formidable option because of its high muzzle velocity and agile handling. This weapon is easily accessible via care packages and is ideal for close-quarters combat. Another benefit of this weapon is its increased rate of fire and precision control.

Why AUG A3 Is Great?

  • A special airdrop weapon
  • Has a high fire rate 
  • Has a great damage 
  • Better stability 

How to Get AUG A3

The AUG A3 is only available through airdrops and flare drops. There is zero possibility that AUG A3 will show up anywhere.

AUG A3 Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1f9Lglg8mw

4. Beryl M762

The Beryl M762 assault rifle comes next and is readily available throughout the game. Those looking for a rifle with a rapid rate of fire and high damage may consider this weapon, which has a 7.62mm magazine and an automatic fire mode. As a bonus, it allows for an unprecedented number of attachments for its class.

Why Beryl M762 – AR Is Great?

  • It has a fast fire rate 
  • It can be transformed into a lethal weapon 
  • It kills foes in an instant

How to Get Beryl M762

In the game PUBG, it is a common weapon. It's a loot item that's accessible from anywhere on the map. Shacks, rooms, and rooftops all have it.

Beryl M762 Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4paldFnIyLE&t=1s 

5. AKM

Many players in PUBG Mobile also favor the AKM as their primary weapon. It fires 7.62mm ammunition from 30-round magazines and is suitable for close to medium-range combat. Although effective at medium range, this rifle can be tricky to manage due to its strong horizontal and vertical recoil.

Why AKM Is Great?

  • High rate of fire 
  • Has harsh damage 
  • More powerful and precise

How to Get AKM

The AKM is a popular choice of weapon in PUBG Mobile. It's a loot item that's accessible from anywhere on the map. AKM appears at a uniform pace throughout the world map. The best way to find AKM and acquire riches is to search within rooms and on roofs.

AKM Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXj2jN0AMCU

6. MK47 Mutant

The MK47 Mutant, with its 7.62mm ammunition and 20-round magazines, is an outstanding weapon for medium-range battles. With a suppressor, an assault rifle becomes a viable choice. The muzzle and grip make it perfect for firing at great distances.

Why MK47 Mutant Is Great? 

  • 20-round magazines
  • An outstanding weapon
  • Perfect for firing at great distances

How to Get MK47 Mutant

The AUG A3 is only available through airdrops and flare drops. There is zero possibility that AUG A3 will show up anywhere.

MK47 Mutant Details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfCDR1dfBnM 

7. SCAR – L

This weapon's destructive potential is the same as that of the M416. While the SCAR-A rate of fire is higher, the SCAR-L rate is lower. Gamers can use it effectively mid- and long-range because of its reduced recoil and increased range. A compensator with a vertical grip is necessary for use with this firearm. The recoil of the Scar-L assault rifle (AR) is manageable. This AR's compensator and vertical grip make it easy to use in full auto, even while using a 4x scope.

Why SCAR – L Is Great?

  • High damage rate
  • It can be utilized in the mid and long-range
  • A lower recoil

How to Get SCAR-L

In PUBG Mobile, the SCAR - L is a common weapon. It's attainable from anywhere on the globe. There is no noticeable variation in the SCAR - L spawn rate from region to region. Searching rooms and rooftops are the best strategy for robbing SCAR - SCAR-L Details:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uxM4voIrrM

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