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PUBG Mobile Best DP
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Have you ever wondered what a professional-looking DP is in PUBG Mobile? If yes, you have come to the right place. Discover the best PUBG Mobile Dp that you can utilize.

PUBG Mobile has become a global sensation. Players have managed their PUBG profiles with a touch of professionalism. But, you all must be wondering, how can we manage a game ID professionally? Well, many factors come into play, such as inventory display, KD Ratio, Bio, Account level, Evo-ground level, and most importantly, the DP of your account plays an important role in displaying things about you.

Now, you all must be wondering what the use of a DP in PUBG Mobile is. Well, a display of pictures shows a lot about a player. A cool display picture can help you get the audience and number of friend requests daily. I have seen many player IDs with a cool high KD Ratio, Inventory, and High account level but have the worst display picture in a game. Due to the wrong DP, the impression I had about those players just vanished. 

What makes a DP worse? A blurred image or disturbing content. Where to find Display Pictures that will attract you or make your profile look cool? Don’t worry. I have prepared a list of the top 10 PUBG Mobile DPs that are awesome in every way.


10. The Burning Effect

The Burning Effect Display Picture, PUBG Mobile

In this picture, we can see a player standing in front of dire. He is equipped with a Level 3 helmet, vest, Backpack. And an AKM Assault Rifle. On his vest, we can see the glimpse of the start of the match when players are landing with their parachutes.

This DP is awesome for those players that love to fight early in the game. This shows that the player is aggressive and likes to fight early in the game. Whoever will see this DP in the players’ profile will know that the player is fierce and will give them a hard time if they had a chance to fight head-on.

Download: The Burning Effect


9. The Sharpshooter 

The Sharpshooter Display Picture, PUBG Mobile

On number nine, we have the sharpshooter display picture. As we all know, PUBG is not just a game. It is a battle royale, and only the best one can survive. The player whose aim is deadly can be your worst nightmare in PUBG Mobile.

Only one squad emerges victorious amongst 25 different squads. This DP shows that the player is a sharpshooter and has a deadly aim that will not miss its target. This DP is perfect for those players that prefer to show their aiming skills.

Download: The Sharpshooter


8. Conqueror 

Conqueror Display Picture, PUBG Mobile

The conqueror title is one of the hardest titles to get in PUBG Mobile. It is the hardest avatar to get in PUBG Mobile. Amongst millions of players, only the top 500 get this title. 

This DP shows that the player has immense dedication towards the game and has a skillset of top and professional players. Everyone loves this title, and having it as a DP shows that the player is deadly and talented.

Download: Conqueror 


7. Ninja DP

Ninja DP, PUBG Mobile

The Ninja DP is an attractive DP to utilize. It is a custom DP that anyone in the game can utilize. This DP shows the avatar of a Ninja. A ninja is a person that kills all of its enemies in a blink of an eye. 

A player can use this DP to show that he is a stealth master and kill his enemies in a blink of an eye. Whoever sees this DP will be impressed by the player and will know to run away from this player if he encounters the player in a match.

Download: Ninja DP  


6. Pharaoh 

Pharaoh Display Player, PUBG Mobile

The pharaoh is one of the most overpowered characters of PUBG Mobile. It is a suit that was only redeemable for a limited time. However, it is one of the best PUBG Mobile suits as it is limited in number. 

This display picture can benefit a player because it shows that the player has a deep love for PUBG Mobile. This DP shows others that the player is overpowered and has spent a lot of money on the game. This DP is an exquisite image because it makes a player resemble the pharaoh. 

Download: Pharaoh  


5. The Glowing Dragon

The Glowing Dragon DP, PUBG Mobile

The glowing dragon is one of the most impressive DP a player can utilize. The dragon is a mythical creature that is considered to be overpowered and impressive. The dragon can spit fire from his mouth, killing his enemies in an instant.

With this DP, you can show other players that just like a dragon, you are a killing machine and can kill other players in seconds. When other players see this DP, they will be impressed by it and will be willing to follow you.

Download: The Glowing Dragon  


4. Custom DP

Custom DP, PUBG Mobile

On number fourth, we have a Custom DP. This is a copyright-free sample that I have presented for you. You can edit the picture and add your In-game Name (IGN). This is a special kind of custom DP that can be utilized to get a good impression.

With the utilization of this DP, you can show your enemies that you are attached deeply to the PUBG Mobile. Furthermore, this DP can also show that you are a professional gamer with gaming channels on different platforms. All you have to do is write your name in this format:

  • For Instagram: IG-ASSASSIN
  • For YouTube: YT-ASSASSIN
  • For Tiktok: Assassingamingop

Download: Custom DP


3. The Best Fighter

The Best Fighter, PUBG Mobile

On number three, we have ranked “The Best Fighter” display picture. It is an animated DP that shows a character wearing a level 3 helmet, vest, and carrying an Assault Rifle in his hand. These types of DPs are mostly used on players' social media handles and game DP.

An animated display picture can show that the player has immense love for the game and has invested his time to create a master art for his game. In addition, this shows that the player has professional gaming accounts on various other platforms.

With this DP, you can show people that you are a fierce and strong player who will not hesitate to rush on enemies and give them a tough time.  

Download: The Best Fighter  


2.  Sniper Specialist

Sniper Specialist Display Pictures, PUBG Mobile

On number two, we have the “Sniper Specialist.” A sniper can be your worst nightmare in PUBG Mobile. Why? Because he will be continuously hitting you with headshots from afar. He can spot and give you a lot of damage in seconds because a sniper rifle is a long-range gun that is considered an overpowered weapon.

With this DP, a player can show that he is a fierce and deadly sniper. His aim is sharp, and he does not miss his targets. This type of DP will make other players worried, and they will not want to fight you in a long-range situation.

Download: Sniper Specialist


1. Golden Mirado Rider

Golden Mirado Rider DP, PUBG Mobile

On the number one spot on our list, we have “Golden Mirado Rider.” A golden Mirado is a special type of vehicle in PUBG Mobile that can only be found on the Miramar map. It is special because the golden color Mirado is a rare version of the Mirado vehicle.

Many players fight to get this car because it is one of the fastest and easiest cars to drive. On a map like Miramar, some vehicles are very slow. Unlike those vehicles, a golden Mirado is desired by many players just because of its stability and speed.

Using this DP, the player can show that he has conquered many enemies to get the car he desires. It also shows that he is a fierce warrior that will let nothing come in his way. With this DP, other players will love your game and surely show an interest in your profile.

Download: Golden Mirado Rider


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