[Top 5] PUBG Mobile Best Ways To Spend BP

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Ever wondered what to do with so much excess BP in PUBG Mobile. Find out the best ways to spend BP in this article:

PUBG Mobile is one of the top-grossing multiplayer survival games on the market, with its unique difficulties and more. Every player wishes to climb the rankings by accumulating more "Chicken Dinners" in the game, which has evolved into a self-hailing point for many real smartphone gamers.

As the game grows in popularity, many new players join the community and are curious about how to spend BP in PUBG Mobile, which is critical for people to know. If you're wondering the same thing, fear not; here's all you need to know.

In this article, I will discuss some of the ways to spend BP in the game PUBG Mobile. So, if you have saved up a lot of BP and don't know how to spend and where to spend BP, then this article is for you.


5. Buy Crate for BP

Buy Crate for BP, PUBG Mobile

We get a lot of BP while playing PUBG Mobile. Suppose you are thinking about spending BP in PUBG Mobile and don't know where to spend it. Then the best method to spend PUBG Mobile BP is to buy soldier crates from it. One soldier crate costs 700 BP at the start, and then the cost starts to rise with each opening. The max amount of limit is 7000 BP per crate. It is one of the easiest ways to spend BP. Now, you must be thinking about what the benefit of buying PUBG Mobile Soldier Crates is. Well, you can get the mythic skirt and different things by using crates.

How Buying Crate for BP Works

  • Go to crates
  • Select soldier crate
  • Open crates one or ten at a time.


4. Buy RP Cards

Buy RP Cards, PUBG Mobile

The most efficient way to spend BP is to buy RP cards from the shop. By buying RP points cards, we can use them to fulfill our RP missions and get a lot of rewards. There is just one limit that we can only purchase 5 RP cards per week for 25k BP. 

How Buying RP Cards Works

  • Go to Shop
  • Select the RP points card
  • Buy the RP point


3. Buy Silver Fragments

Buy Silver Fragments, PUBG Mobile

If you have extra BP reserves, the best thing to spend the BP is buying the silver fragments. Why should you buy silver fragments? Well, the fragments can be used to redeem different outfits, gun skins, and other things. They are also used to redeem classic and premium crates coupons.

How Buying Silver Fragments Works

  • Go to Shop
  • Scroll down to the end
  • Click the silver fragment
  • Click Purchase


2. Customize Character

Customize Character, PUBG Mobile

Many people desire good characters in PUBG Mobile. Most of the good characters are purchasable using UC, but those who cannot use UC to purchase the characters can use the BP to modify their character or change genders. It is one of the most convenient ways to customize your character.

How to Customize Character Works

  • Go to Inventory
  • Select character
  • Change the features
  • Purchase the features that you want


1. Purchase “The Fool” Avatar

Purchase “The Fool” Avatar, PUBG Mobile

Purchasing The Fool avatar is one of the trending things in PUBG Mobile. Why? It is because The Fool is famous amongst the people that love the Joker Movie. It came out as a collaboration of PUBG Mobile and The Joker movie. It is one of the most fantastic-looking avatars in PUBG Mobile.

How Purchasing “The Fool” Avatar Works

  • Go to Shop
  • Select The Fool avatar
  • Purchase for BP


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