[Top 10] PUBG Mobile Best Dress

PUBG Mobile Best Dress
Mythic Outfit, PUBG Mobile

Discover some of the best dresses of PUBG Mobile that can help you get a lot of benefits. 

The developers of PUBG Mobile keep on adding extraordinary suits to the game. Many of us spend a lot of money to buy some dresses. Why? Because PUBG Mobile is a game in which dresses play an important role. They show how much money you spend on the game and depict the immense love you have for this game.

There are many beautiful dresses in PUBG Mobile that get our attention. In my opinion, the best dresses added to PUBG Mobile were in seasons two to eight. The dresses make our character look perfect and other than that, and it gives us a feeling of satisfaction while playing the game.

Many of you will be wondering, which PUBG Mobile is the best dress in the game? Well, worry not, I will be presenting you with a list of PUBG Mobile dresses that you should buy or redeem to make your character look good. So, let us have a look:


10. Black Racecar Knight - Mythic Dress

Black Racecar Knight - Mythic Dress, PUBG Mobile

On our list, the number ten spot is the Black Racecar Knight dress. It is one of the most mythic outfits that are hard to find. The black race car knight is a perfect-looking outfit that has a good texture and color combination. The colors are eye-catching and make the character's dress look smooth.

One of the dresses is included in the oldest royal passes, but only the old gamers who purchased the royal pass have it. It is one of the most desired outfits of PUBG Mobile. Recently, it was added in an honor spin that required UC to be spent for a spin. One spin requires 60 UC, and only the lucky people get this set. 

How to Get Black Racecar Knight Dress:

  • Season 4 Royale Pass
  • Honor Spin
  • Crate Opening
  • 60 UC per spin


9. Frog Dress

Frog Dress, PUBG Mobile

The frog dress is one of the most desired dresses of PUBG Mobile. This is because this dress gives our player a look of a frog. Recently, this dress was added to PUBG Mobile as a reward for a spin. The spin started from 60 UC, and with every draw, the UC cost increases by doubling.

Many people have tried to get this dress, but unfortunately, like me, they didn’t have luck by their side. Getting a dress from a lucky spin is one of the hardest and stressful parts of the game. I tried my best but couldn’t get my hands on this dress. 

How to Get the Frog Dress:

  • Lucky Draw Spin
  • 60 UC per Spin
  • Doubling of UC after every spin


8. Acolyte of Justice

Acolyte of Justice, PUBG Mobile

On number eight, we have the Acolyte of Justice suit. You may probably wonder what an acolyte of justice is. This dress resulted from the collaboration between PUBG Mobile and the Netflix series “The Order.” The magicians in the Netflix series were known as Acolyte of Justice. 

This suit came out recently as a part of premium crates. As we know, after every ten premium crate openings, we get a guaranteed legendary suit. It was pretty evident that many people spend money on this suit because it is one of the most attractive suits of the game. Therefore, it can be said that it is the best suit for season 17. 

How to Get Acolyte of Justice Dress:

  • Premium Crates
  • 120 UC per crate
  • Chance to get after ten spins (Guaranteed Legendary Maybe the Suit)


7. Lady of Blood

Lady of Blood, PUBG Mobile

On the number seven, we have the Lady of Blood suit. Lady of blood suit is one of the most desired and attractive suits of PUBG Mobile. Lady of blood suit came out with two other mythic sets as a part of lucky draw-spin. Many players tested their luck, but as we know, there are only a few that get rewarded.

The lady of blood suit is attractive because of its red color and the design of the dress. In addition, it completely changes the look of a player’s character, making him look far more fierce and experienced. 

How to Get the Lady of Blood Dress:

  • Lucky Draw Spin
  • 60 UC per Spin
  • Chances of getting this dress less than 2%


6. Fluorescent Jester Set

Fluorescent Jester Set, PUBG Mobile

The fluorescent Jester Set is one of the sets that came out in recent years. It was a result of a collaboration with the Movie “Joker.” The suit is perfectly designed to look exactly like the joker. It is one of the most expensive suits to get in PUBG Mobile. Many people have spent around $1000000 of UC to obtain this dress.

Well, as we all know, the collection of dresses is proportional to luck, not money. Many individuals get it as low as 60 UC. The Jester Set has a combination of colors that makes him look like the crazy joker on a killing spree. It makes your character look fierce and experienced. 

How to Get Fluorescent Jester Set:

  • Lucky Draw Spin
  • 60 UC per Spin
  • Rare suit (less chance of acquiring)


5. Modern Lord Set

Modern Lord Set, PUBG Mobile

The Modern Lord set is one of the most delicate and unique dresses of PUBG Mobile. It is a mythic suit that premium crates can only obtain. The Modern Lord set is a type of suit that has two sides. On one side, he is wearing a suit, and on the other half, there is the dress of a lord.

It is one of the most versatile dresses of PUBG Mobile. Why? Because it gives a perfect look to the character making him unique and different from other players. The idea of the dress being half lord and half gentlemen make the dress look very elegant and one of a kind.

How to Get Modern Lord Dress:

  • Premium Crate
  • 120 UC per Crate
  • Less chance of acquiring (Mythic suit is always hard to get)
  • Chance to get after ten spins (Guaranteed Legendary Maybe the Suit)


4. Godzilla Set

Godzilla Set, PUBG Mobile

On number four, we have the Godzilla Set. The Godzilla set is one of the most recently added dresses of PUBG Mobile. This dress came out after the collaboration of PUBG Mobile and the Movie “Godzilla vs. Kong.” Godzilla set is one of the mythic suits of PUBG Mobile. Mythic suits are the most legendary and hard to get.

The Godzilla set is suitable for the fans of Godzilla. This suit makes them look attractive and shows that they are fans of Godzilla and not Kong. This is one of the unique sets because there is no other dress that is like this.

How to Get Godzilla Set:

  • Lucky Draw Spin
  • Can be acquired after 200 spins
  • Chances of getting are low
  • 60 UC per Spin


3. Kong Set

Kong Set, PUBG Mobile

The Kong set is also the most recent mythic suite of PUBG Mobile. Like the Godzilla set, it also came out after Godzilla vs. Kong started in the PUBG Mobile. This set is the same as the real Godzilla. Hairy, scary, black, big finger, and foot are the characteristics of this set. 

The Kong set is suitable for those players that like Kong more than Godzilla. This shows that the individuals are in favor of Kong and want him to win.

How to Get Kong Set:

  • Hola Buddy Event
  • Lucky Spin
  • 60 UC per Spin
  • Chances of getting this dress are low


2. Pharaoh Suit

Pharaoh Suit, PUBG Mobile

The second top-ranked suit of PUBG Mobile is the Pharaoh Suit. It is a special kind of suit that came precisely ten months ago. This suit was featured in the Pharaoh lucky draw. You had to spend a significant amount of money on the game to get this suit and upgrade it to the fullest.

The Pharaoh suit is one of the best suits in PUBG Mobile because of its unique characteristic of being an upgradable suit. The Pharaoh suit can be upgraded to six different levels. The levels are:

  • Basic Appearance
  • Teammate Interaction
  • Advanced form
  • Victory Broadcast
  • Shock and Awe
  • Final Form

When you reach the final form, you can see the true glory of the Pharaoh Suit. It is the best and incomparable suit of PUBG Mobile. 

How to Get the Pharaoh Suit:

  • It comes as the first upgradeable suit
  • It can be unlocked with the mode in Miramar and Erangle
  • It needs to be unlocked using cash 
  • Opening of crates


1. Blood Raven X-Suit

Blood Raven X-Suit, PUBG Mobile

Lastly, on the number one spot, we have the Raven X-Suit. Like the Pharaoh Suit, Raven X-Suit is also an upgradeable suit recently added to PUBG Mobile. It is one of the unique sets due to being backed by the proper story of Blood Raven.

The Blood Raven X-Suit is one of a kind and has surpassed the famous Pharaoh suit to gain the number one ranking. It is one of the most recently added suits of PUBG Mobile. It requires a lot of UC to be spent on the suit. It has six different levels on which it can be upgraded:

  • Basic Appearance
  • Teammate Interaction
  • Advanced form
  • Victory Broadcast
  • Shock and Awe
  • Final Form

The true glory of Raven X-Suit can be seen when it reaches its final form. The Raven Suit is one of the most desired suits of 2021. Raven X-Suit had a lot of publicity and a proper introduction video that tempted many players to buy it.

How to Get the Blood Raven X-Suit:

  • The second upgradeable suit of PUBG Mobile
  • It can be unlocked with the mode in Miramar and Erangle
  • Needs digital cash to be unlocked
  • It would help if you opened some crates to unlock this dress.


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