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PUBG Mobile Camo Outfits

Suppose you have ever wondered how to survive a match longer with the perfect camo outfit. Then, you've come to the right place. In this article, I have discussed all the best camo outfits.

PUBG Mobile is a game in which hiding often can give you a lot of easy kills. Why? This is because the maps in PUBG Mobile have many hiding places such as grass, walls, rooms, ridges, and behind cars. But to hide in such places, you need to be equipped with the best camo outfits available.

Have you ever wondered why you get killed even though you're hiding in a unique and possibly the best place? Let me tell you why this is because many of the players are always equipped with the best kind of bags and shiny outfits present in the game. Little do they know that these outfits and bag skins get them killed every time they hide in a place.

The bags and outfits can get you killed because they help the enemies spot. How? If you are hiding in the grass, and the colour of your outfit or bag is unusual and not similar to the grass, you can be spotted from far away. In this post, I will be showing you the top 10 PUBG Mobile best camo outfits. So, let us get started:


10. Halloween Mummy Outfit:

Halloween Mummy Outfit, PUBG Mobile

On the number 10th, we have the Halloween mummy outfit. This outfit can be considered a camo outfit if you are a fan of the map Vikendi. As we all know, the map "Vikendi" is full of snow, and everywhere you go, you'll only see white snow. So to hide in the snow, I believe this is one of the most helpful camo outfits in the game.

Halloween mummy outfit can be beneficial if enemies surround you and no squad member comes to your aid. Then, all you have to do is find a suitable spot to hide and sit or prone there, that's it. 

How to Get Halloween Mummy Outfit: 

  • PUBG Lucky Crate
  • 60 UC per Crate
  • Mythic Dress


9. Corn Outfit

Corn Outfit, PUBG Mobile

On the number 9th, we have the Corn Outfit. Corn outfit is one of the trending outfits these days. Why? This outfit is a combination of colours that are green and yellow, just like corn. This outfit is suitable for two maps, Sanhok and Erangle. Due to its unique colours, the corn outfit helps you hide in the grass without even being spotted.

The colour of this outfit matches perfectly with the grass in Erangle and Sanhok. All you have to do is find a spot and make sure to hide there correctly. This outfit is mainly utilized in tournaments and scrims as it gives you the advantage of hiding from enemies. 

How to Get Corn Outfit:

  • Discount Pack
  • 720 UC
  • Guaranteed Reward


8. Mercenary Set

Mercenary Set, PUBG Mobile

On the number 8th, we have a Mercenary set. The mercenary outfit is one of the outfits we get free in PUBG Mobile by completing some achievements and getting the collector title. The Mercenary set is also famous for using Erangle and Sanhok because of its dark contrasts.

A mercenary set is a type of set that most PUBG Players use. It is mainly utilized in Sanhok because it combines dark colours, and it helps us hide in various spots such as rocks, grass, and behind trees without being spotted.

How to Get Mercenary Outfit:

  • Gain Achievement Points
  • Get Collector Title
  • With collector set PUBG gifts, you mercenary set.


7. Iron Rose Set

Iron Rose Set, PUBG Mobile

On the number 7th spot, we have the Iron Rose Outfit. Well, most of you would be thinking, how is this outfit considered a camo outfit? Let me tell you how the Iron Rose Set, due to its unique set of red and black colours, makes it easier for us to hide in a unique spot to avoid unnecessary fights.

Iron Rose Set is one of the most liked sets of PUBG Mobile, it is a set that is eye-catching, and many players love to wear this dress to show off. But there is more to this dress. Wearing this dress in Sanhok and Erangle can help you avoid unnecessary fights so that you can gain points for your squad in a tournament or scrims.

How to Get Iron Rose Set:

  • Royal Pass
  • Season 14
  • Tier 30


6. Guardian Armor Outfit

Guardian Armor Outfit, PUBG Mobile

One of the most used sets of PUBG Mobile is the Guardian Armor outfit. It is one of the most recent outfits of PUBG Mobile. It can be seen in Season 17 as a mythic outfit. How is it a camo outfit? Well, you can use this armour set to hide in places that are dusty and barren. For example, in Miramar Map, if you are prone in a ridges area, enemies will not be able to spot you just because you are matching the colour of the sand of the Miramar map.

How to Get Guardian Armor Outfit:

  • Season 17
  • Royale Pass
  • Tier 10
  • Mythic Outfit


5. Monstrous Godzilla Suit

Monstrous Godzilla outfit, PUBG Mobile

On the number 5th spot, we have the Monstrous Godzilla outfit. How can it be considered a camo outfit? Well, this outfit is excellent when it comes to hiding in dark places. It is one of the most desired outfits of PUBG Mobile. It is famous amongst Godzilla fans.

Due to their mixture of dark colours, Monstrous Godzilla outfits help us hide in spots such as in grass, behind trees, and even behind a vehicle. It is most useful in tournaments and scrims. 

How to Get Monstrous Godzilla Outfit:

  • Premium Crates
  • 120 UC
  • Rare Chances
  • Mythic Outfit


4. Traditional Dancer Outfit

Traditional Dancer Outfit, PUBG Mobile

On the number 4 spot, we have the Traditional Dancer Outfit. It is one of the most famous outfits of PUBG Mobile. Due to its green contrast, it is desired by many PUBG Mobile players. Furthermore, this outfit is easy to get and can be purchased anytime.

It is most beneficial in maps like Erangle and Sanhok. The green colour makes it worthwhile for us to hide in certain places such as grass, ridges, and even houses.

How to Get Traditional Dancer Outfit:

  • Go to Shop
  • Open the Outfits Option
  • Scroll down
  • Select Traditional Dancer Outfit
  • Purchase for 18000 AG currency


3. Ghillie Suit - White

Ghillie Suit White, PUBG Mobile

Ghillie suit white is one of the essential camo suits of PUBG Mobile. However, it can be considered as one of the overpowered suits. Why? It is a special kind of suit that can only be looted from a super drop. Therefore, Ghillie suit white can be obtained only in the Vikendi Map.

In Vikendi Map, the ghillie suit can be beneficial because it is complicated to spot a player wearing a ghillie suit in Vikendi as he mixes up with the colour of snow and becomes very hard to find.

How to Get Ghillie Suit White:

  • Looted from Drop
  • A Special Dress
  • Vikendi Map


2. Ghillie Suit - Yellow

Ghillie Suit Yellow, PUBG Mobile

Another kind of Ghillie suit that we will be talking about is the yellow ghillie suit that can only be found on the map Miramar. It is one of the most desired suits of PUBG Mobile because it is a special kind of dress that can only be looted from the super drop.

Yellow ghillie suits make you invisible, and your enemies have a hard time spotting and firing at you. By the time enemies spot you, you have already killed them. 

How to Get Ghillie Suit Yellow:

  • Miramar Map
  • Super Drop
  • Flare Drop


1. Ghillie Suit - Green

Ghillie Suit Green, PUBG Mobile

At the number 1 spot, we have the green ghillie suit. It is one of the most desired and needed outfits of PUBG Mobile. It is the top-ranked camo outfit of PUBG Mobile. It can be looted in maps such as Erangle and Sanhok. The Ghillie suit is considered an overpowered outfit as it makes a player invisible.

Being equipped with a green ghillie suit makes you get the most out of your enemies. They have a hard time spotting and firing at you. Equipping the ghillie suit makes it almost impossible for your enemies to spot you if you are prone in a pile of grass. It is one of the best PUBG suits, and you should search for it.

How to Get Ghillie Suit Green: 

  • Erangle and Sanhok Map
  • Super Drop
  • Flare Drop


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