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Are you looking for some of the best kill compilations in PUBG Mobile? Here are the top 20 videos that you must watch.

Does anybody imagine what it would be like to kill someone on camera? In recent years, several YouTubers have demonstrated their talents. It's easy to find kill reels on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms. Do you wish to view these videos to get knowledge? Then you've come to the right place.

This article will cover the finest kill compilations in PUBG Mobile so you can better manage 1v1, 1v2, and other scenarios. By reading the following article, you may find more information on the film, including what others thought of it and some of the best killings.

Watching these videos could teach you a lot about the game's intricacies and techniques. When confronted by a large group of adversaries, we often find ourselves at a loss for words. We can't keep our cool and solve the issue as a group. The following article will teach you how top athletes handle pressure if you've ever been in a similar position.

20. The Best SQUAD WIPES | Clutch Moments - PUBG Mobile

Video uploaded by user FatalFrag on YouTube. It's an honor to play for FatalFrag, which is up there with the finest teams in the world. He's got skills nobody other has. The people on his wiping crew are not only funny but also quite skilled and swift. Watching the Player's quick reactions and expert technique in this video is a pleasure.

Gameplay sequences from a variety of titles are featured in this video compilation. We could say that he is compassionate based on his accuracy and gaming prowess. There have been other instances where the Player had successfully ambushed his enemies by sneaking up on them when they were unprepared. This Player's performance can teach us a thing or two about rush strategies.

19. Top 10 Clutch by Tacaz PUBG

Some of the sport's biggest stars are included in this documentary. This video captures some of Tacaz's gameplay. He is widely respected in the PUBGM community. Through his public displays of expertise, he has established himself as a top PUBG player. See Tacaz's outstanding accomplishments in 1v3, 1v4, and 1v8 here.

Seeing how swiftly and efficiently Tacaz can kill his adversaries is the fascinating part of this film. Because of his incredible speed, Tacaz is considered one of the most deadly players in PUBG. Many athletes look forward to him as a source of motivation and inspiration. Insightful comparisons of his solo versus squad playthroughs can help us become unstoppable.

18. Top 10 Clutch by Levinho

Levinho dominates the PUBG scene. He's gone viral, thanks to his skill as a player. Due to his vast experience in battle, he can deal with any threat. Levinho has a big group of devoted followers. You may recognize Levinho, a famous PUBG player and YouTuber, from this clip. He quickly dispatches his opponents in 1v6, 1v5, and 1v4 situations.

Shotguns, SMGs, ARs, DMRs, and Snipers are just some of the weaponry he shows off in this video. Among the best PUBG videos is this compilation of kills. This movie showcases the top 10 clutches that have motivated gamers worldwide. Levinho's playstyle is highly instructive for newer players as he demonstrates how to handle difficult situations. To find out more, please view the attached video.

17. Top 10 Clutch by BTR Zuxxy

Have I missed someone who hasn't heard of Zuxxy? Zuxxy is one of the game's best players, and he especially shines in PUBG Mobile. Currently, he is a member of Bigetron RA. From Indonesia, he has accomplished much. He has proven himself at numerous high-level PUBGM tournaments, including the PMPL, PMWL, and Super Weekends.

This video features Zuxxy's most impressive clutches and kills. Zuxxy is one of the top gamers because he can adapt to any situation. There are a lot of athletes who see Zuxxy as someone to look up to. Even the strongest players in PUBG are aware of him. You may know why he has so much admiration by watching this video. This video shows you what to do in different situations so you can get the problem under control quickly.

16. Top Kills in PUBG Mobile | Best kills PUBG Compilation

Videos like this one, which compiles numerous kills in PUBG Mobile, have gone viral. Video game news website Gaming Scoop uploaded it. This video has grenade kills, assault rifle kills, and submachine gun kills. This YouTuber is considered a PUBG Mobile pro because he dominates the game's team mode. He has found a sympathetic audience in many nations, including Pakistan and India.

The Player has made available a variety of playable maps. One of my favorite kills by this Player is when he eliminated the group of men rushing him and trying to run him over with a car.

I think you may learn something from this YouTuber's skills about how to rush and fight with enemies even when in a truck. He has already proven that you can make rapid kills by charging at your opponents, and you should do the same.

15. No Excuses | PUBG Mobile Montage

That video was posted to YouTube by user frankygamer787. It's safe to argue that he's one of India's most adaptable players. In this montage, he showcases several of his most unique clutches on various board formats. My favorite part of his videos is when he takes on formidable obstacles, like facing tough opponents in 1v4.

Franky is shown in this montage clinging to his comrades rather than rushing to their aid when they are in a jam. Many, including ourselves, believe it is more important to work toward mending ties with old allies than to engage in open warfare. As we run to our comrade to revive him, we incur significant damage and make it easier for the enemy to come in and overwhelm us.


In the seventh video, I will introduce a significant change next on our schedule. For your enjoyment, we have a sniping montage performed by the famous Indian Player Dynamo. His skill with a sniper rifle is unrivaled, and he will smash your skull if you stand in his way. If Dynamo shows up in your lobby with a sniper, here's what you should do. To escape as quickly as possible.


Our sixth best is the panda. I include him among my all-time favorite artists. Nothing can phase this Player. No matter what you do, he will kill you. Even if you pick up a weapon he drops, it won't matter. One of the most-watched channels on YouTube is Streamer Panda. Over ten million people follow him online. His skill in battle is unparalleled.

Please look at this video to see how he easily defeated their team. He pulled out his weapon and charged straight toward the enemy. When he gets near to his opponents, that's when I start to enjoy his bouts. Observing the video, one realizes that he possesses an extraordinary skill that allows him to succeed consistently. Watching this player play will teach you a lot about strategy and technique.

12. 5 Fingers + Gyroscope | PUBG MOBILE Montage

Synzx posted it to his YouTube account. This compilation features battles fought at close, intermediate, and long ranges. I thought you guys could learn much about peak and fire from watching this person play, so I put together this clip. He is a fantastic player who rarely gets the credit he deserves. A full gyro and five-finger controls are at his disposal. If you're looking for a role model in the game, he's the one you should model yourself after.

11. Safari Best Beat Sync Edit PUBG Mobile Montage

Given its popularity on YouTube and its potential to draw a large audience, this film is being screened. The creator of a beat-sync video has their work cut out for them.

Here you can watch the M24 and AR beat-sync montage in action. Throughout this video, you will be entertained. This is a wholly expected development within the context of the song. Among the best AR and Sniping kills in Total War: Warhammer may be shown in this video. 


The most popular video of all time is a compilation by the user LOKOPOKO. It is one of the best montages because it shows the struggles one faces to become a conqueror. This video demonstrates the steps to take and the outcomes to expect while facing off against a hacker. The Conqueror title in PUBG Mobile is emotionally related to our performance, so if we don't do well enough in our dreams, we won't be able to unlock it in the game.

In this highlight reel, the Player's allies have helped them take down several enemies, both individual players and enemy teams. Remember that the most excellent way to succeed at PUBGM is to work together as a solid unit. You will always be on the losing end if you try to avoid this result.

9. Best of Shroud – PUBG 

Here we have some fantastic PUBG gameplay featuring kills from the popular YouTuber Silenced Pan. It has been viewed over 4.5 million times and has over 24,000 subscribers.

8. PUBG Extreme Kills (Compilation) 

Clip That is a popular YouTube channel with over 77.2k followers and 180k views for this video of brutal kills in PUBG.


Carry Minati, a popular Indian YouTuber, has published a video on his channel called "CarryIsLive," in which he discusses the top sniper kills in under a minute. His videos regularly receive over 10 million views, and he has over 10.8 million subscribers.


A video with over 112,000 subscribers and 924k views on YouTube claims to demonstrate the fastest-ever squad wipes in PUBG mobile.

5. TOP 5 KILLS | PUBG Mobile

You can thank Izzo for posting this video on YouTube. It's been established that Izzo, a popular YouTuber, is also a professional player. Izzo's channel has about a million subscribers, and I think he's a terrific player. The video highlights his top five kills. In this montage, I liked how he methodically approached the enemy on the roof of the Squad House and didn't rush in, although being confident that he would be able to steal TPP. This being the case, he sprinted through the gap in the wall and finished him off from behind.

They didn't even notice it was happening. Izzo, who is among the top players in the world, can master whatever tool you throw at him. His skills in battle on PUBG Mobile place him among the game's elite players. Izzo is a cool-headed, collected individual who will go far in life.

4. TOP 10 Kills of the Week | PUBG Mobile

One of the best PUBG Mobile kill compilation videos, featuring some of the game's most fantastic squad wipes and individual kills. The video begins with a squad wipe by kvleofficialgaming: Kvleofficialgaming, professional Player and streamer of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on Mobile. The game has never seen somebody with his level of skill.

The video's Player effortlessly eliminated the whole opposing team thanks to his calm manner and command of the situation. This guy has tremendous reflexes, brilliant strategy, and many tools. Most of the most impressive kills occur during battles between two or more squads.

Players always charge their opponents, risking the lives of their troops. Kyle's video features some of his most notable kills. I believe the following deaths are among the most remarkable ever recorded. Why? Simply because he hasn't given ground without a good reason. This clip is a showcase of his speed and agility.

Kvle's coworkers can teach you that putting yourself in situations like the one depicted here is not worth the risk of death. The best course of action is to evaluate the situation and take appropriate measures. The gamer's calm manner was a key factor in his victory. I was watching this video that will teach you what to do in the thick of combat and when to do it.

3. PUBG Mobile Kill Compilation | Fast Kills & Intense Moments

This clip was first posted on the TalkToHand channel. The video player shows the benefits and drawbacks of both solo and team gaming. The Player has used a wide array of weapons to defeat his enemies. He was going it alone against the team, yet he charged his foes. Such gameplay calls for a great deal of skill and preparation.

The Player makes a beeline for his foes and dispatches them with impressive ease. The most exciting kills are the ones the Player pulls off above Pochinki's building. Because most players don't know about the rooftop strategy, a few die fast. One of the most notable players in PUBG Mobile is TalkToHand, known for his rapid kills and lack of rushing.

Watching this video, it should be evident that a player who loses focus and panics has no chance of winning while competing against a squad. If you want to outsmart your opponents, you need to keep your cool and your focus.


There isn't a lot of better video of people getting killed by grenades than this. This video may be found on ImmortalGamerz's YouTube channel. An Indian athlete committed these murders. He has disclosed his strategy of using just grenades to defeat his enemies and save his men.

Montages and compilations featuring firearms are famous, but grenades are rarely featured. This movie will teach gamers worldwide when and how to use grenades and fire to kill their opponents. This video will teach you everything you need to know about using grenades in PUBG Mobile.

1. PUBG Best Compilation Part 1

This is easily one of the best PUBG kills compilations ever seen. Why? Due to the mix of A-listers like Levinho, Athena, Sevou, and Midas, there's a lot to see. These individuals have been widely recognized as the finest PUBG gamers in the world.

Several battles throughout the film include individual versus group, trio versus team, pair versus squad, and more. This is the best video for teaching you how to murder your adversary. Quite a few fatalities in this clip were carried out by ambushing their foes at inopportune times. An excellent illustration of how to outwit your enemies is Athena's usage of a buggy to rush his foes.

You should watch this video to pick up some tips from the pros. I think these videos are the best available for teaching you how to handle 1v6 and 1v8 scenarios. Levinho is an excellent instructor for learning the art of intimidating one's opponents. Snipers, Automatic Rifle, Small-Mounted-Gun, and Large-Caliber-Gun make appearances in this tally of deaths.

These players are the best at PUBG Mobile so you may learn from them. The similarities between your playing style and theirs make them a good source of inspiration. You know how to handle yourself when there is no one else there to help you.

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