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Best legendary suits of PUBG

Have you ever wondered what the best combination of outfits is in PUBG Mobile? Well, you've come to the right place. So, let us get started:

PUBG Mobile has been making the rounds worldwide, and despite intense competition from Fortnite, the game continues to be one of the most popular online multiplayer battle royale video games. PUBG Mobile offers far more customization possibilities than its competitors to personalizing your player's appearance and feel. You could conduct hundreds of experiments in the game using your player's clothes.

There are several stunning gowns in PUBG Mobile that capture our attention. The finest outfits introduced to PUBG Mobile, in my view, were in seasons two through eight. Apart from that, the costumes enhance our character's appearance and provide us with a sense of satisfaction when playing the game.

Many of you will be asking which outfit in the game is the finest. Not to worry, I'll provide you with a list of PUBG Mobile outfits that you can purchase or redeem to enhance your character's appearance. Therefore, let us have a look:


10. Rabbit Set

Rabbit Set, PUBG Mobile

Moving away from the trendy aesthetics in a battle royale, we have the Rabbit set, which is pretty niche but still looks decent. This outfit is fantastic primarily because of the unique rabbit hoodie that you may wear that is adorable and amusing. The hoodie is predominantly pink, with a charming tiny bunny in the center clutching a carrot. 

The rabbit ears atop the hood add the finishing touch to this rabbit hoodie. It provides an element of charm and elegance that isn't frequently seen in PUBG. While this area is mainly for the regular Rabbit set in PUBG, it's also worth noting the Battle Bunny skin, which is much different from this one. It retains the rabbit concept but enhances its visual attractiveness, which may appeal to some gamers.

How To Get Rabbit Set:

  • Go to PUBG Shop
  • Open Crates Option
  • Click on Classic Crates
  • Open until your luck shines.


9. Black Racecar Knight

The Black Racecar Knight, PUBG Mobile

The Black Racecar Knight outfit is ranked ninth on our list. It is one of the most legendary costumes that is quite difficult to locate. The black racing car knight suit is flawless in appearance, with an excellent texture and color combination. The colors are vibrant and lend a seamless appearance to the character's clothing.

The set has returned to the PUBG Mobile store and may be redeemed by cracking open many supply crates. If your fortune is favorable, you will obtain it.

How to Get Black Racecar Knight:

  • Got to shop
  • Go to supply crates
  • Open supply crates for 300 AG currency each


8. Anniversary Unicorn Headgear

Anniversary Unicorn Headgear, PUBG Mobile

The Anniversary Unicorn Headgear was released in PUBG Mobile to commemorate the game's second anniversary. This mythical ensemble has a long ponytail that emits cool neon hues. Only a handful of PUBG Mobile players now own the Anniversary Unicorn Headgear outfit, while many are still attempting in vain to get it.

How to Get Anniversary Unicorn Headgear:

  • Go to the shop of PUBG Mobile.
  • Open crates
  • Open custom crates
  • Open until you get the set.
  • 120 UC per crate


7. Godzilla Suit

Godzilla Suit, PUBG Mobile

The Godzilla suit is a highly sought-after item in the PUBG Mobile community. It was released in 2019 as part of PUBG Mobile's cooperation with Godzilla. To get the Godzilla legendary costume, players needed to open PUBG's premium crates.

How to Get Godzilla Suit:

  • Premium Crates
  • Chances of getting are low.
  • 60 UC per crate


6. Golden Pharaoh X Suit

Golden Pharaoh X Suit, PUBG Mobile

By far, the most elusive legendary outfit in PUBG Mobile is the Golden Pharaoh X Suit. This was the first upgradeable outfit in PUBG Mobile, allowing players to customize their appearance through item improvements. The Golden Pharaoh X Suit may be leveled up to six times, each time improving the character's overall look.

How to Get Golden Pharaoh X Suit:

  • You will have to wait for the X event.
  • Open as many crates as possible.
  • Open until you get the suit.


5. Violet Halo Set

Violet Halo Set, PUBG Mobile

Violet Halo is a hybrid of arm spikes and transparent material that covers the character's whole body. Additionally, the violet boots complete the aesthetic of this mythological ensemble set.

How To Get Violet Halo set:

  • Scorching Spin Event
  • 60 UC per spin
  • Redeemable after 200 spins


4. Moon Dancer Set

Moon Dancer Set, PUBG Mobile

Apart from the Rouge Set, the Blood Oat event offers the possibility to obtain the Moon Dancer Set. Additionally, it is a belly dance costume for females. It assists in highlighting your character's seductive charm. Unlike the scorching Rouge set, the Moon Dancer set uses pure white to make your character appear more delicate and lovely. This stunning female ensemble includes a belly dance dress, a Moon Dancer mask, and a headcover. If Rouge is as fiery as the Sun, Moon Dancer is as pure as the Moon.

How to get Moon Dancer Set:

  • Blood Oath Event
  • Spend 60 UC per Spin
  • Wait until you get it


3. Victorian Maiden Set

Victorian Maiden Set, PUBG Mobile

While the previous two sets are rooted in Asian culture, the Victorian Maiden ensemble is Western. This skin set comes complete with a maiden dress, headpiece, backpack, umbrella, and UAZ skin. This set's primary colors are black and white. It will fit Vikendi's backdrop. This legendary ensemble is available till June 7th in the Classic Crate. Do not pass up this opportunity to acquire this beautiful gown.

How to Get Victorian Maiden Set:

  • Open Classic Crates
  • Spend 60 UC per crate
  • Open until you get it.


2. Insect Queen Set

Insect Queen Set, PUBG Mobile

The Insect Queen Set is a female-themed Season 19: Traverse outfit for PUBG Mobile. This seductive pink bug collection is accessible with the Royale Pass. However, you must first acquire the Elite Pass and get RP level 100. This outfit has a bodysuit and headpiece in a themed design. They are all pink, which gives your character a charming appearance. Additionally, this thin ensemble accentuates the lovely curses on her body.

How to Get Insect Queen Set:

  • Purchase RP Season 19
  • Max RP to 100
  • Redeemable at RP 100


1. Fortune Teller Set

Fortune Teller Set, PUBG Mobile

Fortune Teller is a gorgeous female set included in the Premium Crate. As a result, users of PUBG Mobile must spend premium crate coupons or UC to open this crate and get this set by chance. Three skins are included in this collection: a clothing set, an AWM skin, and a helmet skin. The dark purple hue of the clothing transports your character into the darkness of Sanhok or Vikendi. If the Languid Dragonfly PUBG set gives your lady an athletic appearance, the Fortune Teller outfit gives her an air of mystery.

How To Get Fortune Teller Set:

  • Open Classic Crates
  • Spend 60 UC per crate
  • Open until you get it.

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