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Are you wondering what the best brightness settings of PUBG Mobile are? This guide will help you get all the information

Popularity and interest in Player Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG) have steadily increased since its release in 2012. It's a battle royale game for two or more players. Over 730 million copies of the game have been downloaded as of June 2020, making it popular. It's a challenging game that necessitates years of practice and education before one can call themselves a professional.

You've come to the right place if you're having trouble aiming or firing at your adversaries. Using these settings, you'll be able to outsmart your opponents and take them down with relative ease in this post.

I consider myself something of a PUBG specialist, given that it has been one of the most popular games of this decade. What distinguishes me from other experts? Using some of the methods and tips I've learned and the hours of practice I've put in. Make sure to follow the advice in this article if you want to become an expert in the game and be referred to as a pro!


5. Optimize Brightness

If you're playing in a fog map, you'll want to turn the Brightness down because it will have the opposite effect.

How Optimizing Brightness Solves The Problem:

Help in the detection and removal of adversaries more quickly and accurately.

How to Apply Optimize Brightness:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Graphics Option
  • Scroll to Brightness


4. Hit Effect Setting

One of the most important components of PUBG Mobile is the impact of a player's hit. You must select the correct color to determine whether or not you have hit your opponent.

How Hit Effect Setting Solves The Problem:

In a long-range battle, you can utilize this hit effect to tell if you've hit your opponent or not. It's useful for close-quarters combat, too. Red, yellow, green, and light green are some of the available options. Because it doesn't blend in with plants or grass, the ideal color to choose is yellow.

How to Apply Hit Effect Setting:

  • Go to settings
  • Go to Effect Settings
  • Select Hit Effect 
  • Choose the desired color


3. Colorblind Mode

Please do not be alarmed if you were unaware that in PUBG Mobile, you might alter the color of blood.

March 3rd's release of the 0.17.0 upgrade brought several noteworthy changes. Arcade and Death Replay modes were also available, as were Universal Marks and Universal Marks Plus modes. A new feature named "Colorblind Mode" caught my eye.

How Colorblind Mode Solves The Problem:

In some cases, this approach might be used to help with visuals. With this emotional statement to encourage the game's colorblind community, PUBG Mobile garnered much acclaim. Types:

  • Deuteranopia
  • Protanopia
  • Tritanopia

Deuteranopia, unlike Protanopia and Tritanopia, causes the blood to turn pink.

How to Apply Colorblind Mode:

  • Open PUBG Mobile.
  • After opening it, go to settings at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Go to the Graphics section.
  • If you scroll below, you will find the "Colorblind Mode."
  • Under the "Colorblind Mode," you will see the three options, Deuteranopia, Protanopia, and Tritanopia.
  • Select the one you want and click "OK."


2. Damage Effect Setting

If you want to know if you're receiving damage, you can utilize the Damage Effect Setting. A lack of the best damaging effect setting leaves you open to defeat.

How Damage Effect Setting Solves The Problem:

You can choose from various red, green, and yellow color schemes. You should select yellow because it does not compete with the grass, trees, and surrounding area's color scheme. It is possible to avoid being hit by an opponent or just by the zone.

How to Apply Damage Effect Setting:

  • Go to setting
  • Go to Effect setting
  • At the top, select effect
  • Choose the desired color


1. Brightness Settings During Fog

This has happened to us all at some point, and our attackers have been able to see us and fire without hitting their mark amid thick fog. Most users utilize a graphical trick and don't make their settings public.

The type of graphics you should utilize if there is fog in the game will be discussed today. It's possible to select from various visual styles, such as movie-inspired and traditional. 

How Brightness Settings During Fog Solves The Problem:

Once you've selected the movie-style scroll, you'll see a brightness tab on the left sidebar. Turn down the Brightness by 30%. In fog, this will allow you to easily take on your adversaries and see well, making you immune to their assaults.

How to Apply Brightness Settings During Fog:

  • Go to Settings 
  • Graphics 
  • Select Style Movie in the event of fog.


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